LightFish is a highly addictive arcade game, where the user controls a small fish who lives in the abyssal deeps of the ocean... surrounded by deadly creatures.
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Data di rilascio: 19 ott 2011

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"Another jezzball type game that's a bit more simplistic than something like Fortix 2, so it isn't quite as interesting of an experience."
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Informazioni sul gioco

LightFish è un gioco arcade che genera un'alto tasso di dipendenza, in cui il giocatore controlla un piccolo pesce che vive nei profondi abissi dell'oceano... circondato da mortali creature. Il suo obiettivo è di distruggere tutti i mostri che vivono in queste zone pericolose disegnando linee nel territorio inesplorato. Tuttavia, ogni nemico che riesce a toccare il Lightfish lo uccide sul colpo!

LightFish è un concetto classico evoluto in qualcosa di nuovo ed eccitante, con caratteristiche uniche ed una colonna sonora originale. Immergiti in un mondo colorato pieno di bellissime ma anche mortali creature del mare e progredisci attraverso i numerosi livelli che il gioco offre!

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Classico stile di gioco evoluto ed espanso
  • 2 modalità di gioco differenti
  • Colonna sonora originale
  • Stile grafico unico ed adattato al gioco
  • Rigiocabilità garantita dalle sfide al punteggio più alto
  • 10 tipi diversi di nemici e 45 livelli diversi

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c Compatible Card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB HD space
    • Sound: Standard audio
    • Processor:2 GHz Dual Core or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
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Pubblicata: 11 luglio
Lightfish is, like Fortix, a Qix clone game. You have to go through 5 worlds, each of them consisting of 9 levels (so 45 total), and you can play two different modes : Normal and Time Trial. Sometimes, it freezes without any reasons, so you have to close the game and run it again.

This game is fun and enjoyable, not challenging except for one or two levels that will require some training to get the 3-stars reward. ~3 hours should be what you need to unlock all of the achievements. Great soundtrack that goes along with the nice graphics. I recommend it !
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2 persone su 2 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
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Pubblicata: 26 aprile
Bel gioco ispirato a Qix, se lo trovate a poco fateci un pensierino perché è molto divertente :)
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Pubblicata: 8 marzo 2012
Sfizioso indie portato illegalmente in italia da Falcon Eddie dove si guida un pescione e si deve inglobare ettari di acqua non facendosi colpire da altri pesci. una sorta di gangbang gay da evitare.
in altre parole,è un "more of the same" di Fortix 1 e 2.
Voto : 7 se gradite il genere.
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13.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 luglio 2014
Blubb! Blubb! Blubb! These sounds will follow you into your dreams after you've played Lightfish too much ...
I was looking forward to a Qix clone which is placed in the deep sea ocean environment. This game is in arcade style and graphics and music fits together perfectly. They're unique and I liked the soundtrack composed by James Dean.

But this Blubb sound making me dumb. I'm not sure if it causes the occurring game crashes. Another gap are the imprecise controls. It can happen easily that during linemaking you missed the way back to your start point or you accidently touch the lava. Really annoying are the partly unfair game mechanics like a crab that spawns directly at your position. Enemies are stuck between lava and blocks and flipper uncontrollable until they release. Or big creatures pass somehow through narrow passages ...

So it was strange that the time trial mode was quite easier to me than the adventure mode.
Time trial mode means clearing the map quickly and don't take care of points. But it was also random if there spawns the helpful playtime extender or something other useless powerup .

The adventure mode turns out unnatural hard in some levels (especially if you want to make it with 3 stars). Normally you try to raise your multiplicator by trapping enemies in small boxes without using too much percentage of the game surface. If your multiplicator has become max you can clear the map to the end and get a huge bonus. In the hardest level "Ladder" (Lvl 4.8) there are somehow other rules. It seemed that it must be done in fast time to get the 3 stars finish.

Alltogether the game makes fun, but the bugs going sometimes on nerves. I cannot explain myself how people can beat this game in less than 3 hours ...
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Pubblicata: 30 gennaio 2012
Qix got old and settled down ages ago but when it was in a midlife crisis at one point it went out to the bar and had skeezy drunken sex with Lumines and Lightfish was the baby.

If you really want Qix-alike gameplay on Steam, go with Fortix 2 first, but after you become the WORLD CHAMPION ON THE FORTIX 2 LEADERBOARDS this is a solid second place and I honestly only give it guff because of the extensive content the other title has by comparison. Lightfish is pretty cool.
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