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Verdeeld (346 recensies) - 47% van de 346 gebruikersrecensies voor deze game is positief.
Releasedatum: 21 sep 2011

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Bunch Of Heroes kopen

Bunch Of Heroes - Four Pack kopen

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Over dit spel

De Bunch is het beste team dat ooit is samengesteld met elite vechters van over de hele wereld. Wat heeft hen samengebracht? Nou, de wereld wordt natuurlijk aangevallen! Een alieninvasie bedreigt de hele mensheid, zonder voorkeur aan geslacht, kleur of nationaliteit. En deze gemene aliens hebben een machtig Zombieleger™ aan hun kant!

Speel als Agent Liu, Jared Joe, El Camarada of Captain Smith die de laatste verdediging van de mensheid zijn. Overleef met alle middelen die nodig zijn uit een groot arsenaal dat vlammenwerpers, spoorgeweren en zwaartekrachtbommen bevat. Of laad de over-de-top superkrachten op die je vijanden zullen uitroeien. Werk online samen met tot 4 spelers.

“Bunch of Heroes” bevat cartoonachtige illustraties, funky rock-en-roll muziek, baanbrekende technologieën, fantastische humor en coöperatieve gameplay om zombie-doders en E.T.-haters van over de hele wereld te inspireren!

Word een held; De aarde heeft er op zijn minst een hoop van nodig!

Belangrijkste onderdelen:

  • Speel met je vrienden in de coöperatieve online verhaallijn voor 4 spelers
  • Fantastische cartoonachtige illustraties en funky Rock-en-roll-muziek
  • 4 Speelbare karakters met fantastische Ultra-aanvallen
  • Grote en diverse omgevingen
  • Meerdere doelstellingen in elk level
  • Tientallen grappige en gekke vijanden
  • Een groot arsenaal van wapens om ze te vernietigen
  • Plaats en gebruik torens om een tactisch voordeel te krijgen


    • Besturingssysteem: Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz
    • Geheugen: 1 GB voor XP / 2 GB voor Vista/7
    • Schijfruimte: Minstens 2,5 GB vrije ruimte
    • Videokaart: DirectX 9-compatibele videokaart met Shader Model 3.0. NVIDIA GeForce 7600, ATI Radeon X1600 of beter
    • DirectX®: Versie 9.0c
    • Geluidskaart: DirectX 9.0c-compatibele geluidskaart
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Verdeeld (346 recensies)
Recentelijk geplaatst
( 0.3 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 20 juli
its boring dont get it im wasted by time dont waste yours
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 2.4 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 3 juni
I fun little twin stick shooter to play with friends(or randoms). Make sure you have 4 people though, it gets pretty ridiculous.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
Giant Enemy Crab
( 0.9 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 28 mei
This game sucks. Very repetitive, aimless, and most of all unfun even with multiplayer.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 0.4 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 11 mei
Quite boring game.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 1.3 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 1 april
Feels like children game. If you add drugs, booze, and sex, it still feels like children game.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
Iam TheWarTank
( 2.5 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 17 maart
Awesome game the idea it´s great game

Single player !

ULTRA RECOMENDED for me for others .. dont now

... And Hard MODE i think but awesomee
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 0.7 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 2 februari
Another game left to rot.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 0.2 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 4 januari
Paid like 20cents or something for this game a few years back while it was on sale. It would easily be worth 40cents to get it off my library. Quite honestly it's a masterpiece, if we're speaking of it on a scale of turds.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 0.1 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 23 december 2015
This just handles so badly in every way. It doesn't do well with sticks or a mouse. It's hard to tell when you're hitting an enemy. It's hard to figure out secondary objectives, the enemies never stop spawning so you can't clear an area and think. There isn't anything good to say about this game.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 1.6 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 9 november 2015
Pretty basic and not very exciting. Graphics are decent. It's just not super fun to play.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
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0.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 juli
its boring dont get it im wasted by time dont waste yours
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0.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 22 mei 2014
I would happily pay for this game to not show up in my library.
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16 van de 22 mensen (73%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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2.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 13 december 2014
Omnipresent boredom.
Bunch of Heroes does not offend some reprehensible fatal mistakes, but at the same time with also absolutely nothing positive isn't surprising. It's obvious that the Bunch of Heroes is a low-budget production and not seeking to become the hit. Stages are boring, goals are repeated, but the struggle of the masses opponents turns out to be quite demanding. One of the few elements worthy of recognition in this game is impressive and colorful graphics. On the screen usually happens very much thanks to the constant explosions and dozens of enemies attacking us. Pretty good sound design also presents itself. Shots sounds correctly, like explosions grenades and tear zombies. This does not change the fact that Bunch of Heroes is a game of poor, simple and rather not worth much attention. Theoretically everything is as straight as the structure of the flail.
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10 van de 11 mensen (91%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
6.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 4 april 2013
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this game, takes some time to get into and it was only during the last chapter that I found myself being more in control of hordes. If you have it play with some friends and it'll be awesome. I admit I went into it with an "oh I'm playing an indie game" kind of cautiousness but I'm really glad to say I was really impressed by the graphics, music and gameplay. Only encountered bug happened when I was using the Santa DLC, but other than that everything was smooth from start to finish.

