Product Update - Valve
SMNC Rule Changes: 20

Hiyoo! Rule Change 20 here. We're lookin' live at Downtown Spunky Arena!

New map week! Downtown Spunky Arena has been added to the map rotation. In keeping with history we're releasing this map in an unfinished art state. It will go through continued art revisions just as Bullet Gorge has. The Downtown Spunky layout was inspired by the layout of Monday Night Combat's Spunky Cola Arena and updated to fit Super MNC's game mechanics.

Products! The Product System is now unlocked. To set your products go to locker room, click on the "Products" tab and create a product set. After building a product set you can use that set in a custom class or during Pro choosing before a game. What Products are and how they work are described below.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback on

New Rules
• New Free Pro Rotation: Sniper, Captain Spark, Karl, Combat Girl, Cheston
• Greatly changed the calculation to determine if you earn a 'leave' in a game. Should happen less often.
• New message HUD UI. Now shows an icon along with descriptive text.
• Improved in-game VOIP chat.
• Added new audio to the end game scoreboard.
• New position icons for Strikers, Commandos, Enforcers, Sharpshooters, and Defenders

• Added full Products system
• Products add new game play, as opposed to Endorsments that just alter statistics.
• Products are used when an in-game event occurs. There are products that use when you juice, die, respawn, make a kill, and more.
• Products have an in-game Pro Level requirement. This means you have to get enough XP, in game, to attain the level that turns that product on. Once you reach that level it will start working. Products that don't list it's Pro Level requirement are unlocked all the time and will work immediately at the start of the game.
• Products can be unlocked for you, the Agent, via combat credits.

Bullet Gorge Arena
• Continued art revisions.

Downtown Spunky Arena
• Added new arena!

• Spawned Black Jacks and Bouncers no longer give money when they die and will no longer drop loot.
• Fixed neutral Black Jacks from never timing out and sometimes ending up with multiples hanging around.
• Jackbot: Slam now has an inner radius that can not be jumped over.
• Jackbot: Health: 27000 -> 30000
• Bouncer: Speed: 770 -> 670

• Fly: Skill Drain: -15/-9/-6.5/-5 -> -13.75/-8.25/-6/-4.5 (Compensates for use cost introduced last update)
• Hippy Uniform: Fixed Ice Men version showing up as Hot Shots
• Assault Bomb: Radius: 256/384/512/512 -> 512/512/512/512

Captain Spark
• New Taunt: Tap Dance

• New Taunt: Vision
• New Uniform: Beach Leech
• Rampage: Fixed rare case where client would get stuck running forward until he charged or rampaged again.
• Hippy Uniform: Fixed some texture alignment issues.
• Fixed some graphical issues with Cheston's models.
• Tommy Gun: Spread: 0.02 -> 0.025
• Tommy Gun: Spread Return Per Shot/Not shooting: 0.02/0.05 -> 0.023/0.04
• Exploding Barrel: Damage Radius: 512/512/512/512 -> 384/384/384/384
• Rampage: Damage: 80/120/160/200 -> 80/110/130/150
• Rampage: Damage Radius: 384/384/384/384 -> 320/320/320/320

Combat Girl
• Combat Laser: Radius: 32/64/96/112 -> 96/96/96/96

• Ground Slam: Now has an inner radius that players can not jump over.
• Ground Slam: Fixed Assault's Fly jets not turning off properly if he is slammed while flying.
• Rocket: Life Span: 30 -> 10
• Rocket: Damage: 100/200/250/300 -> 80/160/200/240
• Rocket: Turn Rate: 120/360/720/1080 -> 720/720/720/720
• Rocket: Tightened up the view angle to keep a target locked

• Junior: Fixed damaging allied Combat Kittens in certain situations.
• Junior: Damage Radius: 128/256/384/512 -> 384/384/384/384
• Handler: Alt Fire projectile life span: 2 -> 6
• Prop Hop: Radius: 256/512/768/1024 -> 768/768/768/768

• Updated his pose in the locker room.

• Heal/Hurt Gun: Heal: 18 -> 16
• Heal/Hurt Gun: Hurt Reload Time: 1 -> 1.2

• New Taunt: Hi Boys
• Hot Seat: Fixed lunge used in conjuntion with his jump jets to gain massive distance.

