Sep 13
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo - YT, IG...]
Now when you go and click the -100% button, you will no longer need to click the grey button to get the error. (Makes more sense, as you already know you are supposed to click the grey one anyway)

I am also working on a Windoose Vista parody in the game.
Its almost ready.

I also fixed a few known sound bugs
Starting The Game - Divertic
Please vote either by commenting or upvoting/downvoting this post. I am looking to add 10-20 more achievements, all at once.
Starting The Game - Divertic
Today I fixed a bug that caused the "free scam" website still showing up after closing the browser. It not disappears with it.
I have also fixed various audio bugs.
I added a new meme into the game. Wonder if you can find it? (1B4B)
I also decided to lower the amount of clicks on the Tails OS and removed irrelevant announcements about a possible bug in the part of the game which has also been fixed.

Voice assistant update coming later this summer. As well as thunderale, a mini game pre-installed in Tails OS (shh it will be an easter egg)

About the translations...
Translations seemed to be very important, but I noticed that not many people from non english speaking countries have got the game. Therefore I have decided to postpone Polish, German, Ukrainian, Japanese and French translations.
The translations that are coming soon are:
Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese

Patch size: ~10MB

Diver out!
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
I added a few hints which you can use to get through the game faster as well as made it harder to insert the USB stick into the laptop. I also fixed a bug there which caused one of the sounds to never play, therefore you could never hear it.

I also added a new "Half Life" icon on the Win XD screen so definetely check it out. It is not fully finished yet as it will have its own dedicated frame later on but its just a window as of now.

I have also fixed a few other sound bugs and fixed the sound slider bug.

Thanks to everyone who supported our game and Id like to remind you that if we get more reviews, we might be able to add trading cards sooner.

Thats all I needed to say, thank you for reading this

Diver out ːScreamBoxː
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
I integrated a third video in the game so instead of opening a website the game itself will play the vid.
I also fixed two bugs in both the czech and the worldwide version.

I would also happily announce support for German, Dutch, Serbian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Arabian languages - this might take a while though.

Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
https://goo. gl/forms/IzwfH5GYa3WqcT4z2
You can also be rewarded depending on how much you translate and how accurate your translations are.
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
Pushed an update that fixes a few bugs and double narrations - playing over each other.
Also added a new intro that shows you what the game is made in. Definetely go check it out!
Achievements permanently fixed!

Also please consider leaving a review :)
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
Hey everyone! An update was released fixing a known bug and new content was added - Rust parody - Rant! You can check it out or keep it for later, when more content comes so you can play it for longer than a couple of minutes.

Also I would like to ask if you could leave a review on the Store page, because if you do, we might eventually add Steam trading cards later on.
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
Today I released an update that fixed a few bugs in both the czech and the international english version related to clicking buttons haha.
I also added two clues because I saw a few Content creators (eq youtubers) not being able to connect the flash/USB drive to the laptop and pass the Super Coppuh Adventures frame.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can fix.
Also the Siri parody is going to be here within 2 weeks along with a reworked Czech dabing.

Divertic out ː2016villainː
Starting The Game - Divertic [Promo]
Hey there everyone,
I just had an idea about a Siri parody that could either:
1) Be part of the game
2) Be a free DLC
3) Be a paid DLC
4) Be a standalone game
5) Bad idea

I dont want to spoil my ideas so I wont tell you any specific details, but I would like to ask you, what option would you choose if it was up to you? (Actually it is up to you so just go on).

I will pick one of the comments to win 3 keys for the game so you can give them out to your friends or whatever you decide to do with them.

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