11. čvc. 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Blow'em Up, new PvP game mode added to the game on 10 maps.
* In Blow'em Up one team's goal is to mine and blow strategic objects while the other team tries to keep them safe.
* Attackers must pick up bombs on their base, bring them to an object and defend them until they explode. Defenders can try to demine the object when it's mined before the explosion.
* There are 3 - 5 strategic objects on a map. There are up to 3 bombs and attackers can try to mine several objects simultaneously.
* Attacking and defending teams are switched half way through a match.

* Now any player can visit an Enhancement Operator NPC to improve their weapons and clothing items.
* Each enhance attempt has four possible outcomes: Upgrade, No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy.
* Players can use special Protection Cards that let them avoid chosen enhancement outcomes. Using Protection Cards consumes them.
* There are separate cards to protect against No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy available on Black Market.
* Chemist crafters can visit the Coin Operator and purchase craft recipes to produce Protection Cards.

* Added over 180 Tarot Cards to the game. Any player can visit the Transmute Operator NPC and try to exchange Tarot Cards in order to produce new cards.
* Players can purchase four basic cards: Earth, Water, Fire and Air for gold coins or gold bars.
* All transmutation recipes for Tarot Cards are hidden, meaning players have to use common sense when guessing possible transmutation recipes. For example, Air and Water, when put into the Transmute Operator window, result in the creation of Rain.
* Players can find recipes, that allow them transmute Tarot Cards into Lucky Lottery Tickets, that contain one epic lottery items inside.

* Pistols balance was changed. All pistols' idle accuracy was improved, but the accuracy suffers more from firing multiple rounds. Pistols damage, rate of fire, range and clip size was re-balanced. In particular, R-Sys Panther Delta damage was increased to 70, up from 25.
* SMGs and Assault Rifles damage and rate of fire was slightly changed to improve the overall balance.
* Hargan Bulldog shotgun range increased to 18 meters, up from 14 meters.
* Hargan Mastiff damage increased to 28 per rocket, up from 25.
* Balanced how weapons durability degrades after a match. Now it's more consistent with weapons rate of fire.
* Reduced the cooldown to change Gang Banners to 1 hour, down from 3 hours.
* Significantly improved all "lobby" Gang Banners bonuses.

* Added new jobs for Blow'em Up game mode, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Added new achievements for Blow'em Up, Core Annihilation and Assault, Capture and Defend game modes, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Now players can get more different rare items from Lottery Tickets.
* Now players will correctly see a weapons attachments when other players link their weapons in the game chat.
* Fixed the issue where Ammo Count set bonus didn't work.
* Fixed exploitable collision issues in Deckard Harbor, Municipality Bank and Center Street Station maps, when players were able to fall behind the level.
* Fixed the players spawn in Maxym Alley Riot when players appear hanging in an air.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?100639-Patch-Notes-10-July-2013-1.30.syn
12. dub. 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Added another tab in the Coin Operator shop where players can purchase new "season 2" tournament rewards.
* Reduced the prices for "season 1" tournament rewards.
* Added 6 slot guns in the game.
* Added new category of attachments in the game: the Breechblocks.
* Now players can craft 6 slot guns, "season 1" tournament rewards, Tier 6 patches and more.
* Added "season 2" lottery weapons, clothing sets and patches on Black Market.
* Added 3 additional class ranks for all classes.

* Increased the chance of finding Tier 5 Rare ingredients from Containers and from loot.
* Now players can find Tier 5 Gold ingredients in loot sometimes.
* Increased the chance of finding Uncommon Containers in Stockpile.
* Now Hammers in Stockpile have a chance to drop Uncommon Container instead of Common.
* Now players have a chance to find Rare Rank V Containers in PvE when playing on level 50 on Hard difficulty. Players will find Tier 5 Gold ingredients from these Containers.
* Increased the chance of finding Rank V Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty.
* Players can't find Rank III Containers when playing PvE matches on level 50 on Hard difficulty anymore.

* A number of balance improvements.
* Now players see red "already known" text mark on craft recipe items if they already learned that craft recipe.
* Added the information about items being bound to a gang on the Essence of Patch and Gang Buffs tooltips.
* Now players can unequip Lottery and Black Market Gold Lobby AUGs without destroying them.
* Now all Lottery items are sold in separate Lottery Tickets.
* Increased the amount of monthly PvP Ladder rewards up to 50 Gold Coins for 1st place.
* Added monthly Reputation Ladder rewards. 1st place in the monthly Reputation Ladder will get 15 Bronze Coins.
* Now players can purchase up to 20 class profiles and 20 custom profiles.
* Added a Booster that increases Tournament Rewards by 50%.
* Added 9 new Premium Signatures.
* Now players can purchase additional Inactive Gang Buff slots.
* Fixed the collision issue in South Canal Spillway Robbery when a player was able to hide in a trash bin.
* Fixed the issue when team-mates respawn removes nearby friendly Proximity Mines.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?94583-Patch-Notes-12-April-2013-1.24.syn
5. bře. 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Now AI takes Explosion Dampening Field into account, tosses less explosives inside of it and less likely use explosive weapon if a target is inside a field.
* Added new ability for Champion Aggressors - they can use Explosion Dampening Field now.

