Abe's peaceful retirement was shattered when visited by a vision from the Mudokon Spirit Guides. Abe™ learned the Magog Cartel was mining Necrum, the sacred Mudokon city of the dead, to collect bones to make super-addictive SoulStorm Brew.
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发行日期: 1998年11月17日


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Abe's peaceful retirement was shattered when visited by a vision from the Mudokon Spirit Guides. Abe™ learned the Magog Cartel was mining Necrum, the sacred Mudokon city of the dead, to collect bones to make super-addictive SoulStorm Brew.

After freeing the Mudokon spirits imprisoned in the Mudanchee and Mudomo Vaults, Abe gained scary powers from the Spirit Guides, including the ability to heal his Mudokon friends of Soul-Storm addiction, and the power to turn invisible. Infiltrating the transportation hub of FeeCo Depot, and using explosive farts to survive adventures at the Slig Barracks and Bonewerks, Abe broke into SoulStorm Brewery.

There Abe learned the truth behind the secret ingredient of SoulStorm Brew . . . just before blasting the place to atoms with the combined power of the sobered-up Mudokon he'd rescued. Then Abe joined his brew-addled pals at Alf's Rehab & Tea to take the cure - the journey of a lifetime starts with one step. Or is it twelve?


    • Supported OS: A 100% Windows 2000/XP-compatible computer system (only)
    • Processor: 166 MHz Pentium processor (200 MHz recommended)
    • Memory: 16 MB (32 MB or higher recommended)
    • Direct X: 6
    • Sound: 100% Soundblaster compatible
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB Free
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>be me
>8 years old
>have playstation but only 1 game
>mother takes me to movie store to rent a movie
>rent a game because eff the system
>pick up oddworld abes exodus because it looks fun
>take game home and proceed to binge that shiz for 14 hours
>cant get past forest after mine
>take game back
>die a little inside
>fast forward 11 years
>be PC Master Race
>our lord and savior GabeN has allowed Oddworld Abes exodus and Oddworld Abes Odyssey to grace his serendipitous holy land; Steam
>buy that shiz
>play that shiz
>taste the sweet and salty wave of pleasure that hits me in the face called Nastalgia
>praise GabeN for bringing this beautiful piece of my childhood back to me
>still can't get past forest level
> 6/5 would buy again
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This game is like a steak. You eat one and love every minute of it. Then you eat another, and another, and another until you get fat. Then you cry yourself to sleep everynight.

Unless you're vegetarian.
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The oddworld series has been out since the first playstation, I myself has been a big fan of oddworld. This game however was my favorite out of all of them, and even to this day Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus has been my favorite. I enjoy old school games like this, it was the only fun think to play when I was younger. It has been an amazing platformer from my childhood.
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Great story, Good Graphics for its time and some loveable characters. 10/10

Graphics: 7/10 (for its time)

Story: 9/10

Gamefeel: 9/10


The controlls lag a bit sometimes but you get used to it.
One of my favourite games.
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A great sequel to a great game.

Like Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus is an action/puzzle style game that keeps many elements from the last game including the revolutionary GameSpeak, allowing you to talk to other characters and is vital to the game's completion which has been greatly improved since the first game.

The interactive NPCs from the first game also have a new emotional/physical state feature which affect their responses and actions towards the player when interacted with GameSpeak. Oddworld-unique Mudokons can come in a variety of different emotion ranges such as depressed or drunk. You have the option to tell the NPCs to stop what they are doing, tell them you're sorry or slap them when they get too high on happy gas. Due to the story, some Mudokons are now also blind and only respond to commands coming from a certain direction.

Once again, the storyline is brilliant and keeps to the same subtle anti-corporatism theme from the first game. Abe must again save a number of fellow Mudokon creatures from slavery and prevent the corrupt Glukkon species from manufacturing their tainted products. The voice acting is kept to the same high standard as the first game and the dialogue is well written to the point of being entertaining. Abe, the only character in video game history that could perform fart puzzles, returns along with the spirit Three Weirdos, drunken Alf and chief Big Face.

There is also a great improvement to the save system being that you no longer need to reach checkpoints to save your game. You can now save on demand and even perform QuickSaves in-game at any moment to continue if you mess up later.

I can see no downsides to this game and I would strongly recommend it to fans or strangers of the Oddworld franchise and fans of 2D games.

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Oh my goodness is this game amazing

I remember the first i played this game as a kid, and from that memory I remember being stuck in one place all the time, and then i lost it. Thankfully steam is to the rescue(nine years later) and now I can finally beat the game.

First things first let me just say this game is HARD, REALLY HARD. You will die a lot especially when you are trying to save mudokons.

The art is amazing, really pleasing and gorgeous, reminds me of donkey kong and 2.5d art combined.

The story is also really good, I won't say it though.

Humour: Absolutely hilarious, it has very good jokes.

Characters: Really odd(pun intended) There's Abe, glukkons, paramites, scrabs and fleeches. Quite likable

Music: Mystifying

Overall, I really like oddworld, though it's not for everyone, especially with it's difficulty.

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Hear me out here , this is my favourite game of all time , my first game that I ever played , love it it's engine is so good but 1 thing about this game that ♥♥♥♥ed me over on Zee Main Boiler , the quicksave , you can quicksave in the ♥♥♥♥♥♥est spots but its a really good game , if you think on buying it and you read this , well you bet your ♥♥♥ you should.
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Loved this game since '98. A cult classic.

Best points:
- Excellent storyline
- Interesting AI
- Mine car!
- Throw stones at things
- Drink brew and possess explosive farts

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Great port from the console version!
The excitement is still in the game for saving your buddies (:
Great buy, great game, great adventure, great price!
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In Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, you play as Abraham the shriveled blue prune and it is your main duty to slaughter as many of yourses mudokon friends as possible. You get bonus points for killing the blind ones and get even MORE points for slapping the depressed ones until they fall over and DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!11!!!uno!!11!! like O. M. G. It's one GRAND adventure of a video game this is right 'ere
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A charming and challenging old-school platformer from the late nineties that still holds up today.

Dark, witty and humorous to a fault - Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus is a must own.

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Quite possibly the greatest 2D game ever created. I still love the buggery out of this game.
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Interesting platformer, has not aged the best, but is still good. The Redux is better.
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A-♥♥♥♥ing-mazing platformer from my childhood that has aged very well. The game gets steadily harder and fastpaced the more you advance into the story and saving all 300 mudokons ain't no easy task even when you have quicksave.
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this is a great classic can be tough but is awesome one of my top 10 games of all time.
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longer than the original and more content and mechanics, more oddworld is good
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Still a 10/10 from me
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Unlike Abe’s Oddysee, I have no childhood nostalgia with this game. So it comes hard for me to admit that Abe’s Exoddus is a much better game in terms of structure. Like most second entries in a video game series, Exoddus heavily improves upon the original’s platformer-puzzle formula by adding new mechanics and obstacles for you to overcome. The added quick save and “All of ya!” command are easily the best new features, with the different Mudukon types and possessable creatures being a close second. A great example of a good sequel, Abe’s Exoddus does a fantastic job at continuing the series while still offering unique elements that keep it distinct from the rest.
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Memories, I like pie, I like instant mac & cheese.
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3.4 小时(记录在案的)
Well, this game took me in my childhood, in the time of SonyPlaySation1 and in times of box TVs.
10 Abes of 10
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