Hangover - Divertic [Promo]
Vote now if the game should be completely reworked w/ FullHD support and include at least 30 minutes of gameplay as it was first planned.
Hangover - Divertic
Thanks for everything!
Hangover - Divertic
Amazing start actually. We sold over 100 copies already! Thanks to anyone who purchased the game!
I know it's probably just because the game was just released, but thanks anyway. I hope you liked the game and maybe even laughed at the "jokes".

Also i'd like to ask for more feedback either as a review or as a post in discussion about how we can improve the game.
Thanks again :)
Diver out
Hangover - Divertic
Also we translated the store page to more languages, thanks for help!
There was an update fixing a bug that one of our users found, thanks!
The game should be completely bug free now

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