* Removed Warden, Slayer and Specialist Lottery Tickets from Black Market. Added different Lottery Tickets for each epic weapon, armor set and combat AUG.
* Added 12 new fully attached guns in the lottery.
* Added 5 new epic cloth sets in the lottery.

* All Assault Rifles have been rebalanced.
* Hargan Bulldog, Oslo Ares, Exeter Noyau, Silver&Smith A2M5 and Oslo Odin SR stats improved.
* R-Sys Leopard Sigma rate of fire decreased.
* Chimera and Strand boosts have been rebalanced.
* Fixed the issue when the Regenerative Auto-Injector cooldown wasn't activated correctly.
* Fixed the issue that some Valley Forge assault rifles had wrong parameters.
* Fixed the issue when Death Dealer class resistances were too low when in a match.

* Now player can use "use all" feature for a stack of containers or lottery tickets and open them all in one click.
* Added an option to check ammo, boosts and ability AUGs before signing into a match. Players can find the option in the Options -> Game menu.
* There is no locked ATM tabs anymore. All locked ATM tabs become unlocked. Significantly increased the number of ATM tabs a player can purchase for gold bars. Players can't purchase ATM tabs for in-game cash anymore.
* Fixed the issue when players lost a shootout match when they score a draw.
* Fixed the issue when one sees that it's possible to purchase an unavailable boost from item shop.
* Fixed some issues with icons and text colors in the class shop and in the item shop.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the
Product Update - Valve
- Added special new event named Snow Brawl! In this game, you trade in your guns for a snowball packed tightly around a core of high explosives! The snowball kills an enemy on a direct hit. heck out the Snow Brawl trailer here
- Added four winter achievements, which can be earned by accumulating score in Snow Brawl.
- Added holiday 4-slot assault rifle with a red and white striped candy cane appearance and Eggnog, a boost that heals the character. Simply log in the game during Holiday Season to receive those.
- Battle UI event tab is now available starting from level 1
- Fixed a bug when The Sweet Tooth gun was redeemed from bonus tab without WMK attached.
- Fixed a bug when players didn’t see item tooltips in Coin Operator window
- Fixed the LMG ammo for the Rank 3 Assassin class – it’s no longer weaker compared to the Rank 2 Assassin class
- Fixed the Outlaw class AUG – now it correctly improves the Incendiary Rounds ability
- Added Turkish localization
- Minor fixes and improvements to localized versions of the game
Product Update - Valve
CrimeCraft GangWars Update Released

Snow Brawl game mode added for a limited time during the holidays! Trade in your guns for a new weapon, a snowball packed tightly around a core of high explosives! Snowballs explode on contact, killing all enemies! For all Snow Brawl matches, weapons, abilities, boosts and knives are disabled and players will only have 60 hit points. Snow Brawl kicks off Dec. 19 and the map and mode will change each day of the event.

Other Updates:
• Fixed the bug where territory bonuses didn’t work after travelling between lobbies.
• Improved the groups processing logic in the matchmaking.
• Minimum number of players increased from 2 to 4 for Snatch and Grab and Capture the Zone (3 points) game modes in Maxym Alley and Belly Street.
• Fixed the bug when the stack size wasn’t shown correctly on Black Market.
• Fixed the issue when players were able to equip premium signatures they didn’t buy.
• Fixed the “Hammer of Thor” Granade Launcher stats. Now it stays in line with other R-Sys Sabretooth GLs.
• Fixed the Tank, Thunder and Quake Gear Packs - now they correctly decrease the taken melee damage.
• Fixed the bug with the wrong amount of gained experience in chat after completing job or mission.
• Fixed the bug with the Terminator class – the ability AUG now have correct description and effect.
• Fixed the bug with the Pyrotech class – now it has correct level of Betadyne Amplifex boost levels for highest ranks of the class.
• Changed the ability AUG for the Death Dealer class – how he has Enhanced Endurance ability AUG instead of Liquid Armor ability AUG.
• Fixed the Shock Grenade description for the Kamikaze class.
Product Update - Valve
CrimeCraft GangWars Expansion Released

GangWars is a massive expansion for the Free-to-Play Online Shooter CrimeCraft. GangWars revamps the experience for new users while also adding exciting end game content for veteran players.

Play before December 16th and receive a special GangWars Launch Gift! This includes a powerful custom gear set, 40 gold bars, and much more…


* Players can now select a Preset Class to use for combat.
* Choose from 24 different class profiles, such as Soldier, Sniper, Snadow Spy, and Kamikaze. Each class has its’ own unique advantages and disadvantages.
* Classes contains the full set of equipment and abilities that don’t require repair and don’t expire.
* Players can also create their own Custom Profiles, allowing the player to choose every aspect of their character including weapons, gear, boosts, and abilities.

