Gerty Soundtrack edition

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Contains the base game and OST.

OST info:
Original game soundtrack by Mikko Lapinlahti. Contains both mp3 and flac versions.

01. Across Light-years
02. See You on the Other Side
03. Mercenary Attitude
04. Bug Hunt
05. Grim Awakening
06. Ilinx Protocol
07. Dry Heat
08. Transmission is Breaking Up
09. Flying Blind
10. What Fate Has In Store
11. U.N.W. 2
12. Geode
13. Strange New Horizons
14. Unsung Hero

Total length: 46:00

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  Экшены, Инди, Ролевые игры, Ранний доступ
Gerty - OST
  Экшены, Инди, Ролевые игры
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