Product Update - Valve

Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games are happy to announce the availability of Beta 2b (0.80) for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today.  Now available via the Steam client for all pre-order customers, this update contains a number of bug fixes, performance optimizations and balance adjustments.

Change Log:

[ Graphics ]

  • Added correct icon for Mine Control ability.

  • Updated some UI textures.

  • Removed name from texture on TEC Corsev battlecruiser.

  • Increased zoom-in distances for all ships/structures.

  • Moved out build emitter point on Advent Titan Factory to prevent mesh clipping.

  • Fixed various mesh point errors on Advent Discord battleship.

[ Gameplay ]

  • Players are now limited to a total of four simultaneous superweapon structures. Based on feedback this amount may be increased, decreased or the weapon effects buffed, etc.

  • Adjusted AI to allow AI players to make better use of their available Fleet Supply. This is one step in a multi-step process that will be continued in the next update.

  • Autocast conditions added to most ultimate abilities; allowing the AI to use them.

  • Replaced Advent refinery drone mesh/texture with trade drone mesh/texture.

  • Updated game Victory/Loss strings.

  • Fixed typo in Advent racial description.

  • Reduced shield regeneration rate on all Envoy cruisers from 2.0 to 1.0.

  • Artifact Planet players (Occupation Victory) will no longer be placed as random militia on maps.

  • Replaced TEC Rebel corvettes at Pirate planet with Pirate Rogues.

  • Fixed bug that allowed temporary or illusion ships to be cloned by abilities or research subjects.

  • Updated Pirate Raid fleet compositions per level. Raids will now have a broader range of ship types and numbers. The max level raid is now particularly brutal, so you won't want to be the target of that!

  • Pirate Mission costs adjusted for new raid levels (based on average summoned fleet supply). Pirate Missions are now substantially more expensive to account for the greater difficulty.

  • Reduced Pirate research upgrade costs for all subjects.

  • Reduced number of research upgrades per raid from 2 to 1.

  • Increased rate of points gain for Diplomatic Victory and decreased the number of points required to win. This should greatly speed up Diplomatic victories and make them a more viable option.

  • Increased roll rate of all Titans from 0.65 to 1.65. 

  • TEC Loyalists:

    • Inspire and Impair (Ankylon Titan ability) updated to include AlliedOrEnemy and NoOwner planet types.

    • AntiFighter Frigate balance adjustment: MaxHP reduced from 900 to 765; MaxShields reduced from 450 to 405; DamagePerBank reduced from 17.25 to 14.6625.

    • Loyalist Corvette balance adjustment:

      • Cost increased from 100/10/5 to 190/20/10.

      • Fleet Supply increased from 2 to 3.

      • XP increased from 4 to 8.

      • Laser damage per bank increased from 30 to 33.

      • AutoCannon damage per bank increased from 15.5 to 20.

      • Missile damage per bank decreased from 25.5 to 25.

  • TEC Rebels:

    • AntiFighter Frigate balance adjustment: MaxHP reduced from 900 to 765; MaxShields reduced from 450 to 405; DamagePerBank reduced from 17.25 to 14.6625.

    • Rebel Corvette balance adjustment:

      • Cost increased from 100/10/5 to 190/20/10.

      • Fleet Supply increased from 2 to 3.

      • XP increased from 4 to 8.

      • Laser damage per bank increased from 30 to 33.

      • AutoCannon damage per bank increased from 15.5 to 20.

      • Missile damage per bank decreased from 25.5 to 25.

    • Pirate Mercenaries balance adjustments:

      • Fleet Supply summoned range changed from 45-60 to 75-100.

      • Weights now favor Pirate Cutthroat, Pirate Corsair, Pirate Rogue, Pirate Reaper, Pirate Pillager.

      • Cost per use changed from 2500/150/500 to 6000 credits.

  • Advent Loyalists:

    • Subjugating Assault (Coronata Titan ability): Increased Cooldown from 2 to 20 seconds; reduced Weapon Damage modifier penalty from 40%/35%/30%/25% to 25%/20%/15%/10%; Antimatter cost per shot reduced from 6/5/4/3 to 5/4/3/2; removed PointDefenseLaser from ability; autocast defaulted to off while we create a better aiUseTime.

    • Unity Mass (Coronata Titan ability) target constraint added to prevent it from being used against invulnerable targets.

    • Assimilated Populace buff increased from 1200 to 5000.

    • Fixed bug with Global Unity that caused players to gain culture at gravity wells they didn't own.

    • Adjusted autocast on Repossession ability (Coronata titan) to cast only during planetary bombardment (when no other threats are present).

    • AntiFighter Frigate balance adjustment: MaxHP reduced from 650 to 552.5; MaxShields reduced from 620 to 558; DamagePerBank reduced from 22.5 to 19.125.

    • Domina Subjugator Perseverance ability no longer needs to face its target.

    • Domina Subjugator Suppression ability no longer needs to face its target.

