Efterretningstjenesten har udpeget dig, Francis Rixon, til at finde ud af, hvad der sker på Firmaets enemærker, og indhente informationer om et hemmeligt mineral, som selve menneskehedens eksistens meget vel kan afhænge af.
User reviews: Mixed (28 reviews)
Udgivelsesdato: 24. okt 2008
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About This Game

Efterretningstjenesten har udpeget dig, Francis Rixon, til at finde ud af, hvad der sker på Firmaets enemærker, og indhente informationer om et hemmeligt mineral, som selve menneskehedens eksistens meget vel kan afhænge af.

  • Udforsk og kæmp dig igennem forskellige lokaliteter på to planeter, som alle indeholder flere mål
  • Episke omgivelser med filmiske specialeffekter
  • Innovativ fysikmotor, der afspejler den virkelige verden
  • Masser af interaktive genstande, der kan destrueres
  • Overnaturlig historie og uforudsigeligt skyd-på-alt-gameplay
  • Stort udvalg af våben. Hvert våben har sine egne unikke egenskaber og muligheder for nærkampsangreb
  • Intelligent og udfordrende AI, som afspejler menneskelig adfærd
  • Flere forskellige transportmuligheder står til spillerens og fjendernes rådighed
  • Multiplayer via internet og LAN med op til 10 spillere



    • Operativsystemer: Windows® XP eller Windows® Vista
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium™ 1,8 GHz eller AMD Athlon™ XP 1,8
    • Hukommelse: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 3D-grafikkort med 128 MB hukommelse og understøttelse af DirectX® 9.0c, PS 2.0 (fra og med NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 eller ATI RADEON 9600) med de seneste drivere installeret
    • DirectX-version: DirectX® 9.0 (medfølger)
    • Harddisk: 7 GB ledig plads til spillet + ekstra plads til gemte spil
    • Lydkort: 16-bit lydkort, 100% kompatibelt med DirectX® 9.0c
    • Inputenheder: Mus, tastatur, gamepad, Xbox 360-controller


    • Operativsystemer: Windows® XP eller Windows® Vista
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 eller AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200+ (eller andre dual core processorer med minimum samme ydeevne)
    • Hukommelse: 2048 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 256 MB grafikkort, ATI Radeon X1950Pro, GeForce 7950GT eller tilsvarende med understøttelse af pixel shaders 2.0 og DirectX® 9.0c med de seneste drivere installeret
    • DirectX-version: DirectX® 9.0 (medfølger)
    • Harddisk: 7 GB ledig plads til spillet + ekstra plads til gemte spil
    • Lydkort: Lydkort i Creative X-Fi-serien
Helpful customer reviews
11 af 14 personer (79%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
12.1 timer bogført
I enjoy old school FPS, but this game was very frustrating. The recoil is ridiculous, enemies spawn out of nowhere and shoot you from across the map, and it's often confusing as to where to go or what to do. Getting through the game requires constant use of quick-save/quick-load, because you'll constantly die. The only things it has going for it are decent graphics, level design, and game length, but they don't compensate for the awful gameplay. Alpha Prime, Chaser, and Red Faction are better old school FPS.
Indsendt: 21. juni
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1 af 1 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
23.2 timer bogført
This game has a good old-time feel to it, however it is so unforgiving that it's more of a chore to play than it is fun. You will find yourself reloading over and over and over just to get through every battle. The enemy keeps popping up from all around you, and only a shot or two is enough to kill you (and they hardly ever miss - even when shooting from places where you can hardly see them because they are so far away).
I like the atmosphere of this game, and I really want to enjoy myself, but it is very frustrating. If you don't mind constant reloading, and you like the old-time FPS games like Chaser and Alpha Prime, then you might want to pick this game up when it's on sale. But, if you don't like to get really frustrated when playing, then you should probably avoid this one, and go with one of the other games in this genre.
Indsendt: 27. august
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8 af 15 personer (53%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
8.1 timer bogført
Its and older game, its buggy, may not run well in newer systems- but underneath all of that is a pretty interesting story. If you can run the game long enough to get into it. 5/10
Indsendt: 8. maj
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej
9.8 timer bogført
Terrible game. I got about 3/5 the way through and a bug has stopped me going any further. A gate won't open. I googled, and the only single walkthrough online says I should be able to pass. Youtube doesn't have one user who has made vidoes of all the levels. The Steam forums are almost empty.

