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Undead Horde is rising on Early Access Today! Check it out here:
JYDGE - knotto

Finally! We have a launch date for Undead Horde Early Access. It is March 6th! We're roughly 3 months behind our estimated schedule which isn't too bad considering this is a brand new game. Lately we've been talking of launch during February, but it became quite crowded so we opted to delay just a bit more.

Wishlist & check out Undead Horde here:

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So this our next big creation: An Open World Action RPG Where You Ruin Everything!

Or as our Lead Developer Tero puts it: "We're mixing together what we think are the tastiest parts of the latest Zelda, Stardew Valley, Subnautica, Steamworld Dig, and Dark Souls, and brewing it into a uniquely satisfying experience you've never played before."

Find out more here:

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Happy holidays! Our gift to you is a special custom made Undead Horde demo - the Holiday Special. The little elves at 10tons have been hard at work for the whole week preparing this gift. Please note that this version is a demo so it covers only some parts of the actual main game.

In this demo an elf accidentally unleashes the ancient evil. You then get to invade Xmasland and create an undead army of elves. But there's an adversary - St. Nick! Can you defeat him?

Undead Horde Holiday Special is available on itch.io for free: https://10tons.itch.io/undead-horde-holiday-special

The main game can be wishlisted here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/790850/Undead_Horde/
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Tesla vs Lovecraft DLC "For Science!" Now Available! Get it here:

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Check out the new Undead Horde trailer here:

JYDGE - knotto

We've just revealed the Tesla vs Lovecraft DLC "For Science!". You can view and wishlist the DLC here:

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10tons turns 15 years old this year. To celebrate we're having a 15th Anniversary Sale at the moment. Go see if there's something you'd be interested in. All discounts are featured on our creator page here: https://store.steampowered.com/developer/10tons

We've been around since 2003. This makes us one of the oldest game studios in Finland which we're very proud of. Hopefully we get to be around in another 15 years. The gaming industry changes rapidly and we're excited to see what the future will bring!

JYDGE - knotto

10tons has a new game in development and it is called Undead Horde. Become a necromancer, slay your enemies and then raise the dead as your minions!

Find out more above!
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It's finally here! JYKEBOX! With 17 new music track!

And it's as simple as if it'd be designed by a fruit. A single click randomizes the track. A long press opens up list of tracks. What more could you want? (Don't answer that.)

Also one requested feature has been to be able to repick your cyberware, weapons, etc without deliberately dying or going back to the lab. It's now possible by long pressing the Restart button in the pause menu.

So the 1.2.0 update focuses on adding JYKEBOX and 17 new music tracks. Here's the change list:

-Added JYKEBOX and SEVENTEEN new music tracks!
-Long pressing Music button in pause menu opens track selection where you can disable and enable single tracks. Long pressing (mouse, touch) or pressing space (keyboard) / Y button (gamepad) on a track starts playing it.
-Long pressing Restart in game pause menu will let you choose new cyberware and weapons.
-Optimized rendering.
-Fixed shader bugs on Intel HD GPUs.
-Linux stability fixes.
-Under the hood level editor tweaks (still not sure if/when it'll be publicly available, but you can try it out like you can in Neon Chrome).

So that's that. Tons of new music and some fixes & usability tweaks.

The next 1.3.0 update will add at least one new mission in Act 3 or 4.

HOWEVER, next I'm going to focus on the new Crimsonland update (with 10 new levels), so don't expect JYDGE 1.3.0 to arrive next week exactly. But maybe before 2018. Maybe?

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