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This bundle from Propeller features questions about our history and existence; experience two visual novels, Tokyo Babel and The Shadows of Pygmalion!

- Tokyo Babel -

The gates of Heaven are closed shut; the realm of Hell consumed by flood. And in their wake, countless parallel worlds wither away, one after the other.
The surviving angels and demons gather at the city they believe to be their final chance at salvation: the floating purgatory of "Tokyo Babel".

Joined by humans, they embark on a pilgrimage across the seven layers of Babel, hoping to ascend Jacob's Ladder in an effort to re-open the gates of Heaven.

- The Shadows of Pygmalion -

For as long as anyone knows, beings called “Puppets” have operated in service of a force unknown, quietly manipulating the course of history.

One day, Hajiro Mina has a chance encounter with one of these Puppets, ultimately changing her life forever.

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Tokyo Babel
The Shadows of Pygmalion
  Action, Casual
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