Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crash when deleting favorite invoices.
+ Restricted transfer to defense fleet from fleet manager, which could have led to a crash.
+ Fixed the memory leak/crash when displaying range/damage graphs for weapons that don't supply these values.
+ Fixed a crash in simulated combat related to fleets not being removed.
+ Fixed crash caused by colony intel not being removed when colony lost.
+ Fixed crash caused by only allowing a single defense fleet per system (should be defense fleet per system per player).
+ Fixed per-player initial technologies, colonies and savings.
+ Fixed duplicate module icons when exiting the design screen with the module selector present.
+ Fixed crashes related to new treaty news event messages.

Other Fixes:
+ Increased trade ranges for Human, Tarkas, and Liir-Zuul factions (game must be restarted for change to take effect.)
+ Fixed bug where battle riders would stay in construction system.
+ Fixed bug where bore ships where not refreshing node lines.
+ Added "No Module" item to the module selector.
+ Fixed bug where drones were not returning to tender in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed issue where friendly ships were pursuing and firing at each other in combat.
+ Added research tech button to feasibility study dialog.
+ Changed research cube visual and added feasibility state.
+ Removed ability to build alien zuul habitations.
+ Removed alien habitation requirements from science stations.
+ Fixed bug where Alien habitations where showing up for races that werent encountered.
+ Fixed bug where foreign habitations would show up with no foreign player encountered.
+ IOBM's now actively acquire new targets.
+ Hooked up names properly on favorite invoices.

Other Changes:
+ Tool tips added for ship statistic icons, weapon target filter and weapon behavior buttons.
+ Tweaked beam impact effects.
+ Tweaked combat AI behavior.
+ Disabled abandon colony button in New Colony dialog

Product Update - Valve

+ Fixed the bug where alien habitations would not become constructible on discovery of alien races.
+ Fixed initial battle riders not showing up in initial fleets.
+ Fixed a crash related to ship design options.
+ Fixed known issues with weapon/shield interactions.
+ Fixed an issue where control zones were not being updated after combat.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing defensive fleet positions after coming out of combat.
+ Fixed an issue with unresponsive ships in AI controlled combat.
+ Fixed a combat AI crash related to switching objectives.
+ Fixed known cases where required ship design options could be removed.
+ Fixed a post-combat crash caused by accessing information for destroyed ships.
+ Fixed the crash caused by accessing the Battle Manager for an empty star system.
+ Fixed a crash caused by missing module information text.
+ It is no longer possible to scrap enemy ships.
+ Added missing tool freighter, imports and trade goods tool-tips.
+ Added missing treaty accepted and treaty declined text.
+ Hooked up point of interest pings in sensor manager for certain random encounters.