There really is not player enthusiasm for this game. I bought it for £1.60 and would not have payed anymore. I think every level I played so far had at least one bad point. A place where you have to hit F9-quick-load, over and over again. If not just one place many places where you had to use it lots. Using F9 maybe a hundred times to get through a level is not right.

The graphics are old and no better than Half-Life 2. The AI can see through walls and so can attack the moment you poke you head out.
Indsendt: 25. maj
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0.5 timer bogført
Imagine if you took Half Life 2 (A game released 4 years BEFORE this one) and stripped out the interesting story, the neat premise, the great voice acting, the flowing and sprawling levels, the vehicles, and frankly any good AI. You'd get a game about twice as good as Exodus from the Earth. Seriously folks, if you're hungering for an FPS, pick something else. Even on sale.
Indsendt: 30. august
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89 af 100 personer (89%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
16.5 timer bogført
Since Exodus From the Earth is on sale once again, I guess it would only help people's decision out if I posted this. The moment that you start playing, the first thing you'll notice is how bland the graphics are and how bad the voice acting is. To it's credit, however, it came out almost six years ago, but the voice acting goes unexcused. So it's only right to give it the benefit of the doubt and ignore first impressions. Unfortunately, that's the least of the game's problems.

What I noticed throughout is how odd the audio is. For some reason, there's this small static that occurs and it's more noticeable when you're wearing headsets. After a while, I got over it, but then comes another problem. Pressing the "Esc" key to go to the menu will play another song. Unfortunately, this song will interrupt the game's current music and continue to play after exiting back. Which is a shame, cause it can ruin the environment of your current mission when you want a break. Not to mention it can get tiring to listen to a bland voice making a "dramatic" speech. As well as having that speech play over soldiers shooting at you.

The gameplay is generic. It's the typical First-Person Shooter genre you would expect, but I have some issues. In many instances, the enemies have abnormally accurate weapons. I understand that this story takes place in the future, but even on easy mode, I still have to be careful, or I lose a chunk of my health quickly. Exodus also enjoys recycling levels. You'll eventually ask yourself "Wasn't I here before?" And even realize that they recycled a crate depot three times (And you will notice it, as it is just a complex maze.) To add on to that, the four last levels on the preview screenshots do not exist in this game so there goes the defense of variety. At least there's vehicle driving, but poor controls somewhat cripple it and only two locations of the game have this. Be warned that you can stuck in several areas, as well. That includes the vehicles and the straight-forward shooting.

The game also has stealth sections. I wouldn't mind and probably have enjoyed it, but because of how poorly programmed it is, scientists will spot you, even when they're a floor above you. You can't stop them, either. Once they try to sound the alarm, killing that man would only grab the guards' attention, anyway. You can always restart through save files to see if you can get through a level without getting caught, but I've tried so many times, that I stopped caring and progressed through brute force. Alerting the guards will welcome you with poor A.I. that won't go through doors to attack you and will even refuse to move at all, so you at least have that advantage.

The story is difficult to follow. And I say this, because the voice acting is so bad and the game is written like a poorly translated script. From what I understand, that is the case as it was made in Russia, but that's still no excuse. Of course, there are even PDAs found throughout the game. Some are translated fine, some have awful typos, and then there are ones that appear to be typed as a joke. Almost like "0mg u guiz g2g 2 dis party in teh office!11!" Very amusing, but the script is still a damn mess. And what do you come to realize the story was all about, once you understand it? A generic plot, really.

To Exodus from the Earth's credit, there's some unique puzzles and challenges that aren't too punishing, such as the last level, that can be fun, but they're not too frequent, either. If you want to try it out of curiosity of a obscure game, go right ahead. But overall, this game had way too many poor design choices and terrible programming mistakes. It's lengthy and difficult, I'll give it that. But it will only make you wish you were playing a better First-Person Shooter.
Indsendt: 3. marts
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