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Where would be a better place to celebrate Apollo 11 and the lunar landing 50 year anniversary than from inside the Lunar Module, developing the Lunar Descent?

With that, I'm happy to announce that Reentry version 0.400 is now in the hands of the Reentry Test Pilots. I'm working closely with the team to fix major bugs, and once I'm satisfied I will roll this out to all of you!

Keep in mind that this is still an Early Access title, and a lot of the features you will find in version 0.400 will be in a very early stage, and will improve as the game is patched and updated. Just like the other things you can play today.

So, what will version 0.400 have? Well, it's quite a lot. So I'll explain most of it with screenshots.

The Lunar Descent
The major part of version 0.400 are the capabilities needed by the Lunar Module to perform a descent down to the lunar surface. This is a combination of radars and the lunar guidance computer, and some game mechanics elements. Program 63, 64 and 66 are used during the descent.

The Lunar Landing
The last part of the descent is the landing itself, and the touchdown on the Lunar Surface. You slowly control the LM the last 200 feet to touchdown. Using the radars, and the X-pointer, you can perform the entire landing without looking out of the windows (but it's not recommended). The lunar surface data is based on real elevation data and textures created by NASA, so you can explore and see most of the lunar areas yourself.

Lunar EVA
Another feature I decided to add to 0.400 is the initial version of a Lunar EVA. This means you can enter and exit the Lunar Module, and walk on the Moon. The controls will be similar to what you are used to inside the Virtual Cockpit, and you will be walking around from a 1st person perspective.

Lunar Roving Vehicle
The last addition to 0.400 is the LRV. The LRV is the latest "spacecraft" added to Reentry, and will come with its own operations manual, with systems as deep as the other spacecrafts. The electrical system and drive mechanics are already in place, and you can select what engines will be active, and what wheels (front/rear) will be used for steering, just like it was with the real thing. The controls are similar to the other virtual cockpits.

Thanks for reading!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios

50 years ago the powerful Saturn V rocket ignited at Cape Kennedy, and boosted the Apollo 11 spacecraft into Orbit around the Earth, with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins onboard.
From Earth orbit, they executed a TLI maneuver to set the spacecraft on a 3-day trajectory towards the Moon.

It's an honor to announce that the next major update to Reentry will be rolling out the Reentry Test Pilot team over the next few days, and then to general release. Version 0.400 will contain the first version of the lunar descent and lunar landing, as well as some other nice surprises that will be announced over the next few days.

Thanks again for playing Reentry, and happy Apollo 50th anniversary!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios
This is a little patch where a few major issues in the AGC has been fixed. In addition, the Mercury flashlight bug is fixed.

- An issue prevented P40 to work after setting it up with P30 (SPS burn). It's important to press ENTER after changing one of the registers that define the time of ignition, before proceeding with P30.

- A race condition prevented the ignition of the SPS when the countdown to ignition reached zero. An engine ignition flag was set, but for some was overridden due to a race condition, preventing it to start. This is now fixed, and R2 (dV remaining) should now reflect the planned burn, and not indicate 00000.

- The flashlight in the Mercury capsule was too weak, and is now functional again.

Thanks again to the community for reporting these issues!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios
The latest patch contains a lot of fixes, and some new features. The main bug-fix area is the CM RCS system and its DAP. You should now be able to translate normally again (but remember to power up the jets).

In addition, there are a lot of new systems in development, all surrounding the lunar landing. These changes includes the rendering of the Moon, sizing and transition, as well as the LM radars used to land on the surface.

Thanks for reporting issues and for playing Reentry! My main goal currently is to complete the technical implementation for performing a lunar landing. Once this is complete, it can be refined and the LGC guidance logic can be started.
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios
I'm happy to announce that patch 0.302.EA is out!

The major part of this patch is bug-fixes from the initial 0.300 release, as well as some system placeholders for the Lunar Module.

There are 100's of fixes here and there, but here are the major changes:
- The Mercury-Atlas 6 mission has been fixed when it comes to the activity checks, and mission progress.

- Added more particles during Apollo stage sep and Saturn V ascent.

- The Lunar Module has received placeholder logic for the Rendezvous Radar and the Landing Radar. These need more work, but you can start to play around with them. A chapter on these radars has been added to the manual.

- The X-Pointer on the Lunar Module has been implemented. It's input is based on input-signals from the radars, but at least you can now change some if its modes and see these on the glowing labels on the X-Pointers themselves.

- The IMU alignment during the Apollo launch procedures as received some fixes, as well as the guidance logic.

- The Apollo and LM RCS and DAP logic has received some fixes, but is being worked on.

- Fixed typos in the Lunar Module academy lessons

Thanks for reporting issues, and helping me make Reentry better!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios
With the release of the Lunar Module for Reentry, I decided to create a little post regarding some of the material available so you can learn how to operate and fly the Lunar Module yourself.

