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Falcon Collection includes the following:
- Falcon
- Falcon A.T.
- Falcon Gold (featuring the complete collection of updated versions of Falcon 3.0, MiG-29, Operation: Fighting Tiger and Art of the Kill dogfighting video)
- Falcon 4.0 (version 1.08, work in progress)
From the very beginning the Falcon series has been acclaimed for its realism, pushing back the limits of what was thought possible for a computer flight simulator back in the day.
It is as simple as that: the flight models are real, the terrain is real, the radar and weapon systems are real... And the threats are real. No phony weapons or magic bullets here... just the best civilian F-16 simulation available. You don't just play Falcon, you strap yourself in and get ready for battle.
• Flight characteristics and armament of the real F-16
• Advanced electronics/radar systems
• The terrain conforming precisely to military maps of the areas

Items included in this package

Simulation, Retro, Flight
Falcon 4.0
Simulation, Flight, Military, Realistic
Falcon A.T.
Simulation, Flight, Classic
Falcon Gold
Simulation, Retro, Flight, Classic
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