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Skydome Studios VR Bundle

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Относно този комплект

Enjoy 3 unique but different VR games by Skydome Studios.

All games can be used to introduce VR to new players. This can be a relaxing game of Minigolf, a fast paced music game or a scary spider encounter, that is up to you.

Support indie VR game development and get a nice discount by purchasing this VR game bundle.

Артикули, включени в този комплект

Audio Arena
Само за ВР  Екшъни
Don't Let Go!
Само за ВР  Независими
Adventure Golf VR
Само за ВР  Екшъни, Приключенски, Неангажиращи, Спортни
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Закупуване на Skydome Studios VR Bundle КОМПЛЕКТ (?)