Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
This video demonstrates how AI-driven train turns around.

This system appeared to be a hard task, but we're close to finish. In order to develop it further we had to improve speed limiter system (some inaccuracies and bugs might happen in some situations) and to optimize some processes. Now we're fixing remaining bugs and working on optimizing the game even further. FPS is now higher than it used to be.

We decided to release new content by parts to make development easier. Highly likely, AI-driven trains will be the first to be released, and expansion of Solntsevskaya Line will be available a little bit later.
These delays are caused by the fact that only 3 developers are working on the game now. We won't give any forecast on release date as we don't want to break our own promises.
Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
Here are the new renders of "Novoperedelkino".

In progress:
  • Testing train spline;
  • Testing and debugging AI for trains;
  • Texturing "Borovskoye shosse" station;
  • Setting up speed restriction system;
  • Modeling surroundings of Solntsevo depot.

Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
As we said in our previous post, the game is stepping into Beta stage of development with the next update. You will be able to see it not only in size of the map, but also in overall game quality. We are certain that visual perception of the game plays huge role in overall experience, and there were some graphical issues in Alpha version. So, we are going to focus on polishing the graphics on Beta stage.

Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
At the moment, the main part of upcoming update featuring AI-driven trains and map extension is done, but we still have something to work on.
Here’s what’s ready at the moment:
  • 6 new stations out of 8 (two others need to be textured).
  • All the tunnels and dead ends from Ramenki to Rasskazovka and Savelovskaya.
  • Objects in tunnels for these parts.
  • AI which will drive trains and possibility to be a passenger - almost done.
  • Depot (partially modeled).

Still has to be done:
  • Traffic lights on new parts of the map.
  • Passengers and lighting on the new stations.
  • Trajectories for trains (we made it apart from tunnels themselves).
  • Test and fix AI-related bugs.
  • Make new Scenarios for extended map and make some corrections for old ones.
  • Finish depot. We’ll share screenshots once it’s done.
  • Add sky and lighting for parts where it’s visible. This is depot and Mitchurinskiy Prospect. There will be day-night cycle according to the in-game time.
  • Dynamically load and unload certain parts of the map. Map has expanded and now it’s important to implement this in order not to overload RAM.
  • Other minor tasks.
As you can see, there’s still a lot to do, but we’re still working on the project with the same tempo as before. After this update, the game will move to Beta Stage (it’s Alpha now).
Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
The update featuring AI-driven trains and possibility to be a passenger is delayed till November, 2019. We are still actively working on it, but we need a little bit more time to polish it.

Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
A minor update 1.8 has been released!
We have updated the UI in Main Menu and Pause. The most significant changes can be seen in Settings.

Also, we have fixed some bugs like maximum speed being frozen at 0 km/h after running a red light and missing buttons sounds on Moscow train.
Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
Greetings to everyone!

We have recorded a video about AI-controlled trains. Now you can even play as passenger! Also, you can set the interval between trains. Now we're working on situations like dead end occupied with train etc.

The update is going to be released this October.

Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
We are continuing our work on a big atumn update which is most likely coming in October. It will include fully finished Solntsevskaya Line with depots and AI-controlled trains. On the screenshot below you can see Mitchurinskiy Prospect, it's still being worked on.

Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
Another minor update, 1.7, has been released!
According to your requests, we made Multi-Function Control Display in Oka train, so now its dashboard is a lot more realistic!

  • Tutorial now loads up to 2 times faster;
  • Edited speed restrictions in Tutorial;
  • Slightly improved speedometer on Oka train.
Metro Simulator 2019 - Resident007
Hello! Today we are releasing update 1.6, and here's what changed:

1) Lamps near doors on both trains are now working correctly.

2) Slightly lowered first person camera in Oka train.
3) Changed font and color of speedometer digits.
4) Now there's "M" button and route number on Moscow train.

5) Added arrow indicating direction of movement in Oka train.
6) Now there is a contour around speedometer. Color of speedometer is now more realistic.

7) Fixed bug causing player stop receiving points from Delovoy Tsentr to Petrovskiy Park.
8) Fixed bug with door to passenger compartment.
9) Fixed locks icons which sometimes were upside down.
10) Now, if you jump off the platform, you shouldn't fall infinitely.
11) Fixed a gap under a door in Moscow train.
12) Slightly optimized code and reduced number of polygons for collisions.
13) Fixed some bugs with passenger's animations.
14) Now you can't open side door through the wall.
15) Fixed the bug which could be used to abuse points by replaying auto-informer records.
16) Fixed collisions in Moscow Train. You can't climb up the train any more. Also, you can now walk to a place for persons with disabilities, to additional places at the end of the wagon and you can't walk through texture between wagons.
17) Corrected speed limits according to real Moscow Metro, fixed some signs in tunnels.

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