Announcement - Valve
Warlock: Master of the Arcane is now available to pre-purchase on Steam! Act now and receive the first DLC, Powerful Lords, for free!

The latest game in the popular Majesty series, Warlock: Master of the Arcane introduces turned-based strategy and global conquest to the fantastic world of Ardania. In a time of chaotic upheaval, the player takes the role of a great mage, a warlord vying for ultimate power. Your mission is to build an empire, expand your borders, research new spells and conquer your enemies. Become the ultimate Warlock and rule over all of Ardania!

Product Update - Valve
Rule Changes: 3 (v35305)

Free Pros: Assault, Combat Girl, Karl, Gunner, Tank, Wascot

This is the last week for PAX East 2012 uniforms and TF2 throwback gear!

It's the Rule Changes of Iroquoi county. Once you've seen one Rule Changes, you haven't seen them all.

This week we really focused on the player experience of getting into a game. We've made the process of getting into a game by yourself or with friends much more clear. We've fixed some issues that caused certain players to queue much longer than they should. This should improve everyone's speed and chance of getting into a good game!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
The current version is: 35305. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.
New Rules
• Featured items are now listed on the main menu.
• Reworked the Accept/Confirm game dialog to display over top of everything. Fixing the issues of not getting that dialog when a game is ready.
• Quickmatch has been split into Solo, and Build Team for easier usability.
• When a player taunts after killing someone, the dead player now sees the entirety of the taunt with a special taunt camera.
• Custom Game menu now includes team-icon check boxes.
• Custom Games can now be started with only 5 players.
• Opposing player name plate level number is now orange if they are 2 levels higher than you.
• Improved the look of the skill upgrade menu.
• Added option to disable the control hints above the skill icons and on Juice.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Added Bot Streak call outs.
• GG Stack now calls out some special events.
• Invites now show the type of invite: "Game" or "Custom".
• Selected Region UI is now more obvious.
• Added new icons for all taunts.
• Chickey Cantor now takes full damage while being grappled.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed some instances of network interruptions causing players to get disconnected from the matchmaker but leave them looking like they are still in queue.
• Fixed UI sometimes not resetting properly when leaving a Training game.
• Fixed custom uniforms not working properly in Custom Class and Character Select screens when they have no torso as part of the uniform.
• Fixed character select weapons list showing old data when you switch characters.
• Fixed the rename/clear/save buttons not being enabled when you unlock a new product set.
• Fixed "add to cart" sometimes not turning off on the boost screen.
• Fixed the "Find Game" button cancelling with the enter key.
• Fixed some rare instances of the Post-Game Prize screen from sometimes showing the incorrect item.
• Fixed Post-Game Prize from not dropping everything it should.
• New Bundle: "Spunky 6 Pack" Pro Bundle of 6 non-MNC Pros. On sale for the first week!
• New Bundle: Zombie Bundle. Includes all Zombie uniforms.
• Can't Stun This: Recharge time 60 -> 90.
• Can't Slow This: Recharge time 60 -> 90.
• Health Inverter: Vamp amount 0.1 -> 0.13
• Health Inverter: Fixed description to reflect current numbers.
• All Magnet: Check time 0.25 -> 0.5
• All Magnet: Radius 512 -> 768
• Massive Air: Minimum level 1 -> 6
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art improvements.
Bullet Gorge Arena
• Fixed not being able to stand on certain curbs.
• Fuji Bots: Now spawn in between Jackbots after 25 minutes.
• Fuji Bots: Now drop a churro and a juice box instead of two juice boxes.
• New explosion effect on Bot projectiles.
• Bot lasers are now team colored.
• Leap: Improved visual effect
• Shuriken Launcher: Explosive radius reduced.
• New Uniform: Bananas Monihan.
• Shoot the Moon: Increased vertical height for improved escape utility.

Announcement - Valve
Torchlight II is now available to pre-purchase on Steam! Act now and receive the original Torchlight to play right now!

The award-winning action RPG is back, bigger and better than ever! Torchlight II takes you back into the quirky, fast-paced world of bloodthirsty monsters, bountiful treasures, and sinister secrets - and, once again, the fate of the world is in your hands!

Announcement - Valve
Prototype 2 is Now Available for Pre-purchase on Steam!

The sequel to Radical Entertainment’s best-selling open-world action game of 2009, Prototype® 2 takes the unsurpassed carnage of the original Prototype and continues the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. You are Sgt James Heller, husband to a deceased wife and child and a soldier left simply to die.

