Steam News - philipla
  • Fixed an issue with art for some games not properly updating. A client restart may be required for some art changes to fully appear.
  • Fixed some DLC art displaying in the wrong language.
Steam News - rachelt77

Steam SHMUP Fest is live now, with an entire week of discounts and demos celebrating shoot 'em ups, twin-stick shooters, and bullet hell games.

We're not talking first person shooters here: inspired by the chaos of old arcade shooters, these games feature power-ups, lots of enemies, and more bullets than can be counted.

Head HERE to join in the action!

Steam News - kaci
After a few weeks in beta, we have officially launched Indonesian language support on the full Steam client. Players can now switch their language preferences in both the Steam desktop client and mobile app to Indonesian language.

This update makes Indonesian Steam’s 29th core language to be added to the desktop client, store, community, and mobile app, which all include ongoing translation work to support the many special events, sales, promotions, and new features that Steam launches every year.

We’re always working to make Steam accessible (and enjoyable!) to as many people around the world as we can, and supporting different languages makes it easier for folks to find and play great games, write reviews, share community content, and chat with friends.

As we’ve worked toward this milestone, which included forming a team to translate over 500,000 words, we’ve also been encouraging game developers to bring the Indonesian language version of their games to Steam. As of today, we now have over 900 games on Steam that support the Indonesian language (also includes games that don’t have words and thus work in any language).

To switch languages in Steam, follow these instructions or watch the short video below.

[smalltext]Video demonstrating how to change language in the Steam desktop client[/smalltext]

You can also set additional language preferences within the Steam store, which allows players to more easily find games that are available in other languages. The primary selection (which follows the Steam client selected language) will determine the language used to display content in the store, while secondary or additional selections will allow recommendations and discovery of games that are available in additional languages.

The Steam mobile app itself by default will follow the language selected in the Steam client, but can also be updated independently in the mobile app itself if desired.
Steam News - Lawrence
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added support for Indonesian language
  • Allow the settings window to be resized.
  • Fixed empty folders not being re-created when verifying a game installation.
  • Improved reliability of Back button.
  • Fixed a case where non-steam games could disappear from the library.
  • Adjusted the low battery notification for laptops/handheld PCs to only fire in the overlay or the main BPM window
  • Fixed windows being able to set minimum sizes larger than their display dimensions.
  • Fixed issue where some steam:// protocol handlers were not handled correctly due to case sensitivity. Example: steam://url/communityfilepage/<ugcid> was not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with steam://connect/<gameserver ip>:<game server port>/<optional password> was not handled.
  • Fixed clicking "Play Game" links in event news causing client popup windows to close.
  • steamwebhelper support dialog is now shown if the main client window cannot be created at startup.

Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed switching from fullscreen to windowed mode when a full-screen video is dismissed.
  • Fixed notifications stealing focus when shown in overlay.
  • Fixed overlay freezing when a file dialog is shown.

Steam Overlay
  • The overlay tabbed browser will now wait until the overlay has been activated for the first time before restoring saved tabs.
  • Added an option to In Game settings that allows toggling whether overlay browser tabs will be restored when starting a game.
  • Fixed bug with Steam Overlay in DirectX12 not releasing resources

Steam Input
  • Fixed touchpad input when using the Victrix and Qanba PS4/PS5 arcade sticks
  • Reduced lag when switching between pages in the "Edit Layout" view for configurations with large numbers of action sets/layers/mode-shifts
  • Fixed the DualSense firmware update dialog from popping up when the controller was connected over Bluetooth and already up to date
  • Added the ability to bind Steam Input API trigger actions to button inputs

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed a case where Steam Cloud saves could be synced to a computer that did not have the game installed if the game was available for streaming from another PC

Remote Play
  • Fixed controller buttons being stuck down
  • Added support for 4K high quality streaming presets
  • Fixed occasional crash when streaming using NVIDIA NvFBC capture
  • Fixed occasional crash directly launching a game from the Steam Link UI
  • Added support for HEVC video encoding when streaming to macOS
  • Fixed device authorization dialog not showing if Steam Link connects while Steam is starting up

Server browser
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a server browser query to stop prematurely without pinging all of the servers

  • Fixed some screenshot thumbnails on the activity feed not being properly obscured when marked as spoiler

  • Fixed a case where a Library Folder could be forgotten when a drive was unplugged from the system.

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in store Paypal web view.
Steam News - rachelt77

Steam Strategy Fest is live now, with an entire week of discounts and demos that celebrate games of deep strategy.

Enjoy procrastination? Planning literally nothing? Completely unconcerned with what your opponents might be up to? This is not the fest for you! (Although might we suggest giving it a try anyway?) Steam Strategy Fest rewards the over-planners, the out-thinkers, and the out-smarters-of-opponents.

Strategy games come in all forms, from tower defense and city builders, to tabletop games, card games, and board games! (But not bored games, amirite?)

