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Blacklight: Retribution

Released Nov 1, 2012

Players equipped with the evacuation pack are ready to compete in the toughest combat Blacklight: Retribution has to offer. Your team will be glad you’re with them when you’re hacking points faster than the enemy can take them and the firepower that Lilith and the Anti-Material rifle bring to the table will give you an edge when you go head to...


Released Aug 31, 2012

Love sniping? If so, this Sniper Kit is a must have! It provides everything you need to configure and loadout an amazing sniper setup. Utilize the HRV Blackout to keep you hidden while you blast enemies from long range with your Bolt Action Rifle! This kit provides $25.00 worth of gear for next to nothing!


Released Jul 2, 2012

The Starter Pack Includes 1 Premade SMG 1 Premade Burst Pistol 2 Gun Modifications 1 Helmet Armor 1 Chest Armor 2 Equipment Gear 3000 Game Points (GP) 7 Day XP Boost To redeem your Key after purchase: New Accounts Go to https://register.perfectworld.