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The Paper Dolls series is a creation of the Chinese-based indie game developer Beijing Litchi Game

Paper Dolls series is a first-person horror adventure game steeped in Eastern culture.

In Paper Dolls 1, the depressed protagonist Yang Mingyuan had a traffic accident where he got separated from his daughter.
When he woke up, he found himself by a deserted old mansion from the late Qing dynasty. In his haze he saw her, and followed after. While searching for her, and trying to escape, he uncovered one terrible truth after another: This mansion deep within the gloomy forest held many a mystery.
What lies behind the dark aura emanating from the late Qing dynasty manor?
What really happened to the once-famous family within?
What was it that killed the inhabitants? And how is all this connected to Yang Mingyuan?
Where is his daughter? You will uncover many of these mysteries in Paper Dolls 2! However…is what you discover really the truth? Let us together with Yang, go back 100 years in time and venture into the mansion's depths.

Paper Dolls 2: Escape—A Free DLC

You can play the new game modes WITHOUT first completing Paper Dolls 2's main story.

This DLC contains the two following game modes:

Boss Frenzy


  • New Game Modes
    Sprint to no end without having to pause, and make sure to explode each wine jar at the opportune moment to blow up as many paper dolls as possible.
  • Boss Frenzy
    Face the three big bosses at once and defeat them in one fell swoop.
  • Score
    A new scoring system that grades you in both wisdom and courage.
  • Difficulties
    Choose between Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

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Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人
  Action, Adventure, Indie
Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰
  Action, Adventure, Indie
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