Product Update - Valve
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Sells 1 Million Copies

An incredible milestone has been reached, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has sold over 1.2 million copies in just 9 months! To celebrate this milestone, Torn Banner studios has added character customization to Chivalry by way of a new update.

All info including patch notes are here:

Thank you everyone for your support and see you on the Battlefield!

Product Update - Valve
The Pit: MindGames 1.1.5 - 1.1.6

- Partial Big Picture compatibility! (screen text still refers to keyboard).
- Added controller support (Xbox 360 clones).
- Added border support for TVs (in options).

- Can no longer use Duplication ability on Bio-Mods.
- Increased max-health regeneration amount while resting.
- Hologram for Glamour/Image Inducer no longer gets stuck on after reloading.
- Can no longer remove items from Starting Rooms (purple rooms) lockers unless starting there.
- Various AI tweaks.

Other Changes
- Psion and Ranger now available in Easy by default.
- Added slider to XP donater in Starting Rooms.
- Donated XP now worth more.
- All skills when beginning in Starting Rooms only cost 1 point to increase, but have a maximum cap.
- New monsters!
- New weapons!
- New recipes!

Default Controller Scheme


LStick: - Move / windows Select (eg highlighting Lockpick Kit when interacting with Door)
A: - Interact / windows Select confirm (eg confirming use of Lockpick Kit)
LStick: - Next Tab/Panel/Section in UI (eg moving active area from inventory to cooker when in Crafting UI)
RTrigger: - Attack
RStick: - Target
X: - Reload
Y: - Pickup item
B: - Cancel / Menu


LTrigger: - Modifier (see "Modified:" below)

Guide: - Open Steam Community interface

RShoulder: - Modified: Next weapon
RStick: - Pressed: Skip Turn
- Pressed, Modified: Rest
LStick: - Modified: Facing (turn in place)
- Pressed: Zoom Out
- Pressed, Modified: Zoom In
Y: - Modified: Pickup multiple items
DPad: - Weapon Shortcut 1,2,3,4 (clockwise from top)
- Modified: Psionic Shortcut 5,6,7,8 (clockwise from top)

Start: - Open SotsDex
X: - Delete messages in SotsDex => Messages

Back: - Open Psionics

Character Stats
LShoulder: - Open Stats

RShoulder: - Open Inventory
LStick: - Modified: Move inventory item

To view map, press B (exit/cancel) and select Map from menu.

To select inventory filters, hold down LeftTrigger (modifier) and press LeftShoulder/RightShoulder (prev/next page)
Other examples include:
shortcuts when inventory is open
shortcuts when psionics are open
save/reload/reset for key bindings page


Fixed Bugs
- No longer able to view controlled characters inventory if player's inventory was open
when control switched.
- Dragging a BioMod from Tesseract Well onto a weapon/armor now consumes
the BioMod.
- Glamour would occasionally not turn off. Fixed. (no, really. fixed)
- Various sound fixes.

- Updated tutorial and Game HUD text for controllers. Big Picture Compliant!

- Added resolution settings so players can specify fullscreen resolution other than
their current desktop resolution. NOTE: These resolution settings are only for
fullscreen. In windowed mode, the user can resize the window as before.

Aug 6, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• A couple instances in the behavior tree where a gnome tried to do work on a job with a wheelbarrow after it had been canceled, resulting in a crash
• Crash on load with the personal quarters
• Gnomes stocking items into a wheelbarrow that was in a stockpile
• Wheelbarrows not becoming unclaimed if the job was canceled before a gnome picked it up
• Resource piles (dirt, raw stone, etc) and corpses displaying as the wrong item while held
• Wheelbarrows and troughs not being listed in stockpile options or when viewing all items
Product Update - Valve
Kill3rCombo has just revealed the next in a line of transformation Evolution classes, the Night Watcher. As Elsword’s first female swordsman, she wields her legendary blade with grace and poise. No longer just an elite Trapping Ranger, Rena has evolved to become a leader in battle. With a lighter magical sword, she is able to execute faster melee attacks than ever before. By combining her swordsmanship with her trapping and archery skills, she is a truly terrifying figure on the battlefield.

The Night Watcher’s story begins with a mission for the elite elven force, the Night Savers. This group, which focuses on assassination and intrigue, had recently recruited Rena as a Trapping Ranger. While investigating a kidnapping in Altera, Rena found herself locked in combat with the ruthless and gargantuan King Nasod. Though Rena’s blade was shattered in the fight, she managed to defeat the evil King. After the battle, her blade was reforged not as an assassin’s dagger, but as a long and powerful sword. With Rena’s new strength, she emerged as a great leader and the stalwart guardian of Elrios.

To keep up to date with everything going on in Elsword daily, visit and keep watching the official Facebook page here.