• Base Health: 770 -> 755
• Coin Launcher: Updated reload animation
• New jump animation
• Crook Hook: Will now play proper impact sound.
• Party Pooper: Will now play sounds on affected Pros.
• Shifty Shuffle: New shifty effect.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed Bullet Gorge replays showing up as untitled.
• Fixed end game scoreboard showing an XP discrepancy between what was actually earned and what is displayed.
• Fixed the client and server disagreeing on a Pro's speed when they are slowed via the Support's Heal/Hurt Gun.
• Fixed skill sounds being played twice on certain clients.
• Fixed head crabs and ground zeroes from playing the same sound twice.
• Fixed replays not showing money ball messages and friendly/hostile players based on the Pro you were following.
• Fixed mouse wheel not working properly in Pro selection.
• Fixed allied name plates drawing in the middle of the screen when they are actually behind you.
• Fixed a crash caused by rotating the main menu Pro when a game starts.
• Fixed and added feedback for empty friends lists.
• Fixed some instances of games starting without having a full ten players.
• Fixed log in UI's buttons being misaligned by 1.1 pixel.
• Fixed an instance of players not getting a Pro until they die and respawn caused by simultaneous lock of the same Pro.
• Fixed taunt drop down behavior from displaying incorrect information.
• Fixed dragging endorsements in the locker room from sometimes not showing the endorsement.
• Fixed getting the scoreboard on top of the Pro select screen.
Jan 26, 2012
Dota 2 - Valve
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

  • Added Clinkz!
  • Added Legacy Key support for Invoker.
  • Fixed Invoker's Quas, Wex, and Exort not giving Invoker bonus stats properly when upgraded.
  • Fixed Invoker's Invoke to properly swap the invoked abilities in the 1st and 2nd slots if the spell already existing in the 2nd slot is invoked again.
  • Fixed Cold Snap not being castable on Roshan
  • Fixed EMP cast range
  • Lane creeps will now stand still if they become unable to attack, such as when hit by Invoker's Deafening Blast, instead of charging past enemy creeps and towers.
  • Enabled Invoker in CM
  • Fixed gold-transfer hack, the sellback cooldown is now reset when combining stacks where the items have different owners.
  • Fixed Sticky Napalm triggering off of Orb of Venom
  • Fixed Glaives of Wisdom being usable while silenced

  • Made chat messages HTML safe.
  • Fixed some buttons in the hero selector being broken after playing in a CM game.
  • Added a chat -ping command
Day of Defeat: Source - Valve
Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
  • Fixed a demo/replay playback crash
  • Changed the way bot counts are displayed in the server browser: the bot column is now next to the player column and always visible. Bot count is no longer subtracted from maxplayers.

Team Fortress 2
  • Added the Aladdin's Private Reserve for the Demo
  • Fixed a bug where the Medic would lose his healing target's speed when deploying his ÜberCharge while using the Quick-Fix
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some Team Spirit painted hats to show as black-painted in the Steam Community
  • Localized the team goal strings for cp_steel and pl_frontier
  • Added missing level_data strings to kill_eater_score_type elements in the GetSchema WebAPI response
  • Updated pl_frontier with author-submitted fixes:
    • small prop adjustments
    • several unsewn/gappy displacements fixed up
    • func_push altered below final capture point
  • Undocumented changes: Updated all localization files
Jan 26, 2012
SOL: Exodus - Valve
Build Notes

- Made CoD Elites easier to hit
- Improvements to Hades guns
- Improvements to AI with skill level of Rookie
- Damage effects to the user’s windshield won’t show up until 20% or lower health now, down from 40%
- Fixed issue where the targeting triangles of non-targeted ships could actually be larger than the triangle of the currently targeted ship
- Added Support for 2560x1600 (16:10) and 2048x1152 (16:9) resolutions
- Added Support for very widescreen resolutions being loaded from profile data
- Fix for issue where user ship could spin endlessly in one direction when trying to use mouse and keyboard controls
- Fix for issues related to achievements sometimes being reset when leaving a mission
- Fix for potential crash that could occur when applying video settings when starting up a new level
- Fix for potential crash that could occur on startup
- Expanded the amount of remappable keyboard keys. Now includes: Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Minus, Equals, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, Semicolon, Quote, Comma, Period, Slash, Backslash, Left Control, Right Control