Pre-purchase now and receive a free giftable copy of the original Prototype and the RADNET DLC bundle.

Announcement - Valve
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is now available for Pre-purchase on Steam and 10% off!

You are an Umbrella Security Services soldier (U.S.S.), competing alone or in up to four player co-op in a battle against all the competing forces at play in Raccoon City. Expect the return of original Resident Evil enemies, iconic landmarks such as the Raccoon City Police Department and fan favorite characters, including Leon S. Kennedy, who, as a rookie police officer in Raccoon City, is on your hit list to eliminate.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed distribution of blood on units' armour with the Blood Pack.
- Loading screens fixed for Multiplayer battles (no longer displays red smudges).
Product Release - Valve
The Microsoft Flight P-40 DLC is Now Available on Steam!

Famous for its "shark mouth" paint jobs, the P-40 was one of the most popular Allied fighter planes in WWII. This classic aircraft's agility makes it ideal for tests of maneuverability such as collecting Aerocaches. The version in Microsoft Flight is the P-40B, with a 1000 HP in-line V-12 engine and a top speed of over 300 knots. No Cockpit view is included.

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed distribution of blood on units' armour with the Blood Pack.
- Loading screens fixed for Multiplayer battles (no longer displays red smudges).
Product Update - Valve
- Added Brewmaster to Captain's Mode
- Fixed non-hero units like Spirit Bear breaking smoke of deceit.
- Fixed Burning Spear counter being reset by BKB.
- Fixed illusions stealing Magic Stick/Wand charges from the owner.
- Fixed a new bug with Riki's Blink Strike causing it to not attack right away.
- Fixed True Form / Druid Form being cancelled and interruptable.
- Fixed attack FoW reveal to happen when an attack fires off, rather than when your animation starts.
- Fixed bug that would sometimes cause move commands or abilities to execute at odd times.
- Fixed bug where DotaTV director would stop directing in the last minutes of the game.

- Heroes will no longer lose their shadows.
- Item Icon have been redesigned
[We plan to continue update these over the next few weeks, please give us your thoughts in this forum (]

-Some heroes will now call out to allies they encounter in the field during the early phases of a game.

- New in-game HUD.
- Fixed control groups breaking in the case where a hero has unit sharing enabled and another hero tries to control group one of the summons.
- Fixed a case where casting an ability to control a unit (ie. Chen's Persuasion), then querying the unit before the ability fired would not end up with the unit in a selected state and the abilities would not be usable.
- Fixed damage done to player-controlled units not showing up in the combatlog

- Bots can call out "top missing!" etc if an opponent goes away during the laning phase.
- Bots are now more likely to use the Side Shop. They will hold off purchasing items if they think they'll be able to get them from the Side Shop soon, and are more likely to actually walk there to pick them up.
- Bots no longer forget/ignore units that are reincarning.
- Bots will now use couriers that are holding their items, even if the courier is currently returning to base.
- Bots will only use couriers that are idle in base, so they shouldn't grab couriers as soon as they stop moving in, for example, the secret shop.
- When a bot dies, if it had a courier en route, it will send the courier back to base.
- Juggernaut is now more likely to use Omnisliash in teamfights, particularly when he thinks he can get all slashes on heroes.
- Bots will no longer purchase items during the hero pick phase of the game.
- Bots will no longer use any of their abilities on Passive difficulty.
- Made Windrunner bot slightly more likely to use Powershot when ganking, and less likely to use Windrun for non-panic retreats.
- Fixed bug that, under certain hero combinations, could cause lane selection to thrash.
- Improved the Team Roam behavior, they should no longer clump up and get stuck, and should deal with any creeps attacking them.
- Increased bot sensitivity to human pings for pushing and defending.
- Increased range at which a non-carry bot will defer last-hitting to a carry bot. Non-hard-carries will now also defer to hard carries.
Product Release - Valve
Fireburst is Now Available on Steam and 20% off until Wednesday, May 2nd at 10AM PST.

Blast opponents off the road with Fireburst, an explosively fun fast-paced arcade style racing game with fantastic graphics. Rev up to scorching speeds to outrun opponents on a dozen different tracks, setting them ablaze in your flaming wake thanks to our exclusive Fireboost technology. Drive as sixteen sarcastic drivers with unique styles and taunts, using various explosive, fire-based special abilities to turn other cars into a pyre of parts.