Mostly shooters, RPGs and adventure games, but I often play and enjoy other types of games.

Recommended April 7, 2016
"An original and beautiful game, visually and story-wise. Very short but very worth it."
Recommended April 7, 2016
"An old school point-and-click adventure game that mainly stands out for its beautiful 2D graphics and its funny and unique main character."
Recommended April 7, 2016
"It's definitely an adventure game worth playing if you enjoy the genre, even if you don't know much about the previous games."
Recommended March 27, 2016
"One of the best graphic adventure games ever made, now easily playable on modern systems with new mouse controls and developers' commentary."
Recommended March 19, 2016
"Simple zelda-like gameplay and charming, colorful graphics. Quite enjoyable."
Recommended December 13, 2015
"Clunky controls, dull combat, ugly graphics, annoying quick time events, bugs... But, despite all that, I liked it a lot. A very original game."
Recommended October 31, 2015
"Solid gameplay and very interesting story. One of those few games I barely could stop playing until I finished it."
Recommended October 29, 2015
"Not as good or unique as the previous ones, but it's a very competent and nice-looking FPS."
Recommended October 25, 2015
"A pretty good sequel with similar gameplay, more varied environments and improved visuals."
Recommended October 17, 2015
"A little repetitive but fun FPS with a remarkable atmosphere. Visually some areas still look quite impressive (although others show its age)."
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