At a reception organised in honour of his daughter, Melvyn Bromsby, a rich tycoon, is about to make an important announcement concerning his future business affairs when, all of a sudden, a shot rings out. Sir Bromsby collapses, having suffered a mortal wound to the heart...
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Release Date: Sep 30, 2004

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About This Game

At a reception organised in honour of his daughter, Melvyn Bromsby, a rich tycoon, is about to make an important announcement concerning his future business affairs when, all of a sudden, a shot rings out. Sir Bromsby collapses, having suffered a mortal wound to the heart...
A baffling murder, dozens of witnesses and numerous places to visit around Victorian London. You play Sherlock Holmes, and use all your skills to shed light on this mysterious case.
  • Assume the role of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and meet all the heroes of the novels: Inspector Lestrade, Wiggins, Mycroft and many others!
  • Investigate 5 murders! Over 40 witnesses to question, 200 clues to uncover and over 25 hours of gameplay to solve the mystery.
  • Explore Victorian London, which is magnificently and faithfully reproduced in 3D.
  • Between each level Sherlock Holmes sets you a quiz which will validate your progress in the case.
  • The adventure is full of vivid cut scenes to heighten the dramatic aspect of the story.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: Pentium™ III 600 MHz or higher
    • Memory: 256 Mb RAM
    • Graphics: Video card 32MB DirectX® 8.1 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 1.2 Gb hard disk drive
    • Sound: DirectX™ compatible sound card
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Not Recommended
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 16, 2014
The game doesn't look that bad for a point-and-click adventure. The movies were also nice especially since that meant I didn't have to curse over the useless GUI. The voice acting and music is quite enjoyable throughout the whole game. Unfortunately, there is no real sense of progress as you make it through the investigations. One of the puzzles is plain ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with no obvious reasoning, even in walkthroughs. Movement is extremely clunky which is a pain when you need to sneak or solve a timed puzzle. The set of final questions - which are optional - were just guesswork due to the extreme lack of coherency throughout the rest of the game. There is just too little coherency for this game to work as entertainment.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
15.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 10, 2014
Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring was overall a very enjoyable puzzle adventure game. The game begins with the death of a wealthy businessman and leaves you to investigate the scene. The game will then take you to multiple connected locations as you attempts to piece together the murder and uncover the assassin and the motive for the murder. The game is set over 5 days of investigations and each day will have you visit a location and search it for clues and solve one or two puzzles with ranging difficulties (some puzzles were quite hard and confusing), at the end of each day you will summarise your findings in a quiz, which for me was probably the hardest part of the game. I found the story to be quite engaging and interesting overall with a good range of characters and locations and was well suited to a Sherlock story.

Overall 'Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring' was a good solid adventure game which presented a well written story and some good puzzles, taking around 9 - 10 hours to complete and with a very conclusive ending I would highly recommend it for adventure game enthusiasts.

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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2013
I've read little of the original stories from Conan Doyle but this game does get the feel of them. Less puzzle loaded and more clues and plot oriented, the game helps you keep track of the case by reviewing the main topics discovered at the end of each day. Also, the backgrounds are imensely developed, and so are the voice acting and speech of the characters. What a change from the shabby Mystery of the Mummy.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 15
Unfortunately not worth the money.
The price is a little exagerated for an old game as this that is not well put together in the first place.

The story, music, voice acting is great - in particular the russian version brought back Vasilii Borisovich Livanov himself from the famous TV series as the main actor.
Problems are simply related to how completable the game is and how enjoyable the puzzles are arranged. It's way too convoluted and unrealistic to complete without a walkthrough (then why start anyway?). There is no logic involved, just about every gameplay aspect is clunky.
The inventory is a complete mess with dozens of items at times available at hand - impossible to deal with it without spending hours of trial and error.

Avoid at the moment.
The production value however of the voice acting, story and music must be utilized towards completing a remake in the future. Technology just destroyed this title, rendering it completely unaccessible. Games like these do need remakes.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 16, 2014
Can I say this game is good? Perhaps, but with certain conditions.
Firstly, it's FAR better than "Holmes & the Mystery of the Mummy" and "Holmes & the Hound of Baskerville", in terms of quality, character and logical conclusion.
Secondly, it does challenge players usings its puzzles and quizzes. Now, challenge is good for these types of games, but sometimes, the answers don't quite make sense. Maybe it's just me being daft? Yeah, probably.
But the game isn't particularly long, in terms of quantity of puzzles, but they are certainly sharp enough to be considered adequate.

