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Ersatz is a minimalist Action Platformer, featuring an Original Dynamically Progressive Soundtrack and rhythm elements.

Run, Jump, Slam, Slide & Dash your way through 8 varied and increasingly intense levels, in multiple modes & playstyles, starring tough bosses & game elements that move to the ever present beat.
Use the unique dash mechanics to move as fast as you can, trying to chase down that elusive 'S' rank. Learning the game is simple, mastering it is not...

Included in this bundle is the complete Original Soundtrack for Ersatz - 'Functions'. A soundtrack that in game dynamically progresses with you, with genres like:

  • House
  • Trance
  • Synthwave
  • DnB
  • Techno
  • & More!

Also In the game:
  • Type Beta & Type Gamma: Unlockable alternative playstyles with their own times & grades
  • Journey Mode: Try & complete all 8 levels as fast as you can without a single Game Over. For experts & speedrunners!
  • Infinite Mode: A fun reward for 'S' Rankers
  • Steam Leaderboards: See how your times stack up compared to other players
  • Vibration: Feel your controller vibrate to the beat!
  • A secret set of rewards...

Soundtrack provided as 320kbps MP3s, OGGs & Lossless FLACs
Design, Art, Animation, Programming & Music all by Paris Stalker (that's me!).

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  Action, Indie
Functions - Ersatz Original Soundtrack
  Action, Indie
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