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Shadow Fear™ Deluxe Edition includes:

1. Shadow Fear™ Path to Insanity ( Main Game )
2. The Chapter 0 DLC ( Chapter 0 : The first Night & The Horde Mode )
3. The Bonus Content ( OST, Concept & Artworks, Golden Coin Guide )

( 2 ) The Chapter 0 DLC includes:

Chapter 0 : The first night, you will
see what happened to Catherine the sister of Nathan on the
first night she went to Lencour mountain... This is Chapter 0!

The Horde Mode, you will
try to survive five 3min rounds with only the items you can get
by collecting coins and opening chest... You can be lucky and have
bonus powers such as : Boost Bonus, Ghost Bonus and Coins Bonus...

( 3 ) The Bonus Content includes:

1. Full game OST in MP3 that include 17 track...
2. 10 Original Concept & Artworks...
3. The PDF Version of the Concept & Artworks...
4. Full Game Map of all the Area in the Game...
5. The PDF Version of all the Game Map...
6. An Exclusive Artwork that tell all the Golden Coins location...
7. The original trailer for the game featured on Steam...

To find the bonus content, locate the Steam Apps folder, open it and locate the Common folder,
open it. Locate the game folder and all the bonus content will be within the Bonus Content folder...

*If you have any problem installing the DLC uninstall the game and reinstall it at the same time as the DLC, it should fix it.*

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Shadow Fear™ Path to Insanity
  Action, Adventure
Shadow Fear™ Chapter 0 DLC
  Action, Adventure
Shadow Fear™ Bonus Content
  Action, Adventure
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