Head HERE to join in the action!
Steam News - rachelt77

Steam Visual Novel Fest is live now, celebrating visual novels for an entire week! You'll find discounts and demos on storytellers of all kinds: mysteries, lighthearted romances, and more.

No matter the topic, these are both current and upcoming games where your choices shape the narrative. Visual Novel Fest continues through August 14th at 10am PT.

Head HERE to join in the action!
Steam News - mikela
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added timer to the overlay. You can enable this button in the in-game settings.
  • Improved library performance for users with large numbers of collections.
  • Fixed some confirmation dialogs not closing with the cancel or X buttons.
  • Fixed "Clear Download Cache" also deleting cached login information.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Steam Guard code to fail the first time it is entered, and then succeed immediately after that.
  • Fixed Steam Overlay not respecting Windows scale factor for full screen windows at heights <= 1200px.
  • Fixed Windows scale factors <150% not applying to Steam overlay.
  • Fixed a hitch that some players with large libraries might encounter every 15 minutes while playing a game.
  • Fixed main client window taking focus from other Steam windows when navigation menus are hovered.
  • Fixed notifications for achievements not firing when offline.
  • Fixed wallet balance not updating in title bar when balance hits zero.
  • Fixed incorrect display of "Notify me about additions or changes to my games..." setting in interface settings if it had never been changed before.

  • Added the ability to sort by date added to library to shelves and game grids.
  • Added a setting to display Steam Deck compatibility information in the library while not on a Steam Deck.

Steam Overlay
  • Added In-Game setting to allow enabling or disabling display scaling in the overlay.
  • Changed behavior of overlay tabbed browser to clear all tabs when the close button is clicked and added a minimize button to hide the browser as the close button previously did.
  • Fixed intermittent crash in overlay browser when switching to overlay for in-game purchases.

Big Picture Mode
  • PlayStation Controller can now use touchpad typing in the on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed presentation and localization of items in the Special Offers section.

Steam Input
  • Improved navigation in the configurator when navigating from the Preview screen. Repeatedly going to Preview then an input will no longer build up loops in the back stack and you can now go back with a single B button press if you've not interacted with the left column.
  • Added the ability to copy and paste button/axis mappings when setting up input for unrecognized controllers.
  • The selected controller configuration shown in the configurator should now update quicker and more reliably, including when exporting configs.
  • DualSense Wireless Controllers will now remain in DirectInput compatible mode over Bluetooth when Steam Input is disabled.
  • Fixed some cases where navigation changes from the previous beta could result in a blank page in the configurator.
  • Fixed detecting controllers using the Xbox Enhanced Feature Support driver.
  • Fixed changing effects on PS4 and PS5 controllers when Steam Input is not enabled.

Developer console
  • Added a setting to display timestamps in the Steam console window.
  • Changed Steam console window to keep the last several seconds of output even if that would exceed the normal buffer length.
  • Fixed command echo sometimes appearing on the same line as the previous output.
  • Fixed clear_console command not doing anything.

  • Fixed file chooser dialog not opening for some actions.
  • Fixed file chooser not allowing directories to be selected in some cases.
  • Fixed Steam app pulling focus back to the previous space when switching to a space without a Steam Client window on it.
  • Fixed app hiding not working with Steam Client windows.
  • Fixed Steam Client windows not allowing dragging past the height of the titlebar on the main screen when running with multiple displays.
  • Fixed navigation menus not opening on mouse-over of buttons when the store or community browsers are focused.

  • Fixed a case where the controller input thread could operate at normal instead of high scheduling priority.
  • Fixed file dialogs not appearing in some cases for systems without an active xdg-desktop-portal
  • Fixed a rare crash when processing shaders.
  • Fixed a case where the UI would show the wrong image when switching between small mode and normal mode.
  • Additional fixes for file dialogs for systems where xdg-desktop-portal is not available.
Steam News - rachelt77

Steam Stealth Fest is live now, celebrating sneaky games for an entire week! From now through July 31st at 10am PT, you'll find discounts, demos, and more on both current and upcoming games of stealth.

And we do mean all kinds of stealth. For some games, achieving your objective without being detected is the only way to succeed, while others offer it as just one of the ways to play. Either way, there's usually a benefit to being quiet and sticking to the shadows or tall grass.

Head HERE to join in the action!
Steam News - kaci
Steam Next Fest: June Edition had the most visitors (11.4 million!) of any other Next Fest so far, and there were hundreds of free demos available to play throughout the fest.

We thought we'd surface a list of the most played (by unique players) during the week of the event itself. Some of these still have their demos up (or recently reactivated for the week!) and all are available to wishlist ahead of their official launch date.