Product Update - Valve

*** This update hasn't been tested extensively on old save games. ***

Critical Fixes:
+ Improved turn times, especially for games with a large number of systems or players.
+ Fixed an issue in combat that was preventing players or AI from issuing waypoints for ships.
+ Fixed a crash the could occur when issuing orders to a ship with no crew.
+ Fixed a crash when entering combat with a beam-equipped planet.
+ Fixed an rare crash when entering combat that could be caused by destroyed turrets.
+ Fixed a combat AI crash related to ship formations.
+ Fixed a potential lock-up at the end of combat.
+ Initial pass at Diplomacy mechanics and interface.
+ Treaty and Declare War options are now available in the diplomacy screen.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed minor issues with the players list in the lobby.
+ Fixed a server browser issue where more players than the max allowable would be displayed for a game.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI not detecting enemy ships.
+ Fixed known issues where AI controlled ships could get stuck navigating around planets.
+ Fixed an issue where AI ships could fly into planets when performing fly-by maneuvers.
+ Combat AI will now attempt to lead targets when in pursuit instead of lagging behind.
+ Fixed minor issues with the Von Neumann Collector AI.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing combat AI from listening to defense objectives.
+ Fixed a minor issue with Protean AI that would cause Proteans to venture too far from their planets in pursuit of targets.
+ Protean AI will now engage multiple targets.
+ Scattered AI task groups will now attempt to regroup when they get too scattered.
+ Civilian ships will now attempt to evade enemies unless they are the only ships left in combat.
+ Randomized AI patrol directions.
+ Fixed intermittent bug where ships in weapon test would not fire after a round of multiplayer combat.
+ Fixed an issue where a ship coming into combat with a dead module or turret would still get benefits of that module or turret.
+ Fixed a number of turret errors (placed inside ship, placed backwards, etc.)
+ Fixed Torpedo and Barrage ship sections to remove possibility of accidental torpedo imapacts when firing.
+ Fixed an issue where destroyed ship sections were coming into combat with modules and weapons.
+ Fixed the issue where unlocked Steam achievements were not being published. The game will post all currently unlocked achievements the first a players starts it after the update.
+ Fixed the issue where the steam overlay was not available in many cases.
+ Ships now drop out of overthrust when they reach their destination.
+ Ships awaiting docking of riders will now slow to 50% speed during the process.
+ Overthrust now prevents the launching of riders, and ships now recall riders before going in to overthrust.
+ Fixed a number of log file spam issues.
+ The System Killer will no longer run into stations.
+ Fixed bug where design name would be different than default if no name was entered.
+ Restricted prototypes to their own build orders.
+ Changed design display style and added delete buttons to items.
+ Made fleet summary button disable on end turn.
+ Added fleet summary dialog.
+ Added skills to initial admirals.
+ Added tooltips to admiral traits in admiral manager.
+ Removed preferred fleet icon from various places where it should not show up.
+ Ship prototypes are now class-specific.
+ Constrained drone turret arcs.
+ Ballistic weapons now only collide with deflectors and graviton shields.
+ Energy weapons now only collide with disruptor and meson shields.
+ Increased costs of technologies by about 20-30% in general.
+ Many minor tweaks to weapons.
+ Various minor weapon and ship section art fixes.
+ A loading screen is thrown up when transitioning back to the main menu.
+ Drone designs no longer get random faction names.
+ Fixed build order removal.
+ Locust menaces are now implemented.
+ Fixed an issue where muzzle node scaling was doing odd things to weapon effects.
+ Fixed an issue where some beams were firing backwards due to negative scaling factors.
+ Fixed an issue where idle animations were not playing in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed an issue where ricochects were no longer occurring.
+ Fixed missing module icona and descriptions.
+ Added module information display classes
+ Fixed bug in battle manager when entering with both your own and enemy colonies in the system
+ Added module information display to build screen
+ Introduced new color scheme for build items.
+ Fixed a bug where players from previous games could show up in the diplomacy screen for subsequent games.

Other Changes:
+ By popular request, a SotS1 Human avatar makes it's return.
+ Added turret viewing filters to the design screen.
+ Rotation of the ship in the design screen is now constrained to a single axis.
+ Added more obvious differentiation between prototyped and non prototyped designs.
+ Added color coding to admiral trait display in admiral manager.
+ Diamond icons now show up for ships at a distance in combat.
+ It is now possible to configure options for ship sections in the design screen.
+ Weapons can now be configured on ships in the design screen by clicking points on the ship model as well as the icon itself.
+ Added tutorial pop-up for Diplomacy screen.
+ It is now possible to scrap ships by clicking the trash can icons.
+ Selected design weapons are now displayed in the build screen.
+ Improved module selection in the design screen.
+ Added new star map: Jax.

Key known issues:
- Default options are not being enforced in the design screen.
- Scrapping ships does not yet yield bonuses.
- AI is not assigning design options correctly.
- When playing in single-player mode with the end turn delay, UI elements do not get locked out between turns.
- The game is not allowing alien habitation modules to be constructed even after encountering other players.

Product Update - Valve

Critical fixes:
- Fixed a crash in multiplayer that could be caused by players creating new provinces.
- Many changes have been made to the combat AI including the introduction of a hierarchical task system. Combat AI can now set up patrol positions, scouts and will engage in new maneuvering behaviors to mix things up.
- Fixed bugs in the combat AI that were preventing it from attacking colonies and ignoring other nearby objectives.
- Game transfer to players joining multiplayer games is no longer excessively throttled. This will make joining multiplayer games much faster in most cases.
- Fixed an issue where the strategic AI was not correctly allocating fleets to missions.
- Fixed an issue where placing a station to construct would immediately subtracts a large sum of savings, most notable with the Hiver Naval Station.
- Patched a very rare crash that could occur when creating a new game.

