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Hi all,

I forgot to mention in my previous announcement (Environment & Future) that Active Shooter won't only be revolving on Active Shooter scenarios. But..

It will also include "Zombie Survival" mode with wave type of gameplay, where players will have to loot for guns, ammo, food and health packs. I'm planning on having this ready by the second week after release date, if not sooner.

Get ready guys. This is going to be a fun ride for all of us. Thanks again for support and great feedback!!!
May 26, 2018
Community Announcements - .acid ♥

If you are a considerebly big media source and would like to take a look at the game before its official release, feel free to e-mail me regarding press review copy.

Make sure to include your name, position, workplace (media source) and all necessary links:

Press Review copies will be sent out to picked sources on May 30th. Thanks!!
Community Announcements - .acid ♥
Hello everybody!!

First of all, I wanted to thank each of you who left any soft of feedback and support for our game and what I do. I really appreciate it!!

Now, I wanted to talk more about game's enviroment and future plans. For now, there is only one in-game location where you could exprecience active shooter simulations. This is not where I am stopping. I am planning on adding extra enviroments to the game; Those will include "Shopping Stores", "Gas Stations" and enviroments in this sort. I have to say though, majority of them will depend on active S.W.A.T play rather than the shooter himself, but we will see.

Updates with more enviroments will be out for free and within a first month of release. I will definitely try to have at least an extra location available on the day of the release. Other than that, game will continue its course of development and improvement throghout the year.

Multiplayer will mostly include 2 teams against each other sort of play. In Co-Op you will be able to choose sides and play as you would normally play in the Single-Player.

Hopefully this will clarify a few things for each of you. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in F.A.Q thread in game's discussion forums.

Thanks a lot guys!!
Community Announcements - .acid ♥
Hello everyone,

Since this games storefront has been live, I have been stormed with accusations and heavy critics from people across the globe. While I see everyone's points of view and where are they coming from - I wanted to clarify a few things:

First of all, this game does not promote any sort of violence, especially any soft of a mass shooting. As I said in the description of the game:

Active Shooter is essentially a dynamic SWAT simulator in which dynamic roles are offered to players.

Originally when this game started its course of the development, I have planned on having SWAT only based game-play. Then I thought about adding more gameplay to it by adding additional roles: of the shooter and the civilian. While I can see people's anger and why this might be a bad idea for the game, I still feel like this topic should be left alone. As I mentioned on steam discussion forums, there are games like Hatred, Postal, Carmageddon and etc., which are even worst compared to "Active Shooter" and literally focuses on mass shootings/killings of people.

I have wrote to Valve regarding this game and waiting for the reply. After receiving such high amount of critics and hate, I will more likely remove the shooters role in this game by the release, unless if it can be kept as it is right now.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read and leave your responses!!!

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