    • Loyalist Corvette balance adjustment:

      • Cost increased from 100/10/5 to 175/15/15.

      • Fleet Supply increased from 2 to 3.

      • XP increased from 4 to 8.

      • Laser damage per bank increased from 25 to 30.

      • PDL damage per bank increased from 23 to 25.

  • Advent Rebels:

    • AntiFighter Frigate balance adjustment: MaxHP reduced from 650 to 552.5; MaxShields reduced from 620 to 558; DamagePerBank reduced from 22.5 to 19.125.


[ Sound ]

  • Fixed incorrect sound effect for planet bomb muzzle on Advent Loyalist Titan.

[ Misc. ]

  • Optimized speed of quitting a game so there shouldn't be nearly as much of a delay on the Stats screen as before. If people still run into long delays, please zip up your autosave that repros this and send it to us at

  • Optimized a variety of systems that are dependent on getting targets in range. This should resolve one of the biggest causes of slowdowns in large games.

  • Optimized AverageCulturePercFromAllConnections, which was causing major slowdowns, especially in terms of targeting.

  • Optimized pathfinding within the same orbit body for improved performance.

  • Optimized threat detection system for performance.

  • Optimized order system cleanup for performance.

  • Fixed bug with Logitech G-series keyboard display that allowed players to see unexplored planet information.

Product Update - Valve
* Fixed bug where you could walk through the main gate in the City Hub, before Judy is there
* Fixed bug where you could walk through a section of the hedge in the second room of Breakin
* Fixed exploit in safe where you could push and interact at the same time to walk onto the same space as the safe
* Fixed the issue where the wolf's hands would 'pop' sometimes after pushing a box
* Force game to 1024x768 window if not appearing at a recognised resolution (fixes issues with video capture at 720p)
* Updated loading screens to have black background instead of blue, no big deal, but if anyone should happen to see past the background it will be fine
* Fixed fade screen in/out for screens that may not be a true size
* Fixed boss conversations to properly lock off sidebar buttons during the battle
* Added info sign to Restricted Section
* Fixed empty string bug when looking at objects in the first room of the City Hall as the wolf

Product Update - Valve
(Build 154002)
- Support for Mac OSX added. Cross-platform play between Windows and Mac builds is supported.
- Support for multiple keyboards and mouses in split-screen on Windows. (The split screen configuration dialog is much more complex now.)
- Serious Editor can now import and export files (meshes, skeletons and animations) in Autodesk FBX format.
- Updated Chinese translations.
- Update auto-detection script file with nVidia GeForce GTX 680 GPU.
- Fixed muzzle flash in firing animation on blue Biomech.
- Optimisations in occlusion culling system.
- Optimized synchronization in multithreaded rendering.
- Optimized vertex buffer locking on OpenGL.
- Fixed problem with occasional wrong (dark) rendering under OpenGL.
- Fixed memory leaks when re-importing the same mesh over an over in editor.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed bug where you would sometimes constantly reselect yourself when dead.
- Fixed bug that would always cause Brewmaster to appear to be available in SD.
- Fixed bug with Pudge and Aghanim's.
- Fixed Brewmaster not distributing death rewards when dying while split.
Product Update - Valve
• Reduced the amount of stepwise variation in the weapon recoil patterns so they are smoother and easier to learn and control.
• The recoil jump on the xm1014 has been lowered.
• The recoil on the ak47 has been lowered to be more in line with other weapons.
• The ak47 recoil pattern has also been adjusted.
• The cash reward for defusing bomb has been raised to $3500.
• Added multiple T spawn points to Dust2.

• The number of seconds to delay showing the player id when crosshairs are hovered over a player has been increased from 0.1 to 0.5.
• Updated the mini-scoreboard for Arms Race to show the weapon for each player.
• All of the players who are in the lead now show what weapon they are leading with in the mini-scoreboard.
• The “YOU ARE ON TEAM” and old weapon leader messages have been removed.
• Added a weapon progression panel in Demolition mode that shows the full array of weapons and your current progress.
• Scoreboard will now instantly appear when triggered.
• Easier to see who is alive by darkening the dead players.
• Updated weapon icons.
• Updated AUG small icon.
• Updated MAG7 small icon.
• Removed suppressor and extended stock from MP7 outline icon.
• Added extended stock to MP9 outline icon.

• Shoots
- Adjusted fog settings.
- Adjusted light_environment settings.
- Adjusted local contrast settings (turned off blur effect).
- Adjusted bloom scale (turned down effect).
- Raised light levels.
- Adjusted fade distance on bicycle.
- Adjusted fade distance on light/glow.
- Readjusted some wood textures.
- Fixed some mismatched wood textures on steps.
- Added missing faces on wood planks.
- Adjusted fade distance on poster inside hut.
- Adjusted fade distance on rice basket in huts.
- Adjusted texture and position of wood railing model.
- Added player clips to sniper shack to prevent players from getting stuck.