Other fixes:
- Fixed some station collision geometry issues.
- Fixed some incorrectly identified nodes on station art.
- Fixed materials on Hiver IOBM's.
- Fixed bug where change to end turn button delay would not occur until a new turn.
- Specters no longer pursue drones and other fast battle riders.
- Fixed a UI bug where launching battle riders would not work for all selected units.
- Added missing Auxilliary Fission and Fusion engine section modules.
- Rewrote star map selection code to fix various selection bugs and inconsistencies.
- Fixed tech unlocking in Encycolopedia.
- Fixed errors with right click menu and stopped menu from focusing.
- Removed unintentional sensor range cap on fleet movement.
- Relocation missions will now only be available at systems in which you have a colony.
- Reduced savings cost of Human Polytechnic Institute from 10-million to 1-million.
- Fixed a tech tree issue where Fusion Cannons might not be available when they should.
- Fixed incorrect tech requirement for Heavy Fusion Cannon.
- Fixed bug where planet list was not showing up for surveyed system.
- Fixed an issue where MIRV warheads would slow down dramatically just before contacting the target.
- Fixed an issue where the specters could intermittently stop moving during combat.
- Fixed a visual issue where the energry meter in combat was reporting the wrong value.

Other changes:
- Added new star map: Small Disc.
- Added fleet summary dialog, which can be accessed in the button row at the top of the star map.

Key known issues:
- The ship in the weapons test arena has been known to stop firing after combat engagements in networked play.
- The fleet summary button on the star map is appearing with the same icon as the fleet manager button.

Product Update - Valve
r18051 (r18002c)

Critical fixes:
- Fixed invisible fleets in mission lists.
- Fixed an end-of-combat crash caused by inserting the same combat results into the game twice.
- Fixed invisible Morrigi DLC Grav Boat model.
- Fixed invisible Tarkasian DLC stations.
- Fixed invisible Human DLC stations.
- Disabled purple placeholder effect appearing on all turret muzzles when firing. Existing muzzle effects still display as they did before the last update.
- Fixed an issue where Horde Zuul fleets were unable to perform missions within support range.

Other fixes:
- Fixed a bug where modules were not being counted correctly on stations that players begin the game with.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing foreign and alien habitation modules from being applied to stations.
- Fixed support range display for stations and colonies. Note that fleets will still use their own supply and this will allow them to exceed base station and colony supply ranges represented by the white borders.

Product Update - Valve

Critical fixes:
- fix crash when current formation is removed.
- Fixed a crash when you killed the system killer.
- Fixed random, occasional crash in the encyclopedia code.
- Removed nonsensical option to roll stations, which caused a crash.
- Fixed a crash with proteans.
- Fixed a potential crash issue in the battle manager.
- Added text box filtering for ", ', and ; to prevent known crash issues (e.g. when giving ships a name).
- Fixed circumstances under which canceling a mission might crash game.
- Fixed bug where fleets were getting forced to center of the sun.
- Fixed bug where fleets could be placed inside planets.
- Post combat dialog now shows information on destroyed ships and other useful things.
- Blastmissile technology now researchable.
- Fixed the issue where armor damage patterns were being swapped to different ship sections between combat rounds.

- Fixed drones firing while docked on carrier parent.
- Fixed spacing issue when adding a drone carrier to fleet.
- Adjusted base volley and weapon range deviation (note: shotgun deviation may be a little high).
- Fixed drones attachment points on some carrier sections.
- Fixed so non-tracking torpedos no longer able to damage own ship.
- Combat data will now be sent after determining victory status.
- Added power bonus to modules.
- Added default weapons to module banks.
- Fixed an issue with some music not looping.
- Updated the strat modifier cost when you acquire rapid prototyping.
- Fixed an issue that allowed humans to see and use zuul node lines.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to do missions outside their sensor range.
- Changed the stations to use 'under construction' assets when being built.
- Made the first arrival of colonization missions apply the support factors from its fleet.
- Added fix to ensure that randoms and grand menaces don't spawn if all of them were disabled.
- Fixed missing suulka cannon beams.
- Fixed auto-picked targets by ship/fleet stance (function did not always pick a valid target to pursue, stand off, or retreat from).
- Ships without crew are now removed after Combat, counted as destroyed.
- Fixed inaccurate locations for applied damage patterns.
- Fixed a localized text thing in the empire management screen to accurately represent trade income.
- Added a fix to stop the Von Neumanns from continuously building stuff.
- Fixed beamers not doing damage.
- Added fading to various interface elements.
- Fixed bug where battleriders would show up in battle manager.
- Fixed bug where stations could be built around enemy colonies.
- Fleets without admirals no longer display "Defacto" as their admiral.
- Combat events now show names properly.