Product Update - Valve
Note: In order to address an issue with graphics settings not saving correctly, saved options had to be reset to defaults. Please use the Options menu to select your desired settings.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Season Pass Early Bird rewards to fail to be granted to the player if the player started a new game. Also fixes the pop-up for players who own the Early Bird rewards that load a previous save file.

  • Fixed an issue preventing graphics settings from saving correctly after game restart. This fix will reset users’ graphics settings.

Product Update - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Fixed loading screen showing placeholder text when playing mutations.
- Fixed a bug that always allowed Special Infected to spawn when a mutation was active.
- Fixed an out-of-range volume setting for one of Nick's lines.
- Fixed missing Russian audio in The Passing
- Fixed missing localized audio in No Mercy
- Improved stability when using hybrid graphics on Bumblebee

EMS Scripting:
- "ClearedWandererRespawnChance", percent chance (0-100) that cleared nav areas will get re-populated with wanderers.
- "Convars.GetClientConvarValue( cvar name, entindex )"
- "Convars.SetValue( cvar name, value )". Only server cvars can be set from script.
- player.IsDying()
- player.IsOnFire()
- player.Extinguish()
- Support for mode-specific population scripts, of the format "population_". New population names will be merged with the base script, matching population names will override the base script.
Product Update - Valve
Game & Code
• Added Wrecker prevention. This is mainly for upcoming features but also works in Track Test. Player car will be ghosted when it resets, when it drives the wrong way and similar scenarios.
• Renamed our executables to RRRE to help with issues some 3rd party programs were having. Unfortunately, your 3rd party program might also need an update to support the change.
• Fixed an issue with downloading own ghosts if local ghost file has been deleted.
• Fixed ghost trying to download and fail when starting a competition you already have an entry in.
• Fixed Expert Apex hunt completion screen skipping without any key press.
• Improved the logging functionality to provide us more information on certain errors (e.g. error code 2).
• Fixed smoke render making the car edges look pixelated on some systems.
• Fixed a DirectX particle related issue that could cause a crash on some systems.
• Fixed an issue where maintenance mode messaging wasn't handled graciously if the player was in the game when the maintenance mode was activated.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a track after leaving another track.
• Fixed fast motion blur appearing corrupt on some occasion.
• Fixed complex motion blur not working in cockpit mode.
• Updated default controller profile for Thrustmaster F430 FFB. FFB Rumble and speed sensitive steering set to 0.
• Fixed a distance issue with tire mark generation.
• Alpina is now called BMW Alpina.
• Updated copyright info on executable details.
• Fixed an issue with sound manager in code that could cause a rare crash.
• Fixed some hud strings appearing unlocalized in replay.
• Fixed an issue when using an assigned clutch button, the values for clutch sensitivity and steering sensitivity would become synchronous.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video settings on some systems.
• Improved overall environment shadows.
• Shadow split is now ON by default in medium preset in video settings.
• Fixed confirm button string in Spanish on buy popups.
• Optimized loading times.
• Fixed an issue with first replay file not getting a number and ending up showing in wrong order.
• Fixed a memory leak after game initialization.
• Prepared the build for future content releases.

• Implemented discount functionality.
• Fixed an issue where some users were getting “Server connection timeout” issues for a long time.
• Fixed an issue where position bar wasn't getting filled with other entries, when doing a class based LBC in novice mode.
• Fixed an issue where top banners in store page were sometimes not appearing correctly.
• Fixed an issue where player LB entry was not centered in the table.
• Fixed jump to my position not functioning correctly.
• Fixed an inconsistency between the LB position number in in-game position bar and LB entry in the LB table.
• Fixed gPos showing the same position as the filtered position when filtering a LB.
• Fixed an issue where you could get multiple entries of a car in a LB.
• Fixed an issue where LB entries of friends weren't showing in the bar above the LB table.
• Added a friendlier internal server error page.
• Added a user friendly page for users getting currency mismatch error.
• Added a user friendly error message for transaction failures.
• Fixed an issue where some users were having currency mismatch issues when trying to purchase VRP's.
• Added Discounted items page to the store. (Won't be visible until there are discounts)
• Added purchased items store page
• Added recent content store page and set it as main page in the store
• Added most popular content store page
• Added ability to see individual liveries in large screenshots when magnifying.
• Fixed functions like search and login not working on websites set as widget in dashboard.
• Added VRP currency change option.

• Tweaked Raceroom Hillclimb shadows
• Fixed minor issues on lamp posts, fixed structures and some trees not casting shadows in Monza.
• Adjusted/tweaked the particles for all cars for better ambient lighting.
• Improved collision shape for all cars.
Aug 2, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Update Notes - July 31st

-The adorable Slurper is a glowing cave-dweller who is hungry for your hunger.
-A new mechanical minion, the Clockwork Castle, has been seen stomping around Maxwell’s parts of the world.