* Players in gangs can fight for the control of territory in Sunrise City.
* Gangs controlling a zone will receive various bonuses such as increased cash gain or experience yield.
* Players have increased max hp when fighting in zones their gang controls.
* All players will pay a percent of their cash yield as a tax to the gang who controls the territory.
* Ruling Gang's logos will now appear around territories that belongs to them.

* Access CrimeCraft's combat, character customization, equipment shops and social features from the Quickplay Interface,
* New Players joining the game no longer start at the lobby tutorial, which now has an option to be skipped.
* Any player can freely switch between lobbies and Quickplay by pressing a button on the interface.

* Players earn bronze, silver, and gold coins as a reward tournament instead of cash and random items.
* These coins can be exchanged for powerful items of their choice from the Operator NPC.

* Adjusted stats for items to make low-level players more competitive.
* Shock Grenade, C4 Rocket Turret, Enhanced Metabolism, Improved Detection, Liquid Armor and Blast Helmet rebalanced.
* Run speed increased for pistols. Range of all pistols increased.
* Sniper rifle accuracy significantly decreased when shooting without aiming.
* R-Sys Sabretooth, Hargan Bulldog, Valley Forge, Exeter Arret, Jericho Ragnarok, Cabrese Fucilere weapons stats rebalanced.
* Boost quality feature removed from the game. Now all boosts have maximum quality.
* Indura Liquidstone, Chemtech Supermax, Zymek Lifeline boost effects reduced.
* All unpopular boosts were rebalanced.
* Now character performs the standard jump-knife attacked when armed with a pistol.

* New game type – Core Annihilation added in the game. This is primary a PvP game type with an additional twist – each team consists of both players and AI bots. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s core while protecting your own core from opponent’s attacks.
* New combat location – La Famiglia Compound added in the game.
* PvP game types added on Chemtech Processing Plant map.
* Capture the Zone (3 points) game rules updated.

* A player can subscribe simultaneously to any number of map / game type combinations now.
* Matches launch much faster for players.

* Change Gender Charter – this item allows changing your character gender.
* Small and Large Contract Page – this will increase the maximum allowed number of jobs.
* Custom hats added: The Spartan Helmet, Viking Crusader Helmet, The Nautilus, Spot Welder Mask, Mr. Hideous, Spec Ops Helmet and Riot Guard Helmet.
* Clan hall visual upgrades added for ceiling, walls, floor and furniture.
* Scavenger tools added that allow players to get containers for the profession of their choice from PvE matches.

* Now players can spend gold bars or in-game cash to purchase abilities.
* Bronze coins can be exchanged for the following items when visiting Coin Operator NPC in any lobby: Weekly Tournament Passes; Ingredient Packs; Experience, Cash and Loot boosts; Bleedout episode tickets.
* A number of other major and minor improvements and bug fixes.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the http://www.crimecraft.com/forums/Patch-Notes/topics/GangWars-expansion-patch-notes
Product Update - Valve
CrimeCraft: Bleedout has expanded with two new servers based in Europe to better serve a worldwide audience. These changes will be applied when you launch the game client.

Other fixes include:
• Updated launcher with selection or US or EU realms
• Improved community management tools
• Improved server stability
• Increased server user capacity
• New Black Market items
• Reduced prices across Black Market
Product Update - Valve
CrimeCraft: Bleedout is now Free to Play on Steam.

Play CrimeCraft: Bleedout before August 29th and receive a special Steam Welcome Package! Promotion limited to new accounts less than 7 days old. Items are automatically delivered to the user and can be withdrawn from the bank after tutorial zone is completed. Click here for more info.

CRIMECRAFT: BLEEDOUT is a fast-paced third-person shooter set in the persistent world of Sunrise City, a near-future metropolis reeling from the total collapse of the entire world economy. Players compete in intense PvP combat with over 20 battle maps, tens of playmodes, and hundreds of weapons and skills to master. Build a gang, earn a reputation, and kill the competition.

Product Update - Valve
The CrimeCraft: Bleedout update has been released.

CrimeCraft: Bleedout is a fast-paced third-person shooter set in the persistent world of Sunrise City, a gang-infested near-future metropolis reeling from the total collapse of the entire world economy. In this first major content expansion to the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Shooter CRIMECRAFT, players will experience The New Age of Ruin through 10 consecutive weekly episodes featuring story content from a lineup of comic book industry superstars. Conspiracies will blossom and explode in an epic campaign that examines the cause of the global collapse, and the nightmarish consequences that loom on the dark horizon.

Bleedout Highlights:
  • Weekly Episodes – Each week a new episode of the gripping story will be released with 2½ hours of new story based missions.
  • Comic Book Allstars – Featuring art from Tim Bradstreet, Ben Templesmith, Nathan Fox, Zach Howard, Sanford Greene, David Williams, Gary Erskine, Howard Chaykin, Glenn Fabry, Vince Proce and Trevor Hairsine.
  • New Age of Ruin – The three major community areas (Downtown, Oceanside and Midtown) have undergone a radical transformation to supply the perfect ambiance to the unfolding tale of political intrigue.
  • Pay Your Way – Episodic content will be automatically available for free for all Deluxe or Premium CrimeCraft subscribers and available for individual purchase for free players.


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