Sep 18, 2017
Detrita Battlegrounds - Guy Bits Games
A much longer update schedule than planned!

For reference, I've been playing around with the basics of Multiplayer implementation. I'm hoping to have that out ASAP - but the process has been hard going, and I wanted to give you all something.

So, with Version 1.1.0, I introduce to you ABILITIES and SHIP STATS!

Ships have HEALTH! To balance this, the rounds have been made harder!

Two new tough enemies in between power of the Triple Shooter Ravager and the Cruiser Class Corsair.

Activate your Ability with Right Click or the Left Trigger.

Paladin: Shield. Become invulnerable for two seconds!

Hammer: Block. Spawn a movable Hammer-block in front of you. Caution: Does not kill large enemies or Asteroids in one hit!

Firefly: Boost. Incredible move speed increase for a second!

Hornet: Burst. Fire six rockets in a burst around you!

Hummer: Pulse. Explode in a tight area around you for massive Damage!

Ships across the board have had speed and damage changes to adjust them in a balanced manner.

Things coming next:
- More Boss types
- More Enemy types
- Asteroid "Arrows"

- World Debris / Walls
- Additional "Maps"
- More Music

- Multiplayer
---- Co-op with Co-op Leaderboards
---- Deathmatch
---- Create Servers
---- Join Servers
Detrita Battlegrounds - Guy Bits Games
Now featuring an Options page, with amazing features such as:

- Quality (Basic Anti-aliasing/texture/shadow quality)
- Resolution
- Fullscreen (The mouse stays in the window! Rejoice small-window gamers!)

- Music level (Play your own!)
- SFX level (Listen to tunes, not space explosions!)

- Controller toggle (Now you can leave your peripherals plugged in! And the Mouse is the Aiming reticle!)

There was also a Balance pass on the ships:
- The Hammer has been nerfed. Should go similar distance to the paladin (instead of roughly double)
- The Hummer has been modified - faster pulse waves, but disappear quicker. Overall nerf

Next on the list for v1.0.2 (which should be a faster update)
- More enemies!
- More Bosses!
- Balance passes if necessary

Stay tuned, and keep rocking those high scores each week!
Detrita Battlegrounds - Guy Bits Games
It has been a good while of hard and fast Development here in the Guy Bits Games Garage.

I present to you - Detrita Battlegrounds v1.0.0! Fight to be the best pilot off the planet! Choose your Ship and make your stand amongst the Detrita!

- 5 ships with three levels of varied weapons
- 4 Enemies and a Boss
- All Time and Weekly Leaderboards!
- A 13 Song Pumping Soundtrack

Coming ASAP to v1.0.1:
- Options Menu - Anti Aliasing options, resolution, effects volume, music volume
- Weapon Balance pass over
- Any Bug fixes that are brought to my attention

Plans for v1.1.0:
- Additional Unique Ability for each ship
- Varying Ship Stats for each ship
- Additional Enemies
- Additional Wave types
- Achievements
- Trading Cards (when approved!)

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