Product Update - Valve
Patch Notes:


Critical fixes:

- Fixed station manager crash when while selecting a station.
- AI versus AI combat routines now internalized and will no longer appear to players.
- AI will now follow command point limits when creating and modifying fleets.
- Added tool tips to descriptions to all sections in the design screen.
- Reimplemented alien habitation modules.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres now spread out amoung targets.
- Spectres now do appropriate damage based on their size.
- Fixed a slowdown due to Spectre collision error.
- Admiral creation within empire now working correctly.

Other fixes and changes:

- Fixed Spectre spawn positions.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres will move from large to small target is the opportunity arises.
- Game will now start in full screen mode at native desktop resolution unless specified in options. (Game can still drop out of full screen if another program window overlaps the game. Use ALT+ENTER to return to full-screen again.)
- Weapons now apply their appropriate damage pattern based on their distance from target.
(All weapons were using their max pattern range, often the weakest of all ranges)
- Turret fixes made to Human and Hiver Leviathans causing them to shoot through selves.
- Firing arc fixes to Heavy Beam modules.
- Heavy turret turn speed changes to be more realistic.
- Adjustments made to Disruptor weapon attacks.
- Fixed various minor bugs to station upgrades.
- Fixed Zuul and Tarka combat music themes not playing.
- Fixed crew death stuck above 0% (was not adding bonus crew when doing crew death calculations)
- Driveless ships in formation, provided they aren't lead ship, will now fall behind and rest of formation will continue at formation speed. If the ship with the destroyed engine is lead, the formation will slow down as designed, in order to protect lead (presumably
command) ship. Player can select ships to abandon lead ship if they wish.
- Fixed planetary spotter ranges (ships can now be spotted by planets when flying past)
- Planet Manger moved to its own dialog box.
- Added a delay to prevent any actions from taking place until everything is ready
- Compressed combat, gui and music sounds for greater efficiency.
- Fixed combat random encounter data being null
- fix incorrect stance facing (ship sometimes did not face target, now they will face target while in their stance)
- Level 5 Science Centers disabled temporarily.


- New badges added to all races
- Additional load screen
- New encyclopedia entries on Admirals.
- New encyclopedia entries on Missions.
- Station Modules entries in the encyclopedia complete.

Known Issues:
- Sound bug remains a priority.
- Close To Attack isn't working properly.
- Players can enter battle without selecting the fleet they want to use
- Some players seeing sorting errors with refracted surfaces (ie glass can be seen through ship as black)
- Fleet isn't picked by default for combat. Player has to select fleet for combat.
- Players reporting crash when attempting to upgrade planet to Gem/Forge world.

Product Update - Valve
Critical fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the game could crash when battle riders, drones, boarding pods, assault shuttles or bio-missiles were launched in combat.
- Fixed an issue where Swarmers could crash the game while launching from the hive.
- Fixed a crash that was occurring when creating new provinces.
- Fixed a crash caused by incorrect retrieval of achievement states.
- Fixed an issue where failure to load an asset could prevent screens from transitioning.
- Fixed multi-player compatibility issues between 32- and 64-bit versions of the game.
- The Continue Game button is now working.
- Tool tips have been added to the combat UI.

Other fixes and changes:
- Fixed an issue where public games were not being correctly published to the GameSpy master server.
- AI is now more aggressive in combat and starts closer to the action. This was done to address some cases where AI versus AI combat simulation was not resolving.
- Fixed known issues where modules were not being displayed on stations.
- Fixed an issue where certain ship designs were not being assigned default sensor ranges.
- Fixed an issue where planetary missiles were not hitting targets.
- Fixed a ship avoidance issue where ships could become immobilized between a station and the planet is orbits.
- Fixed issues where the game was incorrectly assessing whether players should engage in combat.
- Fixed an issue where the game was not correctly determining when players had discovered each other on the star map.
- Fixed issues where starting system distributions on star maps could be needlessly unbalanced.
- Fixed an issue where missiles and mines were not being assigned the correct structure, causing them to be too easy to pick off.
- Fixed the issue where Swarmers were not correctly pursuing moving targets.
- Fixed an issue where Hiver gates were not being deployed while enemy colonies existed in the system.
- Fixed an issue with lists in the GUI that was causing the Admiral Manager to present misleading data.
- Fixed an issue where Battle Cruisers and Battleships were being unlocked without the correct technologies being acquired.
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect large amount of terraforming damage could be applied by weapons in combat.
- Fixed an issue where the Von Neumann constructs could spawn at the center of a star system.
- Fixed an issue where reserve fleets were being included in sensor range checks
- The System Killer's beam range has been increased.
- Added missing icons to Heavy Beam modules.
- Start positions for certain combat encounters have been brought in closer.
- The ship HUD is no longer displayed when planets are selected in combat.
- There have been a handful of fixes to various weapon and ship art files.
- Fixed an issue where "easter eggs" could be spawned in colonized systems.

