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December’s Update is Upon Us!

AVA's next update - Holiday Havoc - arrives December 20 at 7 a.m. PST (3 p.m. GMT)!.

The update features a new individual match mode—Dirty Knife—as well as Fortune Stars Season 8, new capsule items, and more!

Head on over to Holiday Havoc promo page to get all the details. Then, while you’re patching, click over to the AVA website and read through December's Patch Notes for all the specifics of the update
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
AVA's December update includes a new mode, new items in the store, and a host of improvements and fixes.Read on for a preview of the update’s contents:

New Mode: Dirty Knife
Dirty Knife is an individual match mode where you stay in as long as you want to keep fighting; there’s no match duration or kill requirement. Each player starts with a melee weapon, but can obtain more items at random during play, or by killing enemy players.

Ammunition is in short supply, but as you play you’ll unlock various “buff levels” that improve your odds of survival. Once you hit level 4, you have one minute to escape. If you make it, you win!
Fortune Stars Season 8
Season features weapons from the top-secret ARGUS Project (an initiative whose goal was to create the world’s most perfect firearms), including the ARGUS 556 Commando.

Each time you purchase a Fortune Stars weapon, you advance up the rewards ladder, gaining additional rewards at steps 2, 3, 6, and 9.
New Capsules
The following items are being added to the AVA Store:
  • XM2010 CyberPunk
  • Daily Capsule (UMP45 Beware)
  • Lucky Euro Box (CZ805 UCP, SVD Snowfall, SPAS-15 Snowfall)
  • Red Ticket Packs (in 100-, 200-, and 400-count sizes—plus a free 1-day Goalie Mask)
  • Welcome Package (a one-time purchase, for only 9 EMP!) Great for new users!
Additions and Improvements
  • Remington870 (Auto-Repair) added to in-game shop
  • Hide and Seek mode is being removed from the game
  • Escape (E-Boat) has been added to Quick Match
Coming Next Week!
All this, and more, is coming next week in AVA’s December update!
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
AVA Invites You to Master Five Challenging Game Modes

This December, AVA challenges you back into the thick of battle with the Master the Modes event!

Between December 13 and 20, you’ll earn rewards by completing five matches in each of five specially selected modes:
  • Play 5 Annihilation Matches = Double Booster (15 Days)
  • Play 5 Demolition Matches = 20,000 Euros
  • Play 5 Escort Matches = Panzer Shovel (30 Days)
  • Play 5 Convoy Matches = BonBon Bleu (30 Days)
  • Play 5 Domination Matches = Rudolf Winter Cap (30 Days)
Bonus Reward! Complete all five of the Mode Master objectives listed above and you’ll pick up the 50 Red Tickets.

The Mode Master event runs until Tuesday, December 20th at 7:00 am PST (3:00 pm GMT).

Your rewards will be delivered after December 20th for the objectives you completed. So check back on this post to know when the rewards have been given out!

Lock and load, people!
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
AVA’s holiday sale is here!

From Friday, December 9, all the way until Saturday, December 31, drop by the AVA Store to pick up a holiday package of your very own, including:
    The Noël Package
  • Noël Kriss Super V (Perm)
  • AKS74U Noël (Perm)
  • M16A2 Noël (Perm)
  • Sako RK95 Noël (Perm)
  • FR-F2 Noël (Perm)
  • HK416 Noël (Perm)
    The Milad Package
  • M67 Milad (30 Days)
  • Milad Dual TMP (Perm)
  • Milad FAL (Perm)
  • Milad PGM.338 (Perm)
  • Milad57 (Perm)
    2014 Xmas Package
  • Kriss Super V 2014 Xmas (Perm)
  • Rx4 2014 Xmas (Perm)
  • IMI99SR 2014 Xmas (Perm)
  • FMG 2014 Xmas (Perm)
  • Shenah Xmas (30 Days)
  • Ginny Xmas (30 Days)
And be sure to drop by the AVA Shop again after the December update for new items!
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
This holiday season, track down these tricky imposters!