Men of War: Assault Squad - Valve

• Added SKS 45
• Added MG 37(t)
• Added Type4 rocket launcher ammo
• Added M18 recoilless ammo
• Added Tank Flame Canister
• Added new 3d Model Hedgehogs
• Added new 3d Model Hedgehogs kit
• Added new 3d Model Barbed Wire
• Added new 3d Model Barbed Wire kit
• Added new 3d Model Pistol ammo
• Added new 3d Model Mgun ammo
• Added new 3d Model Rifle ammo
• Added new 3d Model Heavy Mgun ammo
• Added new 3d Model PTR ammo
• Added new 3d Model Winchester ammo
• Added new 3d Model Zenite ammo
• Added new 3d Model Bazooka ammo
• Added new 3d Model Panzerschreck ammo
• Added new 3d Model PIAT ammo
• Added new 3d Model mortar ammo
• Added new 3d Model Nagan
• Added new 3d Model Nagan Silencer
• Added new 3d Model Welrod
• Added new 3d Model Fuel Barrel
• Added new 3d Model Matches
• Added new enumerator graphics
• Changed mgun rate of fire system to be more historical accurate and easier to set up
• Changed smg rate of fire system to be more historical accurate and easier to set up
• Changed red guards anti-tank members to carry SKS 45 rifle
• Changed heavy ammo drop to include bandages and sandbags
• Changed UK Miners to carry Sten MK3 instead of Grease guns
• Changed penetration system so turret hits no longer cause random vehicle explosions
• Changed penetration system so hidden weak spots are no longer cause of explosions
• Changed penetration system so that explosion depend on the destruction of the vehicles chassis
• Changed barbed wires and hedgehog kits to have unlimited usage
• Changed engineer trucks inventory to fit new inventory specs
• Changed trucks to only emit passengers not the driver when being on fire
• Changed barbed wire to be queue-able
• Changed Combat Engineers AT to carry hedgehog kit
• Changed Combat Engineers AP to carry barbed wire kit
• Changed Mine Disposal Experts to carry 2 dynamite
• Increased range of pistols from 30m to 35m
• Increased HE effect of AT-riflegrenade
• Increased fire speed of SVT 40
• Increased fire speed of Johnson rifle
• Increased fire animation of pistols
• Increased amount of APCRs of Black Prince from 5 to 10
• Increased rate of fire of 4x .50cal Browning from 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of DS-39 from 650 rpm to 800 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of MG 34 from 650 rpm to 800 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of BESA from 600 rpm to 800 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of BAR from 500 rpm to 650 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of DShK from 450 rpm to 600 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of Bren from 500 rpm to 520 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of .30cal Browning from 550 rpm to 600 rpm
• Increased rate of fire of pistols from 300 rpm to 350
• Increased rate of fire of bolt action rifles from 24 rpm to 25 rpm
• Increased reload time of 4x .50cal Browning from 13 sec to 20 sec
• Increased reload time of all heavier mguns from 4.5 sec to 5.0 sec
• Increased reload time of Browning .50cal from 3.5 sec to 5.0 sec
• Increased reload time of DShK from 3.5 sec to 5.0 sec
• Increased reload time of Vickers K from 4.0 sec to 5.0 sec
• Increased reload time of Type99 mgun from 2.25 sec to 2.5 sec
• Increased reload time of BAR from 2.0 sec to 2.5 sec
• Increased reload time of Bren from 2.0 sec to 2.5 sec
• Increased reload time of Nebelwerfer 41 from 60 sec to 75 sec
• Increased penetration power of Ho-Ri I and Ho-Ri II
• Increased accuracy of Chi-Ha 120
• Increased build time of hedgehogs from 15 sec to 30 sec
• Increased build time of barbed wire from 10 sec to 20 sec
• Increased reload time of Sherman 105 from 20 sec to 25 sec
• Increased reload time of Stuh42 from 20 sec to 25 sec
• Reduced rate of fire of Type1 HMG from 500 rpm to 450 rpm
• Reduced reload time of Vickers mgun from 6 sec to 4.5 sec
• Reduced explosion power of vehicles
• Reduced specular effects of Pershings, M12GMC, Shermans, Churchills and Black Prince
• Reduced burn time of buildings
• Reduced range of Stuh42 from 160m to 150m
• Reduced range of Chi-Ha 120 from 180m to 160m
• Reduced accuracy of level 1 experience soldiers with machine guns
• Reduced range of AP grenades from 21.5m to 18.5m
• Reduced AI throw range of AT grenades in order to remove AI issue: move, stop, move, stop until grenade throwing
• Removed the fake ability to explode a Sturmtiger when shooting at its barrel
• Removed sandbag kits from Charge! infantry
• Removed the ability to interchange hollow charge projectiles between different weapons
• Fixed ISU-122 gun barrel visuals
• Fixed IS-2 turret volumes
• Fixed IS-2 winter textures
• Fixed mguns of IS-2
• Fixed mguns of BA11
• Fixed wrong grenades of Devil's Brigade
• Fixed turret armor of M8 Greyhound
• Fixed shield armor of SdKfz 251/1
• Fixed gun mantlet armor of Nashorn
• Fixed gun mantlet armor of Archer
• Fixed a buggy code in the armored car props
• Fixed portrait of Charge! infantry
• Fixed ability to take mgun from BA64
• Fixed ability to take mgun from SdKfz223
• Fixed ability to take mgun from Stug3 G
• Fixed ability to take mgun from Hetzer
• Fixed ability to take mgun from M20
• Fixed smoke grenades
• Fixed many vehicle enumerator issues
• Fixed Oerlikon fire effect
• Fixed sound of SdKfz 232
• Fixed Sturmtiger armor penetration
• Fixed flamethrower max capacity


