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Support the on-going development of Galactic Civilizations IV while also getting a great deal on the upcoming expansions and DLC. The Galactic Civilizations IV Expansion Pass includes the following content:

Galactic Civilizations IV: Soundtrack (Released)

Enjoy hours of brand-new, high-fidelity music that is designed to bring you into the deep lore of Galactic Civilizations.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Tales of Centauron (Released)

Dive into the 24th-century Centauron sector, a melting pot of galactic powers like the Drengin Empire and the Altarians. This DLC enriches Galactic Civilizations IV with unique technologies, planetary improvements, and starship components. Experience dozens of new lore-driven events that bring the galaxy's story to life. These features also extend to custom civilizations sharing traits with canon species, offering a more personalized and immersive gameplay. "Tales of Centauron" promises an expanded, dynamic universe, deepening your strategy and narrative experience in the Galactic Civilizations saga.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Warlords (Released)

The Warlords expansion revolutionizes combat in Galactic Civilizations IV, offering players the ability to craft their own military doctrines. These doctrines dictate ship behavior in combat, enabling you to design new ship classes and establish a strategic order of battle, enhancing control over engagements without micromanaging each fight.

Warlords introduces War Aims, a feature allowing you to define specific victory conditions and engage in wars with limited objectives. Whether it's demolishing starbases or capturing planets, the War Planning interface lets you set precise conquest goals. Your war's popularity and support hinge on its justification, adding a layer of strategic public opinion to your military campaigns.

Additionally, Warlords significantly upgrades the combat system, allowing for more intricate ship designs and detailed after-action reports. This paves the way for an intense arms race, where every decision and design can tip the balance of power. Prepare for a deeper, more strategic warfare experience in the Galactic Civilizations universe.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Species Pack (Release Q2 2024)

Expanding on the vast universe of Galactic Civilizations IV, the Species Pack takes players beyond the Centauron sector to explore the entire Milky Way galaxy. This expansion is enabled through the discovery of Subspace Streams, which connect diverse sectors of the galaxy.

This pack introduces over a dozen new species, each offering unique attributes, technologies, and world-building features. These species enrich the game with a variety of new gameplay experiences and strategic opportunities.

A standout feature of the Species Pack is its integration with AlienGPT. This innovative tool allows players to automatically generate a custom species based on their descriptions. This seamless integration ensures a more personalized and immersive gameplay experience, as your very own creations come to life in the Galactic Civilizations universe.

Prepare to encounter new civilizations, engage with unique cultures, and embark on fresh adventures in this expansive addition to Galactic Civilizations IV.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Megastructures (Release Q3 2024)

Elevate your civilization to a new realm of possibility with the Megastructures expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV. This expansion allows your civilization to advance to a Type II status, harnessing the power of stars to construct awe-inspiring megastructures on an unimaginable scale.

In this expansion, stars transform into a critical strategic resource. Utilize their immense energy to build a variety of megastructures, from energy-harvesting Dyson Spheres to expansive Interstellar Gateways, each offering unique benefits and advancing your civilization's capabilities in space.

Moreover, the Megastructures expansion introduces a layer of strategic depth by differentiating star types. Each type of star, from the fiery Red Giant to the dense White Dwarf, supports distinct improvements and offers specific strategic advantages. This adds a new dimension to your galactic expansion and resource management, as you must consider the unique potential of each star system you encounter.

The Megastructures expansion invites players to think bigger and bolder, redefining the scale and scope of their galactic endeavors in Galactic Civilizations IV.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Tales of the Arnor (Release Q4 2024)

Discover the ancient secrets of the galaxy in "Tales of the Arnor," the latest expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV. This expansion delves into the lore of the Mithrilar, the original guardians of the universe, and their creation, the Arnor – a Precursor civilization that journeyed to the Milky Way during its nascent stages. Players encounter relics of the Arnor scattered across the galaxy, uncovering the history of the fabled Precursor Wars and the enigmatic Dread Lords.

"Tales of the Arnor" enriches the Galactic Civilizations universe with a plethora of new elements: unique artifacts, engaging events, innovative components, mission-driven gameplay, and story-rich content. This expansion not only adds depth to the game's narrative but also enhances the player's experience with fresh building blocks for each civilization's journey.

Every playthrough becomes a unique tale, weaving the story of your civilization in a universe that's never the same twice. Immerse yourself in the ancient mysteries and forge your path in the epic saga of Galactic Civilizations IV.

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Galactic Civilizations IV Soundtrack
Galactic Civilizations IV - Tales of Centauron
  Simulation, Strategy
Galactic Civilizations IV - Warlords
  Simulation, Strategy
Galactic Civilizations IV - Species Pack
  Simulation, Strategy
Galactic Civilizations IV - Megastructures
  Simulation, Strategy
Galactic Civilizations IV - Tales of the Arnor
  Simulation, Strategy
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