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This bundle includes game "Shio" and "Shio - Original Soundtrack".Put your headphones on and enjoy instrumental music from great platformer game "Shio"! Each track was created just for specific scene in the game! Watch out, goosebumbs ahead!


"Shio” isn’t a typical platform jumping game, floating lanterns aren’t just a decoration, it’s a tool that you can use them to explore the world of “Shio”. In the game players will see hundreds of lanterns, don’t let simple lantern fool you, it is just seeming easy to jump on them.

Who is this man under that mask? What he is doing there? Is he looking for something? Many questions, but only one way to find an answers. Don’t blindly follow lanterns, try to find hidden rooms, and if you succeed, you will learn more about man under the mask.

Shio DLC

Shio Original Soundtrack contains 16 tracks

Bit rate: 320 kbps
Format: MP3
Title: Shio - Original Soundtrack
Composer: Lanx@Elecrystal Music
Year of issue: 2017


01. The Beginning
02. Fiery Sunset
03. Who Is She
04. Dawn
05. The Silence
06. Chase
07. Mist
08. Collapse
09. Night Rain
10. Lantern Parade
11. Reminiscing
12. Lonely
13. The Path I
14. The Path II
15. The Path III
16. Lullaby

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  Action, Indie
Shio - Original Soundtrack
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