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Rep your support for NS2 Development with the purchase of the B.M.A.C. Supporter Packs! Purchase of this pack will get you the most unique cosmetic to date with two entirely new player models for marines players to choose from. Find out more about the B.M.A.C. model variants below.

The Bipedal-Mobile-Automated-Custodian by ALTERRA is here to fill all your janitorial needs! Grimy mining facility? Post-Kharaa cleanup needed? Can't find any humans that will take the job? Look no further! The B.M.A.C. is at your disposal! Literally!

The Bipedal-Mobile-Automated-Countermeasure is a revolutionary new variant of the B.M.A.C. line by APEX Industries, focusing on your security and piece of mind. Pesky skulks or puppy-dog eyed gorges, the B.M.A.C. will indiscriminately neutralize ANY security threat to your facility! You can rest easy, he'll always be watching over you! ...always.

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Natural Selection 2 - B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack
  Action, Indie, Strategy
Natural Selection 2 - B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack Plus
  Action, Indie, Strategy
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Buy B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack Plus BUNDLE (?)