Graphics: Really good for any game of this price.
Music: Is really funky or rock 'n roll depending on the setting and fits the game 100%, only wished they had a few more songs (just for the sake of wanting to hear more songs of the same style). Does not sound like some cheap soundtracks out there at all.
Gameplay: There's friendly fire, but if you've played games like Aliens Swarm or some other top-down shooter with it you'll know what to be careful, you just need to communicate with your co-op partner. I used Mumble the whole time, but the in-game voice chat seemed fine when I tested it. Personally I think the running/dodging is a bit slow, which is my own preference and didn't affect my experience that much. Another thing is that it was really hard to control waves at first, which lead to me and my partner dying a lot but after playing to the second half of the campaign I learned how to kill them more easily with the gun that you start off with - pick them off one by one while emptying your bullets with them.

There are weapons you can pick up during every level - they drop in boxes scattered around the level and re-drop after a while, which is useful if you're holding an area. There's an interesting variety of them and you get an achievement for picking up all kinds at least once. Enemies are pretty varied too and I had a lot of fun with them.

In short:
Pleasing to the eye?: Yes
Music?: The soundtrack just screams good quality, not something like the 'hastily tossed together' type that some games, even ones with a higher price range, do. Personally I wish they had some more songs cause there's never too much of good music!
Addictive or not?: I played through it in a few days, but playing with a friend is strongly recommended! It's a game I'd be willing to play again, but never by myself.
Playtime: Around 5.5 hours for the campaign and there's also some other modes with continued waves of monsters, etc. All in all pretty good length and provides good entertainment.
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18 van de 29 mensen (62%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
3 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
52.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 16 februari 2012
An unfairly maligned title. Don't suck at top-down shooters. Play with people you know. Harder difficulties are exceptionally fun.
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7 van de 9 mensen (78%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
5.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 27 december 2011
Game is played in a third person perspective with cartoony animations. Makes the game humorous.

Graphics are cartoony and polished. The game doesn't look ugly so thats a good thing.

In BOH, you need to complete objectives in 3 campaigns by either rescueing girls and defend a house from away from a bunch of zombies. There also is a survival mode. BOH can be played with 3 other online players.

Bunch of Heroes is another cheap indie title but it kills some time when your really bored. The game can get boring for the lack of content though. 7.5
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6 van de 8 mensen (75%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
7.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 27 maart 2012
This game is fun to play...and feel bore quick too...so just play it for a short time. This game is worth for people who more to relax type maybe Budha/Sami
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7 van de 10 mensen (70%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
3.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 6 januari 2012
This is a fun cute game..... great gameplay with your friends..... saving the cheerleaders and fighting aliens... all in a good games work... hahaha ... :)) & guess what, it was free on Steam..... thank you guys.... its fun, i love it :)
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9 van de 14 mensen (64%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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0.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 maart 2014
I was one of those fools who picked this game up during a christmas sale where they gave out free stuff for achieving things in games you owned. I miss those days even if they were shameless reasons to make you buy games.

This game has bad reviews for a reason. I wasted hours trying to get that achievement and never did. It was impossible to keep enough people together and my biggest issue was the exponetially increasing respawn rate.
die once, 20 seconds, okay, 40 seconds, um, alright, 80 seconds, seriously, 160 second, what the, 320, ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
trust me, after multiple attempt for one silly achievement it getss annoying.

The game has little depth, boring combat and was barely worth playing even with good friends. don't ever buy this crap. Even if it's free.
well, maybe if it's free and you want to punish yourself.
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27 van de 49 mensen (55%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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3.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 november 2013
This game is one of the worst top-down shooters of all time. The enemies are boring, the music is dull, and the action is dumb. It is lazy game design at its worst. I only got this for the steam badge thing that was going on at the time and hated playing the game that now, 2 years after that Christmas achievement was being given out, I am giving it a negative rating. Only buy this game if you are making a top-down shooter and want to see exactly what NOT to do. This isn't even funny-bad, it's just boring and a slog.
Don't buy this game.
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