Other changes:
- Post-combat popup has been added.
- Added trade view slider display.
- Added in-game game and audio options.
- Added categories for the option screen for all effects.

Key known issues:
- The design screen must be re-entered before new Drone designs can be applied to ships.
- Biomissiles and boarding pods may not appear with ship designs.
- The post-combat dialog does not completely fit information for combats involving more than two players.
- Certain Battle Cruisers and Destroyers can carry riders, but these are not showing up in combat.

Product Update - Valve

*** This update hasn't been tested extensively on old save games. ***

Critical fixes:
- Fixed a bug that prevented income from being generated when doing a feasibility study.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to automatically distribute sliders from a hidden slider.
- Fixed a crash with support missions trying to open a dialog twice in a turn.
- Fixed a crash that would occur if closing the game while it was booting up.
- Fixed a von neumann crash caused by the faction running out of resources for a new collector fleet.
- Fixed an issue with crashing gem/forge world events from trying to apply moral bonus.
- Drones can now be designed and assigned to ships.
- Battle Riders may now be launched and recovered via their weapon icons in combat.
- Combat turn flow was rewritten. All combat queries are now answered at once, and then all combat simulations play out.
- Fixed a bug that stopped biome colonizers from improving terraforming values.

Other fixes:
- Fixed a recent issue where only the default player profile would be used.
- Fixed tech requirements on a few freighter ship sections.
- Removed "freighter" designation from ship sections to which it was incorrectly applied.
- Tarka freighter savings cost has been reduced from 1.5-million to 150,000.
- Leviathan stats have been improved.
- Tweaked turret arcs on a number of ship and station sections.
- Stations whose crew die off stop rotating in combat.
- Patrol battle riders now follow their tenders better.
- Fixed an issue where battle riders were not swarming around stations effectively.
- Fixed feasibility speech cues from using wrong speech library.
- Fixed admiral driven speech to use proper case.
- Fixed researching sound.
- Fixed research completed early sound cue.
- Fixed the battle draw and winning battle speech cues.
- Fixed under-the-hood sliders to automatically reset themselves to zero.
- Fixed an issue with swarmers trying to assign themselves to systems with no planets.
- Fixed an issue with the flock bonus not being used as a percentage.
- Moved the overharvest warning event to the correct location to stop it spamming every time the IO was queried.
- Fixed an issue that caused the gem and forge world events to spam.
- Fixed battle manager bug when entering system with no Naval base.
- Made visual culling much more subtle on star map to avoid labels popping in and out.
- Cleaned up view filter modes, populated list through code instead of through xml.
- Fixed issue in battle manager where station slots where being displayed even if no CP was available.
- Properly hooked up Mission/Engine section name display to riders in rider manager.
- Combat ready animations no longer loop incorrectly on ships.
- Save games should stay significantly smaller now due to the disabling of a debug feature that was storing a detailed history of all previous changes.
- Fixed a visual issue where tracking torpedoes would draw erroneous lines across the screen.
- The trade view filter on the star map now shows different icons for star systems.
- Fixed a bug that caused the admirals to return an incorrect admiral prefix to sound cues.
- Fixed a bug where Liir Naval Stations were displaying Hiver station assets.
- Fixed visual jitter for battle riders returning to tender.
- Fixed an issue where turn events were not displaying for some.
- Fixed various sizing bugs in GUI lists.
- Protean pods will return attacks.
- Fixed incorrect terrain names in Clouds and Ring star maps.

