Astro Tripper is a furious shoot-em-up experience inspired by the painful, knuckle busting video games of years gone by.
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Mixed (48 reviews) - 54% of the 48 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 15, 2011

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About This Game

Astro Tripper is a furious shoot-em-up experience inspired by the painful, knuckle busting video games of years gone by. An evolution of PomPom's 2001 award winning game, Space Tripper. Travel the surface of large horizontally-scrolling platforms, and pit your highly maneuverable craft against hoards of enemies eager to blow you to bits, eat you or worse.

Gameplay is simple. You are free to travel anywhere on the platform at anytime, but don’t fall off! Powerful Blue Lasers and Red Spread Lasers come equipped, so use both weapons tactically to get through tricky situations. Power up your weapons with power crystals dropped by destroyed enemies. Oh, did we mention the blasting absolutely anything that moves?

Enemies encountered are varied. Zippy UFOS. Fat Motherships. Tanks. Choppers. Slimy Slug creatures. Alien Insects. Aztec structures brimming with electricity. And of course, Big Bosses! 14 unique levels spread over 4 diverse worlds means there’s always something new just around the corner.

Key features:

  • Furious retro shoot-em-up gameplay
  • 14 completely unique levels spread over 4 worlds
  • Vibrant 3D visuals and effects
  • Global Online Leaderboards
  • Unlockable Challenge Games
  • Achievements

System Requirements


    • OS:XP,Vista,7
    • Processor:1.6GHZ or better
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c compatible Shader 2
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Drive:75 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible


    • DirectX®:dx90c
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
20 of 22 people (91%) found this review helpful
50.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 12, 2014
An incredible game. Astro Tripper is the graphical upgrade to one of my all time favourite games Space Tripper. On the surface it seems like a simple Defender/Uridium clone, but give it time and you will find the great depth in gameplay it has to offer. The intensity levels that are required to beat the game on Hardest using the keyboard is something I have not found in any other game. The added Challenges that weren't present in Space Tripper are excellent for short spells of blasting action. Both Space Tripper and Astro Tripper are superb examples of the sidescrolling space shooter. A must have.
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 22, 2014
Let me start with saying that this game has frustrated me to no end at times with its difficulty and insta-death scenarios. Its a shoot'em'up kind of game in limited arenas of sorts and you beat the level once all enemies are dead and cleared out which you have to do under a fairly strict time limit. A lot of its design choices feel like the are taken or at least inspired by old arcade games since if you die and game over on the third out of four levels in a zone you will need to beat the first two again to retry that area....something that will infuriate you on the harder levels.

The game has a challenging mix of achievements for doing various specific tasks on specific levels or bosses making the game even harder then just playing it normally. Some of these will only take a try or two while others (specially "Sneeky Incursion" that took me 20+ tries) will test your patience and skill quite a bit.

Time to 100%: 2-5 hours (depending on skill and luck)
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 10, 2014
It's a brilliant arcade game. Loads of fun, flashy graphics, and although it's quite short I've replayed it many many times. For some reason this Steam re-release is optimized much more poorly than the Windows XP original and the framerate degrades pretty badly in some levels. The game is still playable and I highly recommend giving this one a try if you enjoy Defender-style arcade shmups.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 4, 2014
I bought the original Space Tripper back in 2001 and it's still holds up well today. Astro Tripper updates and extends it to take advantage of better graphics and higher resolution screens without losing the core look & feel and is well worth the money. It's quick to get into and is one of those games that when you get killed, you say "that was my fault, I'll do better next time!".

If you like classics such as "Uridium" and "Defender" this is probably right up your street and I fully recommend it.

There's also a free demo so that you can try it before committing. This is always a good sign from a developer and I wish more would do it.
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6 of 10 people (60%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 10, 2012
Horizontal shoot-em-up with about a dozen platform levels spanning four stages plus unlockable difficulties and challenges. You have a single-target beam and a multi-target arc beam at your disposal, can choose which to power up with drops and switch between them, and the direction you're facing, with the press of a button.

The only problem with the game is that the maneuverability and inertia are quite poor and really affect your performance. A decent game otherwise, with learning to use both beam types at the right time being essential to progress and survive. Leaderboards for pretty much everything and the game looks great. Doubt I would buy it again if given the chance though due to the terrible piloting.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 5, 2014
Love this to pieces, it really satisfies. If you grew up with R-Type and attacking mutant camels, you should be able to appreciate this one!
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 4, 2012
Proper old school shooter think Defender crossed with R-Type
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Posted: April 22, 2013
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0.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2015
How hard do you want this game to be? Because you only get to choose between easy and hard. That's exactly how the game is going to play. Easy you can't fall off the level killing you so just shoot anything that moves... easy. Hard is hard not to fall off the level while dodging and shooting... good luck beating the game at that setting. Graphic wise the game is smooth as a baby's butt and sharp looking too. The sound track is nice too without distracting from the game but good luck remembering it after playing... pretty much forgettable. The controls are pretty much spot on, though the speed of you ship and it's responsiveness is going to get you killed alot on hard. The downside to this game is as nice as it looks and plays, it's over with all too quicky. Not too many levels in this game. Then again what do you expect priced as it is. It's nice cheap fun that will kill a hour or two on easy and maybe a lifetime on hard.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
81.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 12, 2012
A very original arena shmup. Not easy and a bit frustrating at first because if you're hit, you'll have to redo the level (they are short though). You need to learn the design of each levels but the game is much more skill-based than memory-based.
One of the best shmup on steam despite some problems.
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Recently Posted
2.0 hrs
Posted: March 22
Seeing as there are hardly any reviews for this and Steam is reporting that reaction is "mixed", I thought I'd ought to throw my opinion in here.