Keep in mind that the Lunar Module is considered an advanced spacecraft and requires some study to operate. This post will help you navigate through all the great sources.

1) The Lunar Module Academy
The Lunar Module Academy is the in-game lessons led by an instructor, that will take you through the major components and how the Lunar Module works. There are multiple academies available, each designed to teach you the various systems available.

In addition to this, I will soon be uploading short videos that teaches you some of the systems over at the Reentry - An Orbital Simulator YouTube channel:

2) The Lunar Module Flight Manual for Reentry
I have create a Lunar Module Flight Manual, currently 190 pages, that takes you through it's history, major components, and system deep-dives. The manual is based on documentation created by NASA and Grumman.

3) NASA Apollo Lunar Module News Reference
This guide is an illustrative manual that describes the Lunar Module, it's mission and all its systems.

4) Apollo Operations Handbook, Lunar Module, Volume I, Subsystems Data
The LM Operations Handbook is the real deal, and goes into the full depths of the Lunar Module, and was the guide that was used in the real training. Volume I is describing all the different systems of the Lunar Module.

5) Apollo Operations Handbook, Lunar Module, Volume II, Operational Procedures
This is the second volume of the LM Operations Handbook and describes how each system is used by the astronauts. These are mainly checklists and procedures. Many of these checklists are available in the Mission Pad in-game.

The following link is a collection of various documents made available by NASA:
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios
Phew, it's been a while since the previous update, 4 months to be precise. The reason for this is the hard work needed to get the initial version of the Lunar Module into Reentry.

With that done, the rest of the bits will come through frequent updates as we move towards landing on the Moon. Keep in mind that the Lunar Modul is in a very early stage still. Landing on the Moon and musing major programs on the LGC is not yet possible.

Major changes:
- Lunar Module Preview added to Reentry, including a lot of the integration work.
- FPS Camera control: You now strafe correctly inside the cockpits
- Cockpit limits are removed. The screen will fade to black when you are out-of-bounds.
- Graphics settings screen has changed, giving you more control. This is mostly a placeholder.
- DAP control for CM and LM is available through V48E on the AGC/LGC.
- Better camera control in Apollo Orbit View.
- Apollo Orbit paths are resized based on camera zoom.
- Some initial TLI tools has been added, and the entire TLI algorithms are changed. Still far to go here, but TLI now takes you closer to the Moon. :)
- Lunar Module Academy was added.

In addition, thousands of minor features and bug-fixes has been made.

Thanks to the Test Pilots who did an excellent job testing this thing, so we could get the major issues out of the way. Still a lot left, but it's a good start!

You can get familiar with the Lunar Module through the Academy Lessons, as well as the Lunar Module Flight Manual:
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios

If everything goes according to the plan, Reentry version 3.0.0 will be released tomorrow evening, making a preview version of the Lunar Module available in the EA! This is given that compiling works as predicted.

The Lunar Module was the spacecraft that landed two men on the Moon, after a long journey from Earth in the Command and Service Module. It's an advanced spacecraft with many new systems to get familiar with, and will be a long awaited addition to Reentry - An Orbital Simulator!

A draft of the Lunar Module Flight Manual for Reentry has been made available, and the module comes with a set of new Academy Missions so you can jump in and get familiar with it straight away!

With the release of 3.0.0.EA, we can finally get back to smaller and more frequent updates. This means we can start improving Apollo bits, as well as making it possible to land on the Moon (this will not be possible in the preview version of the Lunar Module).

Launch Event!
A launch event will take place in the official Reentry Discord group ( at 14:00 PDT:
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - wilhelmsenstudios

Thanks to @Sundhaug92 aka. Martin Sundhaug for the pic, and to the Reentry Community for the support of making Reentry - An Orbital Simulator happen.

Happy May the 4th to everyone!
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator - Sotamakkara

The 0.300.EA update has been in development for a few months now. The major addition (and time consumer) this version will bring is the Lunar Module. As you can see from the latest screenshot above, there is a lot of new historical systems for you to learn and enjoy. The Lunar Module is amazing to fly and operate, but also requires a lot of skills.

As with the other three spacecrafts that comes with Reentry - An Orbital Simulator, the Lunar Module will get its own dedicated manual.

This manual will be based on the manual the real astronauts used to learn and operate the Lunar Module.

In addition, based on a lot of feedback, the camera model is being changed into a more FPS-like camera, meaning you will control it relative to itself vs. relative to the panel (as it is now). You will also get a crosshair to work with when the camera movement key is being held. When released, the traditional mouse-interaction resumes. I immediately got more productive in the cockpit this way, and I hope you all will like it too.

When will you get it?
The public release of 0.300.EA is not too far away now. The first release will not be complete of-course, and some systems will be missing or needs more work. However, with the first release, the major systems will be in an operative state and it will come with a set of Academy lessons. As we progress towards 0.400, more content and systems will be added.

The Test Pilots are working hard on testing the logic and learning how to fly this as we speak.

Thanks again for your patience!


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