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Mua Tales of the Elements - Complete

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Tales of the Elements - Complete contains the entire Tales of the Elements experience! Both chapters. Both Albums. All wrapped together in one discounted package!

Tales of the Elements is an indie action role-playing game adaptation of the album of the same name, developed by the album's producer and recording artist, Last BeNeVoLeNcE. While similar to the classic style of Japanese RPGs of the 90s, TotEFC blends Hip Hop music and culture with the characteristics and setting of a traditional JRPG to create a world of fantasy and style!

Starring music producer and recording artist Last BeNeVoLeNcE, the legendary “Chip Hop” pioneer Mega Ran, Panacea producer K-Murdock, Jazz-Hop musician Sai Wai, R&B artist J-Mylez, as well as other artists such as the talented guitarist According to Legends and the lyricists Kharisma and Impermanence !

Key Features:
- Based on the Hip Hop albums of the same name
- Japanese-style RPG storytelling like the classics of the 90’s
- Hand-drawn character dialogue portraits and map sprites
- True 4-player co-op action battle system with X-Box 360 gamepad support
- A great soundtrack that features a unique blend of Hip Hop, Jazz and RPG music
- Hip Hop themed mechanics that are rewarding but optional
- Light puzzle-solving progression without the help of quest markers
- Secret bosses and a hidden unlockable that literally breaks the 4th wall
- 16 Speed-based Special Stages for unlocking secrets
- Main Cast Character Voiceovers (along with additional supporting cast voiceovers)
- Developed by the artist who produced and recorded the album
- Both Full-length Vocal albums included

Tales of the Elements FC Album Tracklisting:

1. Prologue
2. Main Menu
3. The Protagonist
4. The False Beginning & The Random Hero (feat. Mega Ran)
5. Legends Of The Black Mic Part 1
6. Abilities (feat. Mega Ran)
7. Tales of the Elements (feat. Mega Ran)
8. Just So Hard (To Find Help)
9. A B-Boy's Tale (feat. Kharisma)
10. Snowberry
11. Seal Upon Your Heart
12. Safe For Some Time
13. Obstacle
14. Meanwhile (Search Party) feat. Mega Ran & Kharisma
15. Saving Point Part 2

Tales of the Elements 2C Album Tracklisting:

1. Title Theme (feat. Sai Wai)
2. Recollection
3. By The Way (feat. According to Legends)
4. Meanwhile (Search Party) Part 2 (feat. Mega Ran & Kharisma)
5. The Sandman (feat. J-Mylez)
6. Spray-Paint Bandits (feat. Impermanence)
7. Exposure (feat. Impermanence & According to Legends)
8. Heroes of Polyphony (feat. J-Mylez)
9. Side Quest (feat. Kharisma & Mega Ran)
10. Inner Struggle (feat. Mega Ran)
11. The Sandman's Assassin
12. The DJ Who Smells of Sunflowers (feat. According to Legends)
13. Legends of The Black Mic Part 2 (feat. Mega Ran)
14. Saving Point Part 3
15. Setting the Stage (feat. Mega Ran & Impermanence)
16. The Hip Hop Census (feat. Kharisma, Impermanence, & Mega Ran)
17. Alternative Endings (feat. Kharisma, Impermanence, & Mega Ran)

All 32 tracks are in high-quality 320kbps .mp3 format.

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