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Careful positioning, clever ability usage, brilliant anticipation of your adversaries... nothing's so satisfying as that magic moment when it all comes together (and annihilates your enemies)!

This bundle brings together four of the best turn-based tactical games on Steam. All of these games offer fun, challenging combat that rewards cleverness over quickness. Each is made by indies with a deep passion for the genre. Each has something unique to offer. And now all of them are available to you in this sweet, critical hit of a deal.

Four great indies, one great deal!

Heart & humor: Chroma Squad
An international sensation itself, Chroma Squad is a love letter to Power Rangers and the shows that inspired it. In this wonderfully meta game, you manage a studio creating its own Power-Rangers-inspired TV show. Craft your gear, level up your skills, use not only powerful hero abilities but teamwork maneuvers. Anyone who enjoys tactical RPGs will have fun with this game, and if you grew up with the Power Rangers you'll love it even more.

Intense sci-fi squad tactics: Templar Battleforce
Powerful Templar Leviathan mechs await you in this strategic combat RPG from the Trese Brothers. Like all their games, you'll get lots of replayability from the depth of options (including difficulty!) available to you. Create your own unique Battleforce by recruiting an array of Templar specialists to build your fireteams from. Choosing the right squad members for the job is essential for survival as you slash and blast your way across a deep and deadly sci-fi universe.

Might, magic, and massive battles: Warbanners
This meticulously crafted fantasy world is ready for battle. Are you ready to lead an army? Gain unique advantages by recruiting off-the-battlefield assistants, manipulate the environment itself (freeze rivers, burn trees, build barricades...) to open up new options, and manage your mercenaries to earn a place among the ancient legends.

Easy to learn, incredibly fun to master: Golden Krone Hotel
With multiple accolades for combining the best of classic roguelikes with innovative, streamlined gameplay, Golden Krone Hotel is a challenging gothic horror game for those who prefer monstrous enemies, not monstrous interfaces. This game provides an incredible amount of tactical challenge from the way it mixes just a few clever mechanics.

Add these to your arsenal today!

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Templar Battleforce
  Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Chroma Squad
  Indie, RPG, Strategy
Golden Krone Hotel
  Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
  Indie, RPG, Strategy
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