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I Am The Hero
Adventure, Action, Indie, Pixel Graphics
Zombie Estate 2
Indie, Action, Zombies
Rise & Shine
Indie, Action, Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer
Free To Play
High Profits
Free to Play, Indie, Simulation, Clicker
Detention 返校
Indie, Gore, Adventure, Horror
Caladrius Blaze
Action, Sexual Content, Shoot 'Em Up, Anime
Criminal Girls: Invite Only
Sexual Content, Anime, Nudity, RPG
Ladykiller in a Bind
Sexual Content, Nudity, Indie, Visual Novel
Casual, Card Game, Multiplayer
Free To Play
Trick and Treat - Visual Novel
Free to Play, Visual Novel, Anime, Casual
Indie, Action, Horror, First-Person
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