Take a look through the 50 most-played demos from Steam Next Fest: June Edition!
Steam News - TomB (Valve)
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Note: This client was rereleased on July 10 to fix installscript support for some games

  • Added playing a sound when displaying a notification toast in desktop mode.
  • Added a toggle in notification settings to turn on/off sounds for non-critical notifications.
  • Improved responsivity of showing systray menu.
  • Small organization and clarity changes to notifications settings.
  • Rearranged notifications settings page and made some controls respond to changes in the global settings.
  • Fixed stability of blue focus bar at the top of various windows.
  • Fixed "When a screenshot is taken, display a notification" setting not being honored and "When a screenshot is taken, play a sound" only changing after the current game has exited.
  • Fixed window control positions on chat settings popups.
  • Fixed issue where certain links would load pages in an overlay browser rather than open on desktop.
  • Fixed URL bar in popup/overlay browser sometimes being out of date.
  • Fixed issue that could cause an error when entering a valid Steam Guard code.
  • Fixed rare achievement animation not appearing when Steam was not focused or hovered instead of just pausing.
  • Fixed not being able to type into some browser views if using touch input.
  • Fixed Windows virtual keyboard sometimes not working in library when using touch input
  • Fixed persona name in top bar occasionally displaying incorrectly if it started with #.
  • Fixed rare crash when displaying some tooltips.
  • Fixed some web pages being viewable in tabbed browser even if Family View should have restricted that content.
  • Fixed recent games list in systray menu not updating while Steam is running.
  • Fixed placement of systray menu on Windows when text scaling is enabled.
  • Fixed app icons for events in What's New not loading on first click.
  • Fixed links not working in account creation and pre-login help dialogs.
  • Fixed windows sometimes not updating appearance when clicking maximize button.
  • Fixed showing a black screen at startup if the startup location was set to something prohibited by Family View.
  • Fixed the tops of some context menus not being interactable if they overlap the title bar.
  • Removed incorrect date display on some DLC hovers.
  • Properly show an error when failing to load existing awards given when showing the award dialog for user generated content, reviews, discussion posts, and comments.

In-Game Overlay
  • Added battery indicator to the desktop overlay when running on laptop or handheld device with battery.
  • Fixed soft-lock when a game requested that asynchronous game notifications be enabled.
  • Fixed issue causing desktop overlay to not render properly in macOS CS:GO.
  • Fixed issue where viewing a user's profile was not working in some older games (e.g Left 4 Dead 2).
  • Fixed issue where the overlay was not responding to mouse input when there was a controller configuration loaded that included virtual menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Invite Friend to Game" dialog didn't work while in a Steam group voice chat channel.
  • Fixed overlay windows showing in pinned state when overlay is activated for some games (e.g. Warhammer: Vermintide 2).

Big Picture Mode
  • Added playing a sound to some notification toasts where it was previously missing.
  • Fixed wrong auto display scale being chosen for wide displays.
  • Fixed some views being the wrong size on macOS.
  • Fixed issue displaying the system tray context menu.
  • Fixed some issues where some taller sections in controller summary layout preview screen were cut-off at the bottom when viewed in the in-game overlay.
  • Fixed error message that was sometimes displayed while showing a notification.
  • Fixed viewing and closing a news event partially blocking mouse and touch input on the window.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying SSIDs in internet settings for some SSIDs containing non-alphanumeric characters.

Steam Input
  • Fixed some Nintendo Switch Pro controllers not being recognized after the last Steam update.
  • Fix bug where configurations could fail to get deleted.
  • Fix bug where configurations could disappear from the configuration browser after deleting a different configuration.

Screenshots Manager
  • Privacy dropdown selector for local screenshots will now remember the last selection.
  • Clicking the large image in the right panel will now open a larger popup of the screenshot.
  • Fixed issue where the screenshot manager might popup after closing a game when no screenshots were taken for that gameplay session.

Friends & Chat
  • Fixed chat window not being raised when clicking a chat notification while docked mode is enabled.
  • Fixed minimize/maximize buttons not working for chat windows created minimized.

Server Browser
  • Fixed a bug viewing server info from server browser.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to server with password from server browser would not give you an opportunity to enter the password.

  • Add a setting to improve compatibility with window managers that send an unfocus event before every pointer click event, e.g. openbox. This setting can be found in "Settings->Interface->Enable context menu focus compatibility mode". Enabling this setting will fix dropdown menus being unclickable on these window managers.
  • Fix incorrectly spawning a file chooser instead of a directory chooser on systems with xdg-desktop-portal FileChooser version 2.
  • Fix a case where the overlay could have dpi scaling applied twice.
  • Fix login window having the wrong dimensions when dpi scaling is enabled.
  • Fix a case where menus could get clipped if dpi scaling is enabled.
  • Fix a case where disabling dpi scaling via settings wouldn't have any effect.
  • Restrict a workaround that prevents a crash on Nvidia GPUs to only activate when we detect an Nvidia GPU. Side-effects for this workaround include window flashing and focus stealing when a steam window is closed, which should no longer affect Intel/AMD users.

  • Updated the Remote Play driver installation dialog for the new UI, fixing driver installation.
  • Fix intermittent crash and reload of client windows when closing a window or menu.

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