-Yellow and Orange gems can now be found while spelunking underground.
-Star Caller’s staff (yellow gem) - Summon your very own tiny star for light and warmth!
-The Lazy Forager’s amulet (orange gem) - Because bending over to pick things up is so beneath you!
-Telelocator Focus - Use this construction to control the wild energies of your Telelocator Staff.

-Control customization! Change your control settings from the main menu.
-The research system has been shuffled around to separate Magic and Science; build the new Prestihatitator to access the Magic side of research.
-Splumonkeys will now pick up (and wear!) hats. Who doesn't love a monkey in a hat?

Product Update - Valve
New Features, Improvements
- SMG: Aimed Shot now uses 4 bullets, down from 6.
- SMG: Spray and Pray now uses 6 bullets, down from 8.
- SMG: the Beretta, Uzi, Colt, and HK are slightly more accurate.
- Shotgun: Kneecap now has a HP DMG penalty of -6, up from -3. It now has a -5% accuracy penalty, and a cooldown of 3.
- Shotgun: All shotguns have had their accuracy falloff increased slightly, lowering hit chance at long ranges.
- Rifle: Full Auto's accuracy penalty was not being applied properly at high skill levels. It should now always be 15% lower than a single shot's percentage to hit.
- Rifle: Smartlinked rifles were less accurate at very long ranges instead of more accurate. This has been resolved.
- Rifle: The FN HAR and HK G12 were very similar in every aspect except price. The FN HAR is now more accurate and holds more ammunition than the HK G12.
- Rifle: Ammo capacity of the HK G12, Colt M23, and Ares Alpha have been reduced to 32, 34, and 38 respectively.
- Rifle: The Colt M23's damage is now 15, down from 16. The Ares Alpha's damage is now 16, down from 18.
- Grenades: Reduced store prices of all grenades.
- Grenades: HE Phosphorus grenades were not showing up in the store. They should now be purchasable along with the other Tier 3 weapons.
- Cyberware purchase screen is now more user friendly.
- Vendors will now sell more things in various places throughout DMS campaign (such as more med-kits).
- Visual improvements to the summoning grid.
- General UI Improvements.
- Added additional debugging for finding walkable tiles in debug mode.
- Added messaging to alert user when last auto-save occurred.
- Black IC is now less lethal.
- Added an explanation of how Leylines work in the world of SR:R.
- Added a definition of SIN in glossary.

Bug Fixes
- Player can no longer sell a currently equipped outfit.
- Swapping outfits will now correctly give the correct enhancements.
- Player can now equip an outfit if they do not currently have one equipped.
- Drones will now retain their Rigging bonus between levels.
- Wired reflexes no longer dodge friendly effects.
- Spirit death from overwatch no longer causes occasional hardlock
- Reduced load times when loading new assets after version update.
- First time OSX play will start in windowed mode to work around a crash issue for some users.
- Move marker will now be visible over walls.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning characters one-by-one out of the scene and into the next.
- Fixed issue with equip screen item filtering.
- Fixed issue with installing upgraded cyberware on individual locations of a pair.
- Fixed issue with hiring screen adding incorrect selected runner.
- Fixed a slew of typos.
- Fixed cases in conversation where attribute or skill checks were applied incorrectly.
- Fixed character preview not showing 3D Character in some cases.
- Fixed bug where user could enter missions that require a decker without having any runners with a Cyberdeck.
- Fixed various issues with hiring Coyote.
- Work around some Steam Workshop upload timeout issues
- Editor: Changes to scene or story variables will refresh that variable in the scratchpad.

Known Issues
- We are investigating reports that some users are encountering problems downloading subscribed stories from Steam Workshop.

Product Update - Valve
VOX POPULI, the first free DLC from Wargame AirLand Battle, has been developed specifically to respond to the demands of the community… and has just landed with a whole arsenal of new features!

“CONQUEST” mode makes a great comeback in Multiplayer mode and against the AI, offering a range of new objectives to commanders all over the world. Unlike DESTRUCTION mode, victory in CONQUEST doesn’t depend on the destruction of the enemy forces, but on your ability to capture and hold more territory than your opponent. All the existing maps in Multiplayer are of course playable in this mode.

In addition to this new game mode, CAMPAIGN, already playable in Versus mode, is now available in CO-OPERATIVE mode and allows you to join forces with a friend to play any campaign against the AI.

In Skirmish mode you can now select the type and nationality of the equipment of any AI opponent. Last but not least, we have introduced 24 new units and 5 new maps (playable in Destruction and Conquest modes) for even more frenzied multiplayer contests!
  • Play the brand new CONQUEST mode
  • CAMPAIGN mode playable as a Co-op game
  • 5 new Multiplayer maps
  • 24 new units (12 per faction): 6 aircraft, 7 infantry units, 9 vehicles/tanks, 2 helicopters
  • Select the type and nationality of the equipment of any AI opponent in Skirmish mode