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Space Crew is the brand new sequel to acclaimed strategic survival simulation game Bomber Crew.

Your Space Crew Needs You! Enlist today and blast off to new heights!

The United Defense Force will allow you to set across the galaxy on a campaign to defend Earth.

It will be your responsibility to help stop all of humankind being wiped off the intergalactic stage by the mysterious extraterrestrial threat known as the Phasmids.

The U.D.F. is doing their part, are you?

Join the Space Crew today!

Strategic Space Survival Simulation:

Ship-to-ship combat is strategic and deadly; manage your resources and crew abilities to stop ship invasions, repair systems, tackle fires and take evasive action.

Recruit YOUR Space Crew:

From captain to comms officer, weapons officer, engineer and more - you will create your own unique crew with customisable equipment, loadouts, appearances and names.

Fastest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy:

Personalisation doesn't end at your crew, customise your spaceship from weapons, armour, engines, escape pods, liveries, and more to make your ship your very own.

Close Encounters of the Space Kind:

Precarious asteroid fields, harmful radiation, the freezing vacuum of space and black holes all pose a danger to even the most experienced space crew.

Guardians of the Earth:

Travel throughout the Galaxy and defeat the threat to humankind through a range of single player missions from reconnaissance to bounty hunts, reclamation and more.

Space Crew: Legendary Edition Official Soundtrack. Now also includes high quality WAV files!

Artist Name / Track
Petros Sklias: Tracks 1 ~ 37, 52 ~ 58
Matt Brien: Tracks 38 ~ 51

1 Phasmidia Cometh
2 Exploring The Cosmos
3 Space Crew (UDF Main Theme)
4 Threatening Pulsar
5 Marauders Of The Uncharted
6 Nebula Born Pressure
7 Waning Moon
8 Hewpen Garratt
9 Looming Nebula
10 Celestial Glimmer
11 Alien Observer
12 Vorb Kibb
13 Star Born Lament
14 Galaxy Threatened
15 Laser Pressure
16 Valadu Appakutt
17 Cosmic Stability
18 Frantic Droids
19 Kashaya Poross
20 Reactor Eclipse
21 United Defense Rookies
22 Waxing Moon
23 Star Fight
24 Deep Space Stress
25 Heaven Breaker
26 Xenomorphic Conjunction
27 Anga Hake
28 Constellation Of The Unknown
29 Nebula Marauder
30 Quoy'dee Tuxum
31 Meteor Shower
32 Star Rise
33 Fat'allan Owa
34 Unwanted Visitors
35 Karr Slabb
36 Rage Of Phasmidia
37 Peace In The Cosmos
38 Zergliks Delights' Matt Brien - Clarky Cat Bass Solo 65
39 Unicarn - Medobo
40 Treatash - Some Kind Of Titan
41 The Grey Johnson Band- Voidfarer's Blues
42 Srixonite - Golden Spires
43 Scilly - A Bouncer Walks
44 Q'yrt E'rrt - L'om (Hidden Rhythm)
45 Noctu - Thalassa Beach
46 Lamentones - The Drifter
47 Lamentones - Ocean Planet
48 Jomi - Pi Understated
49 Ceallerain - Formossaniaitaiakuragh (Drunken Blues)
50 Big Kaminksi - The Jovian Hawk
51 Atena Morconi - The Duelist's Voyage
52 Bonus Track - Athena's Vigil
53 Bonus Track - Defender's Resolve
54 Bonus Track - Defender's Triumph
55 Bonus Track - Funerary Touch Down
56 Bonus Track - Landing Bad
57 Bonus Track - Landing Good
58 Bonus Track - Landing Neutral

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