Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys,
I have set the goal of releasing RBQ in October.
Now we working on an extra Hero with own deck.
For Release date - all features will be finished, two new heroes will be added - so it will be 8 in total.

Coop and Forge for items - are still in development, and they are probably not gonna be ready for those dates.

Also, there a couple more heroes who were frozen in the early stages of the development - I'll work on them after Release.

Expect new updates, new content, new heroes, new enemies!

21 de Jul
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
+ fixed crash - when meteor landing after the battle ended
+ maintenance (battle block proc)
+ maintenance (achievements wnd)
+ maintenance (more wnd)

+ fixed rare bug with animals
+ maintenance (animals)
+ maintenance (barrack)
+ maintenance (more)

+ maintenance (4k, 8k, etc)
+ maintenance (bugtracker)
10 de Jun
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
+ fixed library
+ fixed rare crash at the start when wifi is connected but auth required
+ added zoom in/out on mouse wheel for battles
+ maintenance (amazon dlc)
+ maintenance (blacksmith)
+ maintenance (4k+ screens)
18 de Jan
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys,
one of the reasons why I decided to develop a turn-based game - is to create a multiplayer experience.

Now working on boss-raids:

Should be available soon.

PS Another thing - looking for someone, who can help me with 'Goblin Slayer'.
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys, thx for playing my games.

This year was quite fun: a couple of my games made to EA - "Royal Booty Quest" and "Royal Merchant".
Other projects are close to it.

My nearest plans: Royal Heroes DLC - probably something with Goblins or Amazons. I have art and game design. I just need to find time to build&test it.
The biggest problem used to be SDK - it had no proper way to handle Steam DLCs. But that has been resolved today. So I do not have any more excuses to withhold a DLC.
Another new feature for RH is an item quality - rare, common, epic, etc. I already tested it in Royal Merchant - it looks and works great.

'Royal Merchant' will have more features and content.

RBQ - New Heroes, New Enemies, New Timelines - along with fixes and QoL stuff. Also controller support in testing now.

'Royal Offense' - I can add a few more heroes and battles and maybe a building. If you d like that - just let me know.

'ConflictCraft' - is going to have a sequel. Everything is prepared - looking for a new level designer.

'Millennium Conflict' - will be released in 2019. It represents next chapter in ControlCraft series.

Another change will be the pricing. I'm going to increase prices for most of my games on Steam. Including Royal Booty Quest. It's important for RBQ. As I've learned it recently =)
Since Steam can not profit from free games - it treats them differently. I guess it is ok. Or not. And I have no idea what will happen after the price change.
That will happen in 2/2019. And it is not set in stone.

A new feature was added to SDK that I'm using - Linux Builds. In a few weeks expect Linux builds for my games. If you a Linux user and want to test my games - let me know.

The easiest way to contact me:
discord: Badim#0905

We also have the group:

I do code&develop more if I have guidance or feedback.
I'd love to add a special huge thx to all our discord knights & members.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

List of mentioned games:
26 Nov, 2018
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
- steamworks added to Mac Build
- gui fixes to Rally and Barrack
- RMB now exits screen to global map
- fixed starting new game
- fixed changing 'too often and too fast a map screen' bug
- fixed crashing at loading corrupted save files(NULL data)
- "Chris the Messanger" - speed bonus changed to Dodge(fixed bug: aura speed bonus)

Check out my other two free games:
Royal Merchant (Casual Army Sim):

Royal Booty Quest (Rogielike Card):

Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys,
Royal Booty Quest is up for Early Access.
Feedback is welcome!
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Another hundred fixed are added to RBQ. And save slots for each Hero as well.

In the next few days - It should go live on Steam as well. I can post some keys to test. If you anyone d like that.


Best way to reach me still discord:
but email works great as well:
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys,
from the last announcement - there was more than 10 updates to Royal Booty Quest with over a hundred fixes, changes and improvements.

A few more will come soon. At this moment you can get it for free at any mobile or desktop place. Only Steam is left - but that is in process.


Best way to reach me still discord:
but email works great as well:
Royal Heroes - Elite Games Ltd
Hey guys,
Time to "reveal" my next project, that I'm currently working on as well.
Of course, it is another "Royal" kind of game: Royal Booty Quest.

Inspired by "Slay the Spire" - it is pretty much the same - but with own heroes. And more heroes are in production. It has open data - so it is easy to make your own stuff without needed to know how to code.

Currently you can play it as a web version or mobile or download it. All links are here:

If you wanted to play StS PvP - that can be arranged as well.

Art style - is all pixels, but there is a twist - all playable characters are female heroes.

Royal Booty Quest - is the youngest project. But, since it is a small one - it one that is closest to release.

If you d like to help to translate it - that would be great. I can send keys to my other games in return.
Should I upload it to Steam? As a free game maybe?


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