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Immerse yourself in the world of Brigador with the Complete OST & Audiobook Collection, packed with story and music.


Go beyond the deep lore of the game and enjoy the grim war story of the Brigador audiobook, written by Brad Buckmaster and read by Ryan Cooper.

Private Ranulph Kinny hates military life. He swears his Mongoose—an eight foot-tall powered armor suit—is trying to kill him. Even his sergeant is acting paranoid, invoking the Saints and keeping the whole platoon battle-ready, just in case.

Everything changes when a mysterious broadcast blankets the city and triggers an all-out civil war. Now, Kinny and his power-suited platoon fight for survival as their city crumbles around them.


This bundle also contains the original two-volume game soundtrack by Makeup And Vanity Set, plus the Uplink and Up-Armored EPs, for a total of over 3 hours of music. The Up-Armored EP features memorable scenes from the audiobook punctuating a whole roster of synthwave artists joining together to imagine Solo Nobre.

Brigador E-book is available here.


Makeup and Vanity Set - Brigador OST Vol I:
1.) Solo Nobre Must Fall (Theme from Brigador)
2.) There is No Law Here
3.) No Way Out
4.) March
5.) A New Age
6.) Rise
7.) Great Leader Has Fallen
8.) It’s Our Rules Now
9.) Stealth
10.) Fatal Flaw
11.) Nexus
12.) Continue

Makeup and Vanity Set - Brigador OST Vol II:
1.) Into The Wasteland
2.) Brotherhood
3.) The Rules Have Changed
4.) At the Edge of Solo Nobre
5.) They Roam in Packs
6.) Mourning Rite
7.) The Dawn of a New Age
8.) Into Hell
9.) Descent
10.) System One
11.) The Tower
12.) A Fallen World

Makeup and Vanity Set - Uplink EP:
1.) Brigador Theme
2.) Remote Interference
3.) Edwina
4.) Unison
5.) Solo Uplink
6.) Into the Fields of War
7.) Horizons
8.) Brigador Theme (Moog Version)

Various Artists - Up-Armored EP:
1.) Makeup and Vanity Set - Hold the Line
2.) Dallas Campbell - One Last Contract
3.) Troxum - Vorobey March
4.) The Alphabet Zero - You Will Not Survive
5.) Auxcide - Wisp
6.) Makeup and Vanity Set - Database
7.) Gavin Singleton - From the Ashes of Yesterday
8.) Pilotpriest - Don't Forget to Breathe
9.) Makeup and Vanity Set - A Clearing

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Brigador - Uplink EP
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Brigador - Audiobook
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