So, graphics are better then previous games. But the cut scenes and navigation can still be stuttery.
Like, whenever you want to talk to people, you have to approach them from a certain angle, and rotate yourself awkwardly.
And if you want to walk somewhere, sometimes layering can be strange, and you walk through chairs and all.
But, that's not the point of a puzzle game, I suppose.

Navigation is once again an odd concern. The game must be played in third person. Not only that, you have to click somewhere to make Holmes walk there, and double click to make him run (you can only run when outside or nobody is around). Particularly painful, especially in the forest part of the game.
But still, a puzzle in itself perhaps.

Along with puzzles are the quizzes.
Basically, at the end of each in-game day, you get quizzed on everything you've collected in the day, from the clues you find, to the dialogue of people you talk to.
Mind you that answers are not exclusively restricted to that day's resources but can actually include information as far back as the first day. This means you'll need to remember what all evidence contains, and link it with any new evidence found. Painful, especially if you can't remember things in pristine detail, like me.
At least there's a walkthrough on GameBoomers.

There are various characters that are involved, some providing more information than others.
Lestrade seems particularly friendly toward Holmes though.
Interface isn't too bad, seeing as you can read your notes and do a puzzle simultaneously.
Very useful, and the best part is that the puzzle saves your progress, unlike "Holmes & the Mystery of the Mummy", so you can go and find more clues, come back and finish the fight.

I find that the explanation at the end is quite complicated, and twist-inducing.
Would've been better if it didn't break my computer every few minutes.
Like, literally. I'd finish the credits or walk into a room, and I'd just get a black screen. Maybe a hardware fault regarding specs, but it ran fine for most of the game.
But otherwise, it was alright for a game of its state.

I'll hand this one a respective 7/10. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.
It turns out Frogwares actually changes the character models for Holmes and Watson in the later games, so at least Holmes looks like he's had enough sleep.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 6, 2015
It's better than Mystery of the Mummy, but still it doesn't add up for a nice gameplay. The Silver Earring relies heavily on dialogues. (Well, at least they improved voice acting)

After an hour of walking around and talking with some funny NPCs, I got bored eventually. There are almost no puzzles, it's just walking and talking, walking and talking... And that's not how I want to play a puzzle game.

The Silver Earring would have been nice as a visual novel, if you ignore some technical glitches, but it's below average as a puzzle game.

I could recommend this game only to patient old-school detective story lovers; for everyone else - there are better games in the genre.

For example, Syberia 1 & 2 go along the same style, but are much better executed.

My overall rating 5/10.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 13, 2014
The progress the Franco-Ukrainian studio Frogwares has made between their first game, Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy from 2002 and The Silver Earring, released 2 years later, is astounding. While the first one was a flawed, mostly cheap looking and generic first person adventure game, more abusing than using the Sherlock Holmes theme and character (Wael Amr himself admitted something along those lines in one of the interviews if I remember correctly) - the studio seemed to learn quickly from their mistakes - and the far better budget the predecessor somehow assured is obvious. This time it's catering as much as possible to the Holmesians and The Silver Earring, and a much more enjoyable, complex experience, if not without its flaws.

Gameplay is more or less typical point & click fare. Pixel hunting wasn't entirely eliminated, but is much, much more rare and less annoying than in the original. Inventory juggling is quite minimal and rare. Using items with people is rare and in perhaps all occasions but one, prompted by Sherlock, and using them together in the inventory itself. All the dialogues, clues, hints & papers are kept by the game and integrated in a sort of a "quiz" system, where you answer a series of questions using them as "proof" for the questions you're posed. While not perfectly executed, forced, and, perhaps, slightly clunky, it's an interesting system in any case. The game ensures you have everything you need I guess, by keeping you in one place / room / area until you find everything, which helps progress I guess. The puzzles are adequate, logical except for one with a safe (oh, you'll know which one it is) which requires a strange leap of logic. Though having a random character who just happens to dabble in inventions in the game is as cheesy a premise for introducing them as it gets. In general, it didn't thrill me, it didn't annoy me. OK enough.