Other changes:
- New entries have been added to the encyclopedia's Galactic Atlas.
- Added new weapons: Blast Storm Missile, Polaris Blast Beam Missile
- Added new Rift star map.
- Added the ability to skip camera transitions with the escape key.
- Added a tutorial help screen for trade.
- Added Zuul freighters.
- Added missing Von Neumann PD weapons.
- Adjusted station visibility distances for combat.
- Added default ship names for command ships, bore ships, and gate ships.
- Implementation of initial, new post combat dialog.
- Added trade Modifier for trade distances.
- Added a table to keep track of trade results to stop clients from not being able to see trade.
- Stopped the ability to trade with someone you are at war with.
- Increased the max planet range for provinces by 1 ly.
- Added a configuration ability for disabling the main menu combat scene. There is no user interface for this diagnostic option, but it can be modified at your own risk in

'%localappdata%\Sword of the Stars II\settings\settings.xml' by adding or modifying the LoadMenuCombat element with a True or False value.
- Added launch effects for planet-to-orbit weapons.
- Added "Reserve Slot" label to reserve rider slots.
- Added events for post combat.
- Added realtime feedback to trade slider adjustment in trade view.
- Added filter to battle rider manager to display only carriers in widget.
- Added color coding to riders in rider manager.
- Added max flock bonus to strat mods and hooked it up to morrigi drive tech.
- Added a function for adding orbits with orbit numbers.

Key known issues:
- There is no post-combat popup.
- Screen transition time still slow for some.
- Game not running in 64-bit for some (running 32-bit works).
- Looking for people unable to connect to GameSpy for MP.

Product Update - Valve
Known Issues
- Drones cannot be designed.

- Many additions to the Defense Manager, which has now been renamed to Battle Manager.
- Fixed a crash with weapons doing half a population damage.
- Fixed a crash with the locust updating its turn.
- Fixed crash in Starmap that could occur when changing between maps in game setup quickly.
- Fixed a crash during saving if using unique extended characters as part of your profile name.
- Fixed a crash associated with the admiral trait True Grit.
- Interaction with COL weapons temporarily disabled while fixing crash in Design Screen.
- Added stance control for ships in formation in combat.
- Re-implemented trade layer.
- Bankruptcy system now in effect.
- Biome-colonizers now active.
- Increased sensor ranges.
- Improved Leviathan class death sequences.

- Fixed a bug where station upkeep was not being deducted from savings.
- Fixed a bug where prototype costs were not being applied to savings.
- Fixed some issues with misnamed event images.
- Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping fleets could in some cases duplicate them.
- The game will now only keep the most recent set of log files. Old copies will be automatically deleted.
- Improvements and a handful of fixes made to the meteor shower random encounter.
- Fixed an issue that allowed trade points to be reused in a trade round.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of planet/system data for the budget.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of data for players with combat assets.
- Fixed an issue where weapons and modules could display with incorrect materials.
- Swapped battlerider reserve and wing/squad slots to make use clearer.
- Added tooltips to rider squad/wing/reserve buttons.
- Added trade view overlay elements to star map drawing, first pass.
- Combat entrance transition now active.
- Added improved visual cues when dropping into and out of accelerated time in combat.
- Fixed a variety of issues with battle rider behavior in combat.
- Fixed incorrect asteroid monitor locations in combat.
- Fixed broken images in the encyclopedia.
- Tweaked stats of engine sections.
- Removed items in the Starmap Lobby will no longer remain selected.
- Fixed an issue where double the number of riders were being loaded into combat.
- Fixed an issue where riders would detonate instead of returning to tender.
- Fixed an issue where mounted riders could prevent ships from rotating.
- Tweaks to many ship sections, stations, weapons and related art.

- New politics section added to encyclopedia.
- Added new star maps: Wave (3) and Big Disc (8)
- Added player details to the server browser.
- Added trade view filter to the star map.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a crash that would occur when transitioning from the Starmap to the Main Menu screen.
- Reduced time it takes to transition from sub-screens to the Starmap.
- Fixed an error with AI ship names.
- System Killer will no longer spawn so close to a planet.
- Camera will no longer focus on the sun when placing a station.
- Colonization dialog will now display appropriate text.
- Autosaving will no longer append "(Autosave)" if it already exists.
- Corrected an issue with trade stations not generating income.
- Random encounter spawn rate will now respect the percentage set by the player.
- PD Lasers will no longer incorrectly target enemy ships.

- Enemy ships within sensor range but not visible will now be represented as a red diamond.
- Missiles will now appear in sensor view.
- Improved System Killer AI.
- Some AI processing speed optimization.

Product Update - Valve
- Added more variety to the default weapon loadouts of starting fleets.
- Issue where sound would cut out (particularly in combat) is now resolved.
- Fixed issue where ships would avoid far too high or too low while in combat.
- Resolved an issue where players could enter combat without a fleet even if a fleet is available.
- Fixed a bug that misrepresented the winner of a combat.