• Dust
- Added some back faces to the geometry where players could see out of the map.
- Fix for an environment light effect that could be seen through a building as well as smoke grenade effect.
- Added a cubemap and updated a floor material for a noticeably dark door.

• Office
- Adjusted position of boxes so player can run past easily.
- Updated the counter prop objects to be prop_physics_multiplayer, and marked as debris.
- Turned off collision on pipes and lamp at Backway stairwell to prevent camping there.
- Adjusted light map resolution just inside the stairwell to help it blend better.
- Removed garbage models that were causing collision issues.
- Added additional light behind CT Spawn so the lighting will look more consistent on the player models.
- Removed half submerged pop cans from desk at entrance stairwell.
- Made all of the monitors and keyboards physics objects.
- Fixed missing trim at the main entrance stairwell ceiling.
- Added player clip brushes to windows at Snipers Nest to make jumping through them easier.
- Set the objects without physics hulls to non solid.
- Adjusted the fade distance on the trash can near the building entrance at the back courtyard, as well as a number of others that were popping into view.
- Adjusting local-contrast settings (made less blurry)
- Tuned tonemap controller values to be more consistent with other levels.

• Inferno
- Fix for players getting out of the map at T spawn.

• Safehouse
- Fix for being able to jump on fence on edge of map.
- Fix for missing faces by bathtub.

• Italy
- Turned down local_contrast setting.

• Aztec
- Updated the helicopter animation.
- Fixed a bug with particles not reliably turning off.

• Bank
- Replaced skybox trees models with simple cards.
- Disabled CSM on foliage and chain-link fence.
- Adjusted fog settings to match more closely to other maps.

• Nuke
- Reduced bloom scale.

• Sugarcane
- Tuned fog and prop fades.
- Deleted a vista props outside of player space.
Product Update - Valve (04-20-2012)

- Added: New background sounds for dialog scenes in campaigns.

- Updated: Land installations already known to opponent sets active radar automatically at start of game.
- Fixed: Rare crash related to group movement.
- Fixed: Bug in visual and IR sensor logic that reduced range.
- Fixed: Aircraft not moving forward when changing elevation.
- Fixed: Unable to redesign detection as Undetermined after it has been marked as Foe due to mission settings.

- Added: 'Battle of Jutland 2030' multiplayer and skirmish scenario.
- Added: TLAM weaponload for Astute submarine.
- Updated: Moved location of subs in '01S06: Peekaboo in the Fjords'.
- Updated: 'C01S03: Show of Force' made easier. Carrier group moved north, added extra P8's on Easy.
- Updated: Increased limitation on IR range.
- Updated: Increased range and resolution on Visual (binoculars added!)
- Updated: Taurus KEPD-350 name updated, model changed, range tweaked.
- Updated: Increased refueling tanks on F-35C and F/A-18 Super Hornet.
- Updated: Increased fuel on KC767 and Midas tanker planes.
- Fixed: Victory condition description in 'C02S10: Rear Guard'.
- Fixed: Helicopters can no longer be refueled in-air.
- Fixed: JAS-39 Gripen "Strike (Maverick)" loadout had wrong weapon.

- Added: Keybinding for toggling what view is maximized (map or 3D). Default key is 'Tab'
- Added: Framework for customizable input bindings. No GUI yet, but can be changed in NWACPrefs.ini
- Updated: Increased time mouse button has to be pressed before it's considered to be a drag command in the satellite map.

- Fixed: Memory leak caused by terrain loading.

Product Update - Valve
[*] Fixed a crash that can occur when acquiring the Megatome.

[*] The mountain miracle controls are now less finicky. You should have less problem completing the miracle irregardless of where you grab or how fast you pull.

[*] Support for international keyboards has been added (i.e. Non-North American keyboard layouts) to Twitter input.

Product Update - Valve
All levels except for Crossroads and Crossroads Redux were switched to a new terrain system (better performance).
Fixed bug when prices of explosives\items\abilities were not updated properly.
Updated level up rewards.
Fixed bug that not all of them were displaying correctly.
UI fixes.
Daily/weekly rewards disabled.
In conquest each kill will decrease enemy's tickets by one.
Updated Tips Of The Day.
More memory usage optimizations.
Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

-Only a few days left for this week’s Leaderboard Challenge. Compete until 11:59 PST on Sunday for your chance to win a free copy of Atom Zombie Smasher on Steam

Bug fixes:
-Fixed the active challenge mode when entering a Black Hole during the New Game + mode
-Fixed the camera offset to the Singularity at high resolution when you enter the game through the launch menu, which was creating a few impossible scenarios
-The Singularity will no longer suck up Radar Arrays that have already been triggered
-Fixed the roll-over animation on the Dark Challenge Mode button

Product Update - Valve
The following changes have been made

- Additional languages now supported. As well as English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, with this update you can now also choose to play Eden in German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Polish! Use the Language tab (right click PixelJunk Eden and select Properties) to make your choice.