Walking is an annoyance, however, moving is jittery in general, and clicking on a hotspot that's supposed to lead you to a place where the perspective changes doesn't guarantee that you'll get there, as Sherlock is prone to random bouts of turning in place indefinitely. Though you won't get stuck because of it. It just makes the one timed event and 2 that require timing more annoying than they should be for some.

The story & scenario are OK, and while it's not the best & original Sherlock scenario you'll ever see, it's fairly complex, with some good sides, and won't annoy the hell out of you like the first game. The voice acting is more convincing than last time (that's not saying much), though how and why couldn't they find a kid to play a kid, instead of an abysmal attempt by a grownup actor is beyond me - it depends on the character really.

Graphically it's a mixed bag, with character models ranging from pretty detailed (Holmes) to completely off (Watson... whose character isn't executed exactly flawlessly either). Some scenes are more or less nicely or adequately rendered, some feel rushed & unconvincing. Similar with cutscenes, generally unimpressive, but then you run into the "dominoes" one -> effective, very well directed & executed, showing there's quite some potential inside the team. And the outro was at the time, and maybe still is, one of the longest in a game ever (around 20 minutes... seemed shorter to me, but it might as well have been). While there are mild glitches here & there, miles ahead of its predecessor.

Music? Dvořák, Grieg, Schumann, Tchaikovsky. Need I say more? Well implemented too.

Overall, while, as a point & click adventure game, it will never be among your all time favorites, being a pretty much average adventure game as a whole, it has its good sides and there's no real reason for a p&c buff or a Sherlock fan not to seek it out (preferably in a bundle), so it gets a tentative recommendation... there are worse things to spend an afternoon on.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 30, 2014
A complete farcry from the 1st game. Better graphics, better voice acting, better gameplay and the use of music from actual classical composers. You get quizzes at the end, it may annoy most but it's a murder mystery, it makes you pay attention to the details and use your brain.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 10
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret of the Silver Earring * 7/10

This is my second Sherlock Holmes Game From Frogware and I must say that compared to the very first game this is a huge jump forward: real 3d graphics, an improved interface, we see and control also our good old chap Dr. Watson, and we have many dialogue lines with all the characters. Now I really do appreciate the voice acting although sometimes a couple characters are too exaggerated.
This chapter starts faster than light. Invited to a reception by Sir Bromsby, Sherlock And Dr. Watson directly assist, together with the other guests, to his murder. They both will have to investigate his death assisted by inspector Lestrade as well. I must admit that the plot is quite complicated as well as some puzzles but it wouldn't be a Sherlock Holmes' adventure if they were different.

  • DIALOGUES. Now this is the serious innovation in the game since in the previous chapter we never find anyone to talk to. Now we get to talk to a lot of people, with different options, something I believe is very important for a point & click adventure, especially a Sherlock Holmes adventure.
  • GRAPHIC. Compared to the previous chapter it really is a joy to play this chapter. Mind you, it's not the Cry Engine but still is pleasant to see (compared to the previous chapter)
  • INTERFACE. At last the interface is more friendly and rich with more function to analyze items and whatsoever. You have a friendly inventory and a "notebook" which collects all the documents, photos and also transcriptions of each dialogue happened.
  • MUSIC. Beautiful classical music always accompanies your investigations, with quiet baroque themes, happy tunes and fast paced tracks...
  • MUSIC. ...Though unfortunately, as in the previous chapter it will repeat the track to death. Too bad because the music is made up of seriously beautiful compositions.
  • MOVEMENT. Serlock is slow... SERIOUSLY slow because most times he can only walk (he can run but only in large spaces) and it's not just that: Anytime he needs to crouch to analyze something he needs to reach the right position for it... And he does it veeeeery slowly... Even if he is already in position he turns a little, then turns back then he interacts. Unnecessarily Odd.
  • GRAPHIC. The aspect ratio is still 4:3 and the maximum resolution is 1280x920... -.-
  • SUBTITLES. The whole game has text during all dialogues and so on but there's nothing during the short cutscenes which is one of the most important moments because something important usually happens or is being said. Too bad.
  • INTERFACE. Nothing too bad, The hot zones for interacions sometimes are not where they're supposed to be, or maybe they're too small, or maybe you click them and nothing happens then maybe you click a little away and it works (a hot zone in a hot zone??). Also the menus have that art style very... Articulated that in some context it's hard to understand where to click (Specifically I'm talking about the ESC game menu, where both in options or save games you have to click the earring to get on the previous screen... And the earring is on the center of the menu, looking more like a decoration than a button). Also the notebook menu where you can scroll and read the documents, they're very small and can't be zoomed, not to mention the "lower-upper" page button. That too looked like a notebook decoration because when you go on it with the mouse it doesn't change anything, its colour, the cursor. It's not like it took me ages to figure those things out, but they're simple minor annoyance that should have been taken care of.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 25, 2014
I enjoyed this, it was challenging, to say the least. I had to use walkthrough many times, since I just wanted to continue futher. The story was interesting, but some of the quizzes were too hard and annoying to pass.
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Recently Posted
13.6 hrs
Posted: August 21
Considering the release date of the game, it's a good title for the crime genre. However, it was a rather disappointing experience on my side.
1. The game crashed mid-save once without actually saving my progress.

