Uitgebracht 1 nov 2012

Dominate the opposition with some of the best items released in the Evacuation update. Scope and drop 'em with the one-shot Anti-Materiel Rifle, or set off your own fireworks with the Breach Loaded Pistol flare gun. Plus, the Lilith hero, Firewall Breach hacking kit, and Prex Chem/Hazmat anti-explosive helmet will have you ready for anything.

Uitgebracht 31 aug 2012

Customize your Agent for long-range problem solving, including speed-focused armor to reach cover, the stealthy HRV Blackout equipment item, and mods for your Bolt-Action Rifle to manage recoil and increase range. This kit provides $25 worth of items in a single bundle, all geared towards the sniping you love.

Uitgebracht 2 jul 2012

Kick off your BLR experience with a solid loadout and over $35 worth of items. This pack includes weapons and equipment focused around an up-close and personal playstyle, with a fully-customized SMG and armor specced for defense, plus grenades and more for supporting charges.