I bought it because I have memories of playing the demo for the original (Space Tripper) way back, and not ever being able to finish it beause it was so damn difficult. Guess what- it still is. And that's good.
Some people have given it negative reviews saying that its frustrating and too difficult; I can't count that aginst it because that is exactly what I was expecting, and I think that due to the genre of game that it is, it should be expected. This is a hardcore arcade style game where you have to get through all in one go, theres no autosaves or any saftey net other than three lives- and if you lose a life you start that level over again, every time. Its pretty brutal like that. In Hard mode, there's not even barriers to the play area; if you stray too far away accidentally you'll die.
Apart from the style differences between this and Space Tripper, there is one change that I've noticed that does make a big difference. In Astro Tripper, you can switch between two weapons- the blue one which fires a shot straight forward, and the red that shoots left and right of the direction you're facing. In the original, that red weapon also shot straight ahead as well, but at a weaker power (so that it would take two hits from the red gun to kill a standard enemy, but only one from the blue). The upshot of this is that at the frantic pace you have to play the game, not being able to accuratly fire ahead of you with the red weapon will cost you dearly, so you might not ever want to use anything other than the blue; the weapon switching becomes useless. This might just be me, but I think it's a valid point.
Due to my experience playing the original demo for Space Tripper, I feel that's the only real criticism I can make in comparison (I should mention that I've not had any technical problems with it thus far), and also overall. Some people have mentioned inertia to be a problem stopping them from moving accuratly around the levels, but all I can say to that is that I have had that difficulty playing any Mario or Sonic games; it's nothing you shouldn't be able to get used to as a playstyle. Every level proceeds in a pattern, with important audio cues that let you know about changes in enemy spawns or imminent dangers. Once you've failed enough times to learn the levels, you'll progress and develop your skill and I find it a process that rewards your frustration in a cathartic manner. As far as I can see it's a perfectly decent arcade shoot-em-up that rewards perseverance.

Summary: If you're someone with skill and experience who wants to beat a real challenge, this is a great game. People who aren't willing to give 100% effort to and endure a lot of trial-and-error, look elsewhere.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: February 3
I consider Alien Zombie Megadeath, the other game from developer PomPom, one of the best arcade games of the latest years. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Astro Tripper. Presentation aside (it's even more basic than AZM) the game is basically a defender inspired shooter but it's extremely difficult and frustrating. There are three difficulty levels, easy, hard and extremely hard. I've played at hard difficulty (never played a game in easy mode in my life) and I haven't been able to finish the first training level after a dozen game overs. Enemies spawn everywhere, they shoot a lot, some of them collide with each other suddenly changing trajectory, the play area is extremely narrow and, just to add some frustration, you can fall over the play area so you must be extremely careful while maneuvering your ship. Being a defender clone you also have to press a button to flip the ship direction, easier said than done given the overall difficulty. In the end it's not a bad game, it's just badly calibrated and for this reason I could only recommend it to hardcore space shooter lovers. Go play Alien Zombie Megadeath instead.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: May 26, 2015
I've played in previous version of this game - SpaceTripper. And i have to say that visually it was more stylish less color-mess then this one. I like old one a lot. Not this one =(
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2.0 hrs
Posted: December 4, 2014
I'm not sure why I got this again on Steam when I was pretty meh on it on PS3. Never beat it before, and finally beat it on easy. The sheer fact that you're required to just jam the fire button as fast as possible to have a chance to beat the levels within the time limit makes the game not fun. My entire forearm is sore, and that was with taking breaks between levels. It's short, ridiculously hard, and it's hard to tell enemies from powerups, and enemy spawns are sometimes hard to see as well. I'd avoid this one.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: November 20, 2014
Really friggin' hard!
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2.0 hrs
Posted: September 3, 2014
Astro Tripper is flashy-fasty-well done Arcade Shooter that you'll enjoy for sure. Although campaign is a bit short you'll want it to play over again.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: June 22, 2014
The game locks up when my controller is plugged in. That aside, it's quite a fun game, wish the developers would support it. Difficult to reccomend.
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5.6 hrs
Posted: June 21, 2014
good game. im the noob one.
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