2. There are two ways in which you can -die- in the sense of failing a challenge which leads to you not being able to finish the game without loading a saved game first. It's nice to have those, but not when bugs in the system stop you from winning (such as the messy way you move between scenes).

3. The guard + dog challenge is totally non-intuitive, as is some of the assembly/research table action.

4. There is an abundance of illogical test/quiz answers. It may be me, but even after checking the answers with a walkthrough, I still didn't see why some were preferred to others.

5. The voice acting in the secondary and tertiary characters was abysmall.
1. Good music
2. Nice settings
3. Interesting story
4. Good art for its release date
5. Cool investigation experience

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7.1 hrs
Posted: July 20
Enjoyed pretending I am as elementary a detective as Sherlock but I really am not. Needed a walkthrough to help in some places and some of the movement was frustrating but worth a gander when it's on sale and you're a fan of the more recent Sherlock games.
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9.2 hrs
Posted: July 2
I am no Sherlock Holmes !

This is one of the earliest games in Sherlock Holmes series by Frogwares, and it shows its age.

+ It's a Sherlock Holmes game

- Story is overcomplicated, too many things, too many people, too many clues. And the game doesn't have a good system to track everything together.
- Gameplay elements are inconsistent. Sometimes actions require you to click on an object in the gameworld, sometimes you need to click the same object in inventory, or drag-and-drop two objects on top of each other, sometimes you need to use magnifying glass, sometimes you don't. It's a bit confusing.
- Crashes - There are few places that cause the game to crash consistently, loosing all your progress since the last save.
- Spot the dot - In some areas you literally need to find one small spec in one big room.
- Font in messages/books is unreadable !

Overall, there isn't really anything special about this, I would suggest trying newer games in the series, they are much more streamlined.

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8.3 hrs
Posted: June 25
Would recommend. You have to be meticulous and think outside of the box throughout most of the game. But then again that's the point if you're playing a Sherlock game.
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26.8 hrs
Posted: March 20
I am an avid fan of mystery games, and I love Sherlock Holmes, but this game was just awful. The voice actors are unproffessional, the editing is terrible, and the story line just does not make sense! Do not buy this game if you are hoping for a good story based adventure, it will not suit you.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: February 24
HORRIBLE game play!!!! Hand doesn't even click on the area you have selected. Had sherlock stuck in a room for 15 minutes trying to get him to open the door and leave and couldn't. The angles are horrible, you walk to corners and can't get out. If the game was created to irritate and anger you it does a very good job. I have played this game and the mystery of the mummy. They both seem like bad knock offs of the classic Electronic Arts Sherlock Holmes games. I have purchased the rest of the set from Frogwares I would hope that at least one will be worth the money spent....The jury is still out, moving to the next game in the series.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: February 11
Extremely poorly done, very clunky gameplay. No sense taken into account at all.
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5.7 hrs
Posted: February 8
Overall an enjoyable point and click game.
Nice puzzles but some where annoying cause moving Holmes felt extremely clunky and slow (looking at you stealth and forest timed sections even if super short). Nice story even if the voice acting was "meh" at best...
Quite short so I recommend it only on a discount.

P.S.: Only the first 5 pictures of the preview are of the game, the other 5 are from Sherlock Holmes:Nemesis game.
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