Product Release - Valve
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Reconnaissance Pack, all new content for Aliens: Colonial Marines is Now Available on Steam.

Battle it out against other players across 4 all new maps in the 'Aliens: Colonial Marines - Reconnaissance Pack' and instill fear into enemy marines with horrifying new xeno customisation content. Users that have purchased the Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass receive this content automatically and do not need to purchase it separately

Product Release - Valve
Awesomenauts - Pirate Leon Skin, all new content for Awesomenauts is Now Available on Steam!

Aaaarrrrr, ya scurvy old sea dogs! This here be the most feared pirate of the universe! Wanted on over 500 planets for camembert plunderin', grog stealin' and sweet talkin': you'd be wise t' to hide your beauties, for leon pirate be comin'! Leon Pirate comes with a fully customized voice set!

Product Release - Valve
New Multiplayer DLC for Tomb Raider is now available on Steam!

Check out the three all-new skins and the Shipwrecked Map Pack to add to your multiplayer raiding experience!

Product Update - Valve
Update 2.5a (05/07/2013) for X3: Reunion has been released.

• Added localization files for Chinese
• Updated several script files to enable compatibility with the Bonus Package DLC
• Minor text display fixes required for support of East Asian languages

Announcement - Valve
X3: Reunion DLC Bonus Package is Now Available on Steam for free!

This complete package contains all existing bonus plugins for users that own X3: Reunion.

Up until now the principle source of minerals for factories has been the large mining complexes, with mobile mining left to a few dedicated souls. Now, with the introduction of the Mobile Mining / Mineral Collection Software factories and free traders alike can easily tap the resources of the smaller asteroid debris in sectors.

Of course just flying in open space can be dangerous, but with the new ability to defend a position, setting up sentries to protect your mining ships has never been easier.

Product Update - Valve
v1.2.0 Update (May 6, 2013)

• Added compatibility for “Reconnaissance Pack” multiplayer add-on.
• Various visual improvements, including new screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) functionality.

Client Update - Valve
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.


- Added rate-limiting of Steam game downloads, via Settings -> Downloads
- Added "View" button to the downloads page for workshop items that shows you which items have been updated
- Fix client update-loops caused by inconsistent server and proxy-cache states
- Friends will now show an icon next to their Online status to indicate if they are using Big Picture Mode, Steam Mobile, or Steam Web Chat
- Fixed a rare crash loading certain corrupt jpg images
- Increased font size in chat to improve readability


- Fix handling of http_proxy environment variable http:// prefix in some instances
- Overlay enable hotkey now handles more shifted keys correctly
- Most-recently-played tray menu will not have an extra separator if no games have been played

Big Picture:

- Workaround which fixes common D3D internal crash introduced by IE10/KB2670838 on Windows 7
- Added activate product on Steam path to Big Picture
- Fixed focus order of elements in Library Details view after Workshop
- Fixed opacity mask flash on transition in and out of main menu
- Implement native Steam Service install dialog on game launch if needed to avoid desktop dialog appearing
- Windows: Avoid more context changes in rendering for small perf improvement on low end hardware
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Announcement - Valve
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Product Release - Valve
Against the Qlock, all new content for Q.U.B.E. is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

This all-new time trial package pits the player against the clock in a bid to get the highest score and beat their friends. Combining precision, logic and quick reactions the player must speed through each of the ten levels using a variety of pick-ups to their advantage.

*Offer ends May 13th at 10AM Pacific Time