• Added competitive multiplayer unit setting, enforced on ranked (removed redundant or unhistorical units that don't fit the creators vision of the game. It also balances the amount of armored cars/tanks per faction and makes it easier to understand the strong points of individual units)
• Added test mode mod (usage at your own risk)
• Increased CP of heavier LMGs from 3.5 CP to 5 CP
• Increased CP of lighter LMGs from 3.0 to 4 CP
• Increased capping power of Tankmen from 0.0 to 0.25
• Increased capping power of Miners from 0.5 to 1.0
• Increased capping power of Sappers from 0.5 to 1.0
• Increased capping power of Radio Op from 0.5 to 1.0
• Increased capping power of Squad leaders from 1.0 to 1.5
• Increased capping power of Snipers from 0.5 to 2.0
• Increased capping power of Scouts from 0.5 to 2.0
• Increased capping power of Officer from 5.0 to 10.0
• Increased recall-in timer of all single mgunners to 2min
• Increased price of US mgunner from 35 MP to 40 MP
• Increased price of US Regular Infantry from 155 MP to 160 MP
• Increased price of Soviet Heavy MG from 90 MP to 110 MP
• Increased price of Pak40 from 385 MP to 400 MP
• Increased price of Tiger I from 1100 MP to 1200 MP
• Increased price of Vickers AA from 750 MP to 800 MP
• Reduced capping power of Conscript infantry from 1.0 to 0.5
• Reduced capping power of Elite infantry from 4.0 to 3.0
• Reduced price of Su-122 from 1000 MP to 900 MP
• Reduced price of Panther from 1350 MP to 1250 MP
• Reduced price of Jagdpanzer IV from 1150 MP to 1100 MP
• Reduced price of SdKfz 223 from 200 MP to 180 MP
• Reduced price of Type 1 Heavy MG from 100 MP to 90 MP
• Reduced price of M16 from 250 MP to 225 MP
• Reduced price of Chi-Ri from 1500 MP to 1400 MP
• Reduced price of Chi-To from 950 MP to 900 MP
• Reduced price of Ho-I from 360 MP to 350 MP
• Reduced price of Isuzu AA truck from 250 MP to 240 MP
• Reduced special points price of Naval tanks from 6 to 4
• Reduced CP of Scouts from 8 CP to 5 CP
• Reduced CP of Banzai! special unit
• Reduced Naval tanks call-in to 1 tank
• Fixed crew on Isuzu Mortar truck
• Fixed crew on Isuzu AA truck
• Fixed small map issues


• Changed vehicle emit code to equal multiplayer
• Reduced difficulty of the last section of the introduction mission
• Fixed skirmishes to use correct IS-2 model
• Fixed bren carrier crew on [UK] Scheldt
• Fixed hold fire mode of Japanese artillery on [Soviet Union] Manchuria
• Fixed small map issues

Magicka - Valve
Updates to Magicka have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added a new Magick; Confuse to the Original Campaign and the Basic Magicks pack.
Unstoppable Gorg - Valve
The first update for Unstoppable Gorg is now available. This update will be automatically applied when the Steam client is restarted.

Version adds Steam Cloud support and 17 new achievements!

