Sep 13, 2018
Rebons - Kauman
We get a lot of questions about when the cards will appear and decided to explain to you why they still do not.

Under the new steam rules (if anyone does not already know), any game should collect a certain amount of reviews (350+) and a certain number of sold copies of the game. Thank you all for your support!
Rebons - Kauman
We are in despair, we can not work properly with the delivery of things in Steam, it always works in different ways. Now everyone has received prizes for the summer tournament, even those who did not participate and Steam has never helped us with the right settings. Perhaps this was the last tournament, because the game is simply destroyed and unbalanced and there are no players in it ...
Rebons - Kauman
DLC Base Skin Pack already available in steam for 0.99$ with 10% off

50 skins + 10 trails

1. Open the game
2. Wait a bit
3. Get items to your steam inventoryy
Rebons - Kauman
We did an interesting thing with a demo version

Now in the demo version only multiplayer is available, so everyone who wants to play has no Rebons, can simply download the Demo version on the store page and play with his friend or other people in the competitive mode, after a while we will update the multiplayer and release it fully, that is titles and statistics will be the same even if you started to play on the demo version, so we will add new indicators, mode 2 to 2 and other good things.

In general, all who wanted to play, but did not want to pay, we will wait for you in multiplayer, the update is already available.


Rebons - Kauman

Summer Update (1.2.01)

Added summer design of the main menu
Added 3 new music tracks
Summer tournament is added from June 21 to July 22
Added 2 new maps to multiplayer
"Wild beach" and "Sandy mountain"

Changed the levels in multiplayer, now they have become easier.
Changed the number of copies of the triangle, now they are infinite.

Fixed a bug when issuing things in the lobby
Fixed a bug when issuing existing items in the main menu
Fixed some levels in the co-op
Fixed text displaying the number of stars
Fixed a bug showing the life of the circle

Improved loading of avatars in multiplayer
Improved loading of inventory at the entrance

Rebons - Kauman
If you are didn't get a prizes, please send a link from your account to the screenshot where it says in the Easter tournament that things were given and a link to the exchange we will send them in manual mode.

We apologize for this, it seems Steam has changed algorithms and until we find a new solution.
Rebons - Kauman
Added Easter Tournament

we are late
very very
better late than never
Rebons - Kauman
The update is already available on Steam 1.1.88

Chat added:
Public chat (chat with the players in the general chat)
Private chat (write messages to your friends in private chat)

Changed the design of the main menu
Added live letters-logo (rebons)

Fixed avatar permission in the main menu
Fixed opening of safe without a key

Other small fixes and optimizations
Rebons - Kauman

- Completely redesigned interface
- Bugs fixed in training
- Cut everything that touches diamonds
- All shapes and their improvements are available immediately
- All seasons are available immediately
- Improved performance
- Fixed minor bugs

Rebons - Kauman

Quick Chat:
Press 1+ (1,2,3,4) to send a quick message.

Technical defeat:
Now if the player leaves during the game, he will get a technical defeat, and his opponent will win accordingly, and now you can not just press the "exit" several times, you have to confirm that you are sure that you want to exit.

New stylish interface, changed the menu of presets in the store.

New translations are included, after we debug them we will start translating the game into other languages, if you want to help us with the translation, please contact us in the discussions.

The search limit is removed until we have typed the right number of players to make the search work quickly and accurately.


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