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We Were Here Too is an online first-person cooperative adventure set in a fictional medieval castle. A new standalone entry in the We Were Here series, We Were Here Too is all about cooperative discovery, immersion and teamwork through communication. You and a partner must solve puzzles through smart communication and observation. Trapped in different parts of an ancient castle, only your walkie-talkies will allow you to figure out how to escape.

The incredible support from our fans has brought We Were Here Too to existence - we could not have made this possible without you. With this special edition you can show your support to a new style of cooperative games on Steam!
As a small token of our gratitude we offer the following with this special supporters bundle...

We Were Here Too Supporter Bundle includes:

  • We Were Here Too - The second standalone game in the We Were Here series
  • Special Supporter borders - Cosmetic borders around your in-game profile and hosted games in the menu to show off your awesome support!
  • Exclusive Supporter Walkie-Talkie skin - Solve challenges in style with a unique supporter cosmetic skin for your in-game walkie-talkie!
  • Mobile and Desktop Backgrounds - 1920 by 1080 desktop background resolution(s) and 736 by 1308 for mobile use.
  • The Official We Were Here Too Soundtrack - Enjoy 32 minutes of tension and suspense, composed by Leon van der Stel.
      Track list:
    • Main Theme
    • The Search
    • Forbidden Rites
    • No Way Back
    • Creeping Menace
    • Tombs and Coffins
    • War of the Destined
    • The Flame Rises
    • The Choice

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We Were Here Too
  Adventure, Casual, Indie
We Were Here Too: Supporter Edition
  Adventure, Casual, Indie
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