Also Steam leaderboards have been added. They will start to function once Steam updates them. The following bugs and other issues were fixed:
- Mac achievements now work as they are supposed to
- Bombs have cooldown timers in order to prevent spamming
- "Spare No Expense" achievement requirement was reduced to 15 000
- Fixes in the German localization
Product Update - Valve

Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.2 Preview Windows release includes:


AMD Eyefinity 2.1 technology enhancements
- Additional resolution support: Users can now choose from a larger set of resolutions when running AMD Eyefinity
- Dynamic Configuration Changes: Switching between different display configurations will occur automatically when physically plugging/un-plugging displays
- HydraVision enhancements: The Windows Task bar can now be moved and resized based on users preference
- Profile Manager improvements: Increased support for Display Groups (including 5x1) and Extended configurations within the Profile Manager


Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst™ 12.2 Preview software suite for Windows 7. These include:
- Call of Duty IV no longer displays random corruption when in DirectX 9 more and the Edge Detect filter is enabled.
- A black screen is no longer occasionally displayed when running Portal 2 in 3D mode.
- All 3d Anti Aliasing settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
- Morphological filtering settings are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center.
- Civilization V no longer experiences random crashes when run in DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 mode.
- Enabling the ‘Edge Detect’ filter in Resident Evil 5 or Just Cause 2 no longer generates a random application crash.
- Battlefield 3 no longer hangs when MSAA is enabled.
- Saints Row III no longer experiences random hangs.
- Rage no longer experiences intermittent hangs when Crossfire is enabled.
- Dragon Age 2 textures no longer flicker when run in DirectX 9 mode in Crossfire configurations with vsynch enabled.
- Crysis Warhead and Battlefield Bad Company 2 no longer experience random crashes when Crossfire is enabled.
- Texture flickering is no longer experienced when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 in DirectX 11 mode.


Known issues under the Windows 7 operating system
The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows 7 operating system in the latest version of AMD Catalyst™. These include:

- Vsync may be disabled after task switching when playing Rage.
- Skipping in game cinematics while playing Dragon Age 2 in DirectX 11 mode may cause stuttering.
- Dirt 3 may experience flickering with Crossfire enabled and run in 3D stereo mode.
- Battlefield – Bad Company 2 may experience random flickering when run in DirectX 11 mode.

Known Issues under the Windows Vista Operating System

The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows Vista operating system in the latest version of AMD Catalyst™. These include:
- Windows Aero options may be missing after installing the latest driver.
Product Update - Valve
Enabled ragdoll
Updated weapon sounds
Mines will not trigger through walls anymore
Claymores are now directional (damage goes in front of the claymore)
Updated level up rewards
Added range to flags
Made flag icons smaller
/suicide is now a valid chat command
Updated End of Round screen
Added functionality for multiple people to tag the same target with the camera drone

Fix for mouse pointer appearing at the beginning of Sabotage games
Fix for an issue when screen stays black & white after sabotage game started
EOD skill now works as described
Fixed an issue when bomb dropped in Sabotage game might be left in the air
Fixed quick throw for grenades (was throwing sometimes two grenades in a row)
Fixed bug when in sabotage game players were not always getting proper scoreboard info
Fixed bug when respawn screen timer sometimes gets stuck at 0
Fixed bug when zooming in and your aim would move to the side
When joining sabotage match, the game will no longer force you to remove your RPG, server will remove it automatically for that match
Corrected location for mine and claymore placement
Fixed bug when sometimes after joining sabotage game you would see scope from previous game
Fix bug when some objects would disappear due to improper bounding box
Dropped weapons and weapons picked up by other players now have correct weapon upgrade information
Fixed Eye Spy ability
Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition - Valve
Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed AI from taking control of players in slots other than slot 1
+ Fixed upgrade missions from using the wrong system to populate upgrade options
+ Fixed issues with upgrade missions.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed missing start node lines for Humans
+ Fixed an incorrect calculation for ship construction that caused the player to have less production then they were supposed

to have.
+ Fix missing Battle Cruiser and Battle Ship Categories
+ Fixed module weapons
+ Fixed spectres not being attacked by planetary beams when merged with planets
+ Fixed some animations for Liir battleriders
+ Fixed minor projector bugs
+ Fixed the order of fleets in all mission screens

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Minor tech tree and ship tuning changes

Known issues
+ Launcher not properly reflecting game version number