The Enhanced Cave Experience

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About this bundle

Enjoy the enhanced experience while exploring the cave with additional content and cosmetic items.

This bundle includes the following Downloadable Content:

The Darkest Cave

This DLC contains the following content and cosmetic items:

  • The Darkest Cave Campaign - 20 exclusive levels
  • The Enlightener Skin
  • New playing mode - Dark Mode - Play the official Chapters in this no-light environment
  • Dark Mode in Level Editor - Make your own dark levels and share them to the Workshop

Cosmetic Expansion Pack

This DLC contains the following cosmetic items:

  • Eternal Jack
  • Soldier
  • Zombie
  • Doctor
  • Beggar
  • Builder
  • Airport Worker

Items included in this bundle

Deep the Game - The Darkest Cave
  Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
Deep the Game - Cosmetics Expansion Pack
  Action, Adventure, Indie
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