Find your way - Onblind

During the summer sale of Steam you can get the maximum discount on our exclusive game Find Your Way and as well as other games of our publisher. We will be glad if you get our games, and appreciate our efforts. Your activity inspires us to write a story for Episode 2 and correct already existing mistakes. Thank you for your contribution to the development of the project and the studio as a whole!
Find your way - Onblind

We are happy to announce that the game out of early access. We have fulfilled our promises. and continue to develop the game. Do not forget, recently released Episode 1, with a fascinating storyline.

About episode 1:

We are already working on Episode 2 and localization Episode 1. You can get acquainted with the work on the game on trello:
Find your way - Onblind

Episode 1 includes 6 new locations in quest mode, you have to protect Ford, prevent bank robbery,train battle. All this is already available for free! As we promised our community, all game content will be free, we keep our word!

About changes
  • Fully reworked menu
  • Levels will open as you progress, with the exception of "Prologe"
    A unique boot screen is made for each level.
  • achievements! Now in the process of passing the game you will get achievements.
  • Added "Banners" about what needs to be done in the game (Kill bandits, prevent robbery)
  • Involved with Camera Animator (Show city and other objects)
  • Worked out the last cast of the game
  • Added guides indicating the path to the next quest
  • Added Diskord chips, now in the discord displays your current location in the game

Now the game is divided into:
  • Prologue
  • Episodes
  • Endles mode
About other changes
  • The model of General in the episode "Ford Skaywalk" was taken from the new asset (the asset will be used in the future)
  • Changed weapon animation
  • Scaled menu for all screens
  • Added clouds and their movement
  • Minor Interface Change
  • Portal color changed to normal

The release date of the game and exit from early access is scheduled for April 3, 2019 (after receiving feedback and fixing vulnerabilities).

-What to expect from the game in the future?
-Episode 2
-Exit on other platforms

- Price increase
-The price of the game will be changed after early access (end of April).

half a year of hard work, we are ready to introduce you to Episode 1!

We need your feedback on the game!

Find your way - Onblind

Find your way - Roadmap
We working on this project in Trello and wanted to share it with you!
Link - (Click)

Find your way - Onblind

new mode and multiplayer will be ready in 2019!

At the moment multiplayer is being tested, very soon we will add a test server.
we spent a lot of time writing our own multiplayer, unfortunately the development was at a standstill, and we came to the logical opinion to use Unet, which will soon be updated and give developers a prostate multiplayer setup. Thanks to everyone who supports our project.
Find your way - Onblind



  • Survival was removed from the first act.
  • Fixed a bug where from 4th act returns to the first.
  • Music volume and graphics settings are transferred to the game menu.
  • The speed walking was corrected instead of 3.5, it became 5.
  • A small problem with light on 4 locations was fixed.
  • Fixed an error: if play more than 10 minutes, there was a big load on the processor.
Find your way - Onblind



  • Eternal game was moved to main manu - button Survival.
  • Added the information that you need to click the button when navigating to the location, thanks for the hint of GamingTaylor (youtube).
  • Added information that in the beginning of the 4 locations "Brinbench City" that there is a labyrinth in which you can get lost thanks for a hint of English Teacher Plays (youtube).

    Do not forget - we read your comments about the game and you can also be here!

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