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NOTICE: If you are looking for the enhanced 64-bit version, which supports improved graphics and other extra features, please click here.

Online play, saves and achievements between these two versions are incompatible. Purchasing one version will not get you access to the other version. System requirements also differ. Please compare the individual game pages for more details.

The most rewarding game of 2014 now comes augmented. Enjoy the ultimate Dark Souls II experience.

This definitive edition of Dark Souls II features new NPC character, events, and augmented item descriptions for an expanded story and includes the 3 critically acclaimed DLC chapters:

- Crown Of The Sunken King
- Crown Of The Old Iron King
- Crown Of The Ivory King

Hallmark challenge & reward await you with enhancements fueled by the passion and talent of famed Japanese studio FromSoftware.

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Souls-like, RPG, Dark Fantasy, Difficult
DARK SOULS™ II Crown of the Ivory King
Action, RPG, Souls-like, Atmospheric
DARK SOULS™ II Crown of the Old Iron King
RPG, Action, Adventure, Difficult
DARK SOULS™ II Crown of the Sunken King
RPG, Adventure, Action, Dark Fantasy
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