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This bundle includes both Devil Engine and its DLC, Ignition. This game is a high octane, classic styled side scrolling shoot-em-up heavily influenced by the best in the genre from the 32-bit era, featuring a variety of incredible locations, hand drawn pixel art, and a blood-pumping soundtrack that brings the dark future to life.

Devil Engine Features

- Use 3 shot types with unique bombs to destroy everything in your path.
- Build a point multiplying combo with careful play and expend it with a bullet absorbing burst.
- Compete across 8 game modes for score supremacy.
Leave a wave of carnage across 6 incredibly detailed stages.
- Points aren’t just for collecting! Spend your accumulated points to unlock in-game shaders, additional music, stages and playable ships.
- Featuring pulse pounding music tracks composed by famed shmup composer Hyakutarou Tsukumo.

Ignition Features

Featuring 6 new stages, a new ship and an Arranged soundtrack by a variety of veteran composers, Devil Engine Ignition adds a load of new content to the already packed Devil Engine!

• Use 3 unique ships with different shots, score systems and playstyles, all available from the start
• Blast through 6 new and heavily remixed stages in Ignition mode
• Treat your ears to an Arranged soundtrack by veteran composers Shinji Hosoe (Street Fighter EX), Loser Kashiwagi (CHO REN SHA 68K), Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunder Force 5), and more
• Use all the new content in the original Devil Engine campaign and extra modes

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Devil Engine
Devil Engine Ignition
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