- Game setup now automatically defaults to the maximum players for the selected map.
- Missile warheads will now upgrade.
- Players are now presented with the option of renaming their initial home world as a new colony.
- The game launcher options dialog now includes a "Prefer 64-bit Process" checkbox. This can be unchecked to override default behavior and run the 32-bit version of the game on 64-bit operating systems.
- Features have been added to the station manager:
* Module descriptions have been added.
* The station module build queue now displays cost.
* A Max button has been added to the module build queue controls.
- Changes have been made to the upgrade paths of stations to prevent certain issues where upgrades might never be possible.
- The station manager now shows up as a window on the star map.
- The planet information window now shows up as a window on the star map.
- The redundant confirmation dialog that displayed when loading games has been removed.
- The Defense Manager tray has been hidden in this update to prevent the possibility of fleets becoming on the system map.
- The Liir Protectorate is now locked until the correct technology is acquired.
- As a stop-gap measure the initial window resolution supplied in the game launcher options has been reduced from 1680x1050 to 1280x960. This may help newcomers to the game in cases where the initial window size is too large for certain desktop and display configurations. Others may adjust this value in the options dialog as needed.

Product Update - Valve
Additions and Improvements:

- A new badge has been added for all factions.
- The game will now start in native 64-bit mode on operating systems that support it.
- Added 15 new entries to the encyclopedia.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

*** This update will break save games due to changes to special encounter implementation. ***

- Fixed a divide by zero crash that could occur when the game tried to trigger a rebellion on a planet with 0 civilian population.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the multi-player lobby.
- Fixed issues where the game would hang on end turn when resolving AI versus AI combat.
- Fixed issues where concurrent combat scheduling could cause game turns to hang.
- Fixed an issue where the game could crash when a player attempted to save between turns.
- Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during combat.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when committing an intercept mission.

- Fixed encyclopedia content appearing in the wrong locations.
- Fixed issues where user interface would be unreadable when starting a game window larger than the desktop resolution.
- Added more tool tips to the game lobby.
- Added more tool tips to the colony information widget.
- Added more tool tips to the build screen.
- Added more tool tips to the certain pop-ups and to the station placement screen.

- Fixed a few outstanding localized text issues, including three descriptions in the tech tree;
Spinal Mounts
Heavy Fission Cannon
Assimilation Plague Cure.
- Re-balanced Police Cutters and some menaces.
- Made improvements to Swarm Hiver, Larva and Queen art.
- Fixed issues where the game window could shrink below the minimum 1024x720 resolution.
- Fixed issue where minimizing the game window could cause it to go full screen instead.
- Fixed an issue where Suul'ka could become available to non-Horde Zuul players via Diplomatic Stations.
- Suul'ka arrival after building a Tribute station is now delayed by at least a turn.
- Fixed a bug with post encounter dialog where list selections were getting mixed up.
- Fixed a miscolored element of the fleet widget items.
- Fixed some underlying UI layout bugs.
- Fixed a bug where Gate Amplifiers would not show up in the station module list. This was preventing the upgrade of Gate stations.
- Fixed a bug that was allowing built modules to be re-queued.
- Fixed art issues with Tarkasian Dreadnought GOOP and Heavy Beam modules.
- Fixed outstanding art issues with Human Supply Transports, Naval Outposts and Polic Cutters.
- Fixed an issue where AI controlled agents running at accelerated time in simulated combat were not doing enough damage to each other.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed some intermittent crashes that could occur on the star map.
- Solved an issue where planet details screen might not clear out old information.
- Fixed black ships in star map.
- Fixed other graphical glitches that have been reported.

Product Update - Valve
- This is the build that was intended to go out this morning.
- A large part of the update is DLC content that is now active.