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Falling Blocks Bundle kaufen

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A bundle containing all the published titles by Indigo Arts with falling blocks!

- On Cut Smash Wrap you have to destroy blocks using the combinations of the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors game! Smash scissors blocks using rock blocks, cut paper with scissor and wrap the rocks! Match 3 or 5 blocks to multiply your score!

- Soliterix is a twist on the classic solitaire game. A mix with the falling blocks where you need to place the blocks representing the cards following the sequence from A to K. Use the Joker to fix mistakes.

Get the titles with an awesome discount! :)

In diesem Bündel enthaltene Artikel

Cut Smash Wrap
  Gelegenheitsspiele, Indie, Strategie
  Gelegenheitsspiele, Indie, Strategie
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Falling Blocks Bundle kaufen