It’s almost time for the holidays—traditionally a time for peace and brotherhood—but AVA is awash in sinister plots!

A gang of hooligans are impersonating Santa's reindeer, spreading chaos and wreaking holiday havoc! Only you can put a stop to these tricky devils and their sinister plans.

The Holiday Hunt commences on Wednesday, December 7. You only have until Thursday, December 22, to save the holiday season!

These nasty fellows are known only by their code names:
  • Donner
  • Comet
  • Dancer
  • Blitzen
  • Cupid
  • Vixen
  • Dasher
  • Rudolph
  • Prancer

This wily crew will be committing Yuletide mayhem from December 7–22, at specific times found here:

Take a screenshot of your kills and post them in this thread to earn some holiday frills.

Kill 1-2: 10000 Euros
Kill 3-6: 15000 Euros and 15 Day Rudolph Winter Hat
Kill 7-8: 20000 Euros and 15 Day Rudolf EG08 Gloves
Kill all 9: 25000 Euros, 30 Day Christmas Ginny Character Skin, 30 Day Milad67 Grenade

Let the hunt begin!
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]

Grab your guns and load up on grenades, because for the month of December, each weekend we are celebrating with an AVA Bonus Weekend!

Each weekend, starting Friday at 12 a.m. PST (8 a.m. GMT), you’ll get a different bonus:

December 2–5: Bonus Experience!  Enjoy a 100 percent bonus to Experience for each match you complete. (Event concludes at 1 p.m. PST (9 p.m. GMT) on Monday, December 5.)

December 9–12: Bonus Euros! Enjoy a 100 percent bonus to Euro rewards for each match you complete. (Event concludes at 1 p.m. PST (9 p.m. GMT) on Monday, December 12.)

December 16–19: Bonus Experience! Enjoy a 100 percent bonus to Euro rewards for each match you complete. (Event concludes at 1 p.m. PST (9 p.m. GMT) on Monday, December 19.)

And for the final week of bonus, the bonuses will start on December 22, Thursday morning at 12 a.m. PST (9 p.m. GMT), and run until Tuesday!

December 22– January 2: Bonus Experience, Supply, and Euros! Enjoy a 100 percent bonus to Experience, Supply, and Euro rewards for each match you complete. (Event concludes at 1 p.m. PST (9 p.m. GMT) on Tuesday, January 2.)
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]

Over the past month, dozens of aspiring gunsmiths have submitted custom designs for the SCAR-L in the hopes that their design will be added to AVA in a future update.

The SCAR-L template

After much deliberation, we’ve determined a winner and three runner-ups. This was a tough decision; we’d like to thank everyone who participated. And now, the winners!
Third Runner-Up—created by RellikBoon
Second Runner-Up—created by TurboYoda
First Runner-Up—created by Zimuus
The Winning Design—created by AnapShock

Congratulations to AnapShock on taking first place with your design!

Players will receive their EMP prizes by Friday, December 2. The winning design has been sent along to Red Duck where it will be implemented into the game for release in early 2017. (We’ll announce a more specific date as soon as it’s available).

Again, thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for more contests in the future!
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
AVA’s Black Friday sale presents four package deals, then rewards you for purchasing them (or buying EMP), November 25 - November 28!

Get the full details on the sale here.
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]

We’re getting out ahead of Black Friday with a login event spanning two entire weeks!

Just log into AVA each day, starting Wednesday, November 23 and ending on Wednesday, December 6, and you’ll receive that day’s reward—absolutely free!

Get the full list of rewards here.
Community Announcements - Smoreceror [EME]
November's Update Has Arrived!

AVA’s November update is here!

AVA's November update arrives November 22, 2016 at 7 a.m. PST (3 p.m. GMT)! This maintenance will last 2 hours.

The update features the NEW mode, Last Team Standing, new weapons, and more.

Head on over to our update promo page to get all the details and then load up the game and get patching! Also, check our our Patch Notes for all the specifics of the update

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