S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters 能让您以现代海军操控条件完全掌控多个空中、陆地和水下平台。 站在指挥官的角度,直接控制人员的调配,并同时计划和执行联合武装海军战略。
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发行日期: 2006年2月7日


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"An ultra-realistic simulation of modern naval warfare"


S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters 能让您以现代海军操控条件完全掌控多个空中、陆地和水下平台。 站在指挥官的角度,直接控制人员的调配,并同时计划和执行联合武装海军战略。


    最低配置:Windows XP,550Mhz 处理器,128 MB RAM,D3D 显卡(32MB 显存,DirectX 9.0b 驱动程序),DX9 声卡,590MB 硬盘空间,多人互联网或 LAN 连接
    建议配置: 1GHz+ 处理器,256 MB 内存,D3D 显卡(64MB 显存,DirectX 9.0b 兼容驱动程序),1GB 硬盘空间
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Awesome simulation for modern naval warfare geeks.
Technical and immersive, endlessly replayable with the random quick missions and many player made scenarios.
Best with Reinforce Alert (RA) mod.
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If you have windows 8 or higher, then you might as well say that the devs can throw a F*** party and only invite themselves. I am just lucky I got this on sale. I only waisted 4 bucks!
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nope dosent work on win 8.1 dont buy this game as long as there is no patch
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The game does not load in Windows 8.1 Looks like I got taken for $14.99.It would really be nice it the Support folks would indicate that it was not Windows 8.1 compatible.
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as any sub warfare sim, this one, although ancient, is almost immortal, because it does not rely on graphics

steep learning curve if you want to go the long way of realism, yet there are also all the "shortcuts" to have the AI crew render easier the underwater combat
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Dangerous Waters is, without doubt, the BEST naval/submarine sim I've ever played, and I've played more than a few in my day. The fine folks at Sonalysts really did their homework when they were creating this game, since nearly every aspect of it oozes a level of realism that you're hard-pressed to find in most other games these days. I truly believe that the gameplay you experience in Dangerous Waters is a very accurate portrayal of actual naval operations and procedures in practice today; every vessel and weapon you will encounter has been meticulously reproduced according to real-life records. Hell, I could probably operate my own Los Angeles or Seawolf-class sub singlehandedly thanks to what I've learned from this game regarding their operation. Let it never be said that videogames don't teach you anything.

This tremendous level of immersion comes at a cost, however. Dangerous Waters is not so much a "game" as it is a genuine training siumlator, and as such has an extraordinarily steep learning curve that simply can't be overcome without first reading the manual and running a few practice missions as tutorials. However, even that won't fully prepare you for what you'll have to deal with once you finally take to the open seas, where even a single torpedo is usually fatal, and a compromise in stealth can ruin an entire mission. Dangerous Waters demands patience, dilligence, and a certain enthusiasm for submarines from its players if they hope to develop any real skill for it.

Dangerous Waters is not for the faint of heart, but it can be a very rewarding experience if you take the time to learn the finer points of its gameplay. You may have to lose a boat or two or a dozen before